5 Reasons Why Backlinks Are Important for Your Website

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If a good friend of yours says you should go on vacation to, for example, Tenerife in Greece, and then your other close friends back up that claim, will you be more likely to trust them?

In the world of SEO, those friends are backlinks, and the claim about the Tenerife vacation is your website.

If your website gets a lot of high-quality backlinks (the link leads to the vendor I use for one of my niche sites)Google will recognize your website as trustworthy. But it’s not only about getting recognition from Google.

Backlinks can do even more for your website and business.

In this article, we’re sharing five crucial reasons why backlinks are important.

What are backlinks?

#1- You Rank Higher on Google Search Results

Backlinks, both written in pure HTML and those built via reverse image search help you rank higher on SERPs and contribute to your website’s relevance. And the higher you rank, the better your chances are for gaining more traffic, exposure, and even new customers.

Google considers backlinks one of the top ranking factors, but you need to make sure you’re getting quality backlinks to rank faster and gain more trust both from Google and your website visitors.

#2- You Get More Referral Traffic

When reading articles online, you may notice most of them contain clickable links that lead you to other useful resources related to the article topic. If you click on such a link, that website will get referral traffic.

Getting lots of referral traffic is important not only as a ranking factor, but you can also use it for remarketing purposes.

#3- Backlinks Can Increase Your Brand Authority

Backlinks are a vital factor that affects how you’ll rank on Google. Why? Because backlinks signals to search engines that your website content is valuable and credible.

Say someone publishes a blog post with a link to your website. That basically gives you a vote of confidence – indicating that others within your industry trust your content.

This way, you have a chance to position yourself as an expert in your niche and help other people see you as one.

And when you manage that, backlinks will just keep coming in.

#4- Backlinks Can Raise Awareness About Your Brand

How can people discover your brand, especially if you’re new? Backlinks can be extremely beneficial in this case.

If other websites recommend their visitors to check your site out by linking to your content, you’ll get more exposure and be introduced to new audiences.

And if these backlinks are high quality, it’ll help you build an excellent reputation as a credible source of information in your field.

#5- Google Can Find You More Easily

Have you ever wondered how Google discovers new pages and decides if they’re worth being in the top 10 results?

Search engines revisit websites that are already familiar to them and check if there are any new links in the content.

What’s important to know is that high-ranked content gets checked more often. That’s why a backlink from a popular website can have more benefits for your website than having several backlinks from low-ranked pages.

Conclusion- Improve Your SEO Efforts With Backlinks

A backlink is short for – hey, check out this amazing website where you can learn more about the topic I’m talking about!

Keywords aren’t the only factor that’ll help you rank higher, although many businesses tend to forget about this excellent strategy for gaining more points with Google. Note: this post about how to improve your SEO on Attrock, is a great guide of practical and effective tips for improving your website SEO.

So, if you’re looking to increase exposure to new audiences and brand authority in your industry, rank higher, or get more referral traffic, take your time to build quality backlinks.

It pays off big time.

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