Advanced Ads Review- Is it The Best Ad Plugin for WordPress Sites?

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Welcome to my Advanced Ads review.

No time for boring intros, instead, let me how you why Advanced Ads is the best ad management plugin for WordPress sites.

Let’s get started right away!

What is Advanced Ads Exactly?

Advanced Ads review
Advanced Ads review for 2021- Best ad management plugin for WordPress blogs?

Advanced Ads is a premium WordPress plugin (also has a feature-packed free version) that you can use to manage your own ads or ads from several networks (AA works with all major ad networks, including AdSense and Amazon).

Advanced ads comes in both free and premium version, and in my review I’ll cover what the free plugin can do while also jotting down the benefits you get as a paying customer.

Let’s see what this WordPress plugin can really do.

Advanced Ads Features- What’s So Special About This WordPress Plugin?

Advanced Ads features
Advanced Ads plugin comes with a bunch of powerful features, some of them unique and unavailable with other ad management plugins.

#1- Geo Targeting

If you have a multi language audience and you wish to display ads to all of them, then Advanced Ads can help you do it efficiently.

Namely, you can set up Advanced Ads to display different language banners according to the geo location of your visitors.

That way, a Spanish speaking person will get ads in Spanish, while a Brazilian will get them in Portuguese.

This is a very efficient way to maximally monetize each and every visitor of your site.

#2- Taxonomy-Triggered Ad Visibility

You can set up Advanced Ads to show specific ads on pre chosen WordPress tags and categories.

This feature is a pure revenue booster, and here’s how.

For example, if someone is reading my Fusebox Podcast Player Review, then I want to show that person a banner that’s related to podcasting.

If I showed them something that promotes my Interact Quiz Builder and quizzes in general, I’ll miss the mark completely.

Setting this up with AA is a cinch as you’ll see below.

#3- Manage Unlimited Number of Ads

Both free and paid version of Advanced Ads allow for unlimited ad management. So whether you have just 10 ads, or a 1000, you’ll pay the same, or you won’t pay at all if you use the free version.

#4- Sell Ads Directly From Your Site

Advanced Ads plugin comes with an inbuilt smart and automated Ad slot booking workflow which lets advertisers easily buy available ad slots on your site.

#5- Device-Based Display Condition

Some ads don’t render well on mobile. Do what you want with them, they just look ugly and unattractive.

With Advanced Ads, you can enable that chosen ads are displayed only on for desktop users, or conversely only for mobile visitors.

Also, you can enable that all ads get shown to all visitors regardless of their device they’re using to access your site.

Advance Ads will scale down those banners so they fit in and don’t ruin user experience of your site and content.

#6- AMP-Enabled Ads

It’s usually a pain to enable ads on AMP, Because AMP is designed to display bare bones web pages and ads are total opposite of bare bones.

Advanced Ads can insert ads into AMP pages without difficulty and you won’t be losing out on revenue there.

Advanced Ads Add-Ons Explained

Advanced Ads premium add ons

Advanced Ads Pro is a powerful plugin on its own, but it can also be enhanced with some powerful features to make it a monster of usefulness.

These add-ons are not necessary to buy, but if you need some extra functionally there’s probably an extension for it.

Advanced Ads add-ons are:

  • Tracking– track ad clicks and impressions to weed out the losers from the winners.
  • Pro– Get this on top of the Free version to be able to place ads anywhere you want and to do automated split testing.
  • Selling Ads– this add-on lets you sell ad slots to the highest bidding advertiser, all on autopilot.
  • Responsive Ads– this add-on lets you display responsive ads on all devices, and also on AMP pages.
  • Sticky Ads– sticky ads “stick” to the screen wherever the user is on the page.
  • PopUp and layer ads– display ads or even any content in layers and popups.
  • Slider– create sliders to show your ads.
  • Geo-targeting– target multilingual audiences with same-language banners (boosts conversion like crazy)
  • Genesis Ads– Display AdSense and ads in positions specified by the Genesis theme.

Unfortunately, some of the most exciting feature of Advanced Ads are locked behind a paywall. Luckily it’s really not that expensive as you’ll see further below.

Advanced Ads Pricing- What Does This WordPress Plugin Cost?

Advanced Ads pricingAdvanced Ads come in four versions.

  • Free (download it here);
  • Advanced Ads Pro-(€49);
  • Advanced Ads All Access-(€89);
  • Advanced Ads All Access Long Term- (€199).

Advanced Ads Free gives you basic functionalities that come with this plugin. I know you’ll love it, but I also know you’ll yearn for more especially, if you can make much more money by investing into the premium stuff.

Advanced Ads Pro is a tier above free. It unlocks a bunch more functionalities and with it you’ll be extremely satisfied.

Advanced Ads All Access tier is the bundle of Advanced Ads Pro and every add-on they currently offer.

With it you can do anything this plugin is capable of doing.

Finally, Advanced Ads All Access Long Term tier is the same in features as the one above, expect that you get customer support for 4 years, instead of just 1.

So it’s a 4-year subscription and price difference is only €110 which is not a lot.

4 year of Advance Ads All Access subscription is €356 so you save a lot of money.

Concluding My Advanced Ads Review for 2021…

Advanced Ads is one of the rare plugins that is a must for me. I usually refrain and do my best to include as few plugins as possible on any website I run.

Because WordPress plugins can get outdated. They can be a way for hackers to sneak into a site. And they can and will slow down a website considerably.

However, with Advance Ads it’s worth the hassle of having it on my blog; it’s just that good.

It has transformed the way I manage ads on my site (not this one, my niche website) and I can no longer imagine going without it.

Let me conclude my Advanced Ads review by asking you a question:

Are you going to try this WordPress plugin for yourself?

Remember, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

And you could earn more money from smarter ad placements.

Let me know in the comment section below.

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