Best AI Content Detection Tools and Services 2023: Find AI Content On Your Site Before Google Finds it for You

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Google can probably detect AI content. And even if they can’t they’ll be able to do it soon.

AI content generation has the potential to disrupt Search and Google needs to have a handle on that technology.

But can you detect AI content on your blog? And can you do it fast enough before it hurts your rankings?

With the tools of the best AI content detection tools I have for you below, you can.

Let’s go!

Best AI content detection tools and apps guide for 2023
Best AI content detection software and apps guide for 2023

Table of Contents

6 Best AI Content Detectors in 2023 at a Glance

  2. Content at Scale
  3. Writer
  4. Copyleaks
  5. GLTR
  6. Huggingface
AI Content Detection SoftwareFree/PaidBest ForAI Content Detection
Content at ScaleFreeThose looking to save moneyGPT-2, GPT-3, GPTChat
Originality.aiPaidThose looking for a paid AI content detector for maximum peace of mind.GPT-2, GPT-3, GPTChat
WriterFreeThose looking to save moneyGPT-2, GPT-3, GPTChat
CopyleaksFreeThose looking to save moneyGPT-2, GPT-3, GPTChat
GLTRFreeThose looking to save moneyGPT-2 GPT-3 and ChatGPT with lower accuracy
HuggingfaceFreeThose looking to save moneyGPT-2 GPT-3 and ChatGPT with lower accuracy

#1- (Paid, Best for Pro Web Publishers) Ai content detection tool is the first pro service on the market specifically built to detect AI content and plagiarism at scale.

Since most freelance writers “write” by paraphrasing and taking from other pages they found on Google, it’s necessary to use to ensure peace of mind.

To use this tool start by taking the content you want to check and then paste it into the editor. will tell you whether your content is real or fake, and whether it’s plagiarized or original.

And they even have a Chrome extension that allows you to check for AI content anywhere you write.

Here’s how I checked one article that I got from my freelance writer posted on my WordPress and was about to hit “publish”.

There was only an AI content test left and as you can see the article failed spectacularly. I requested my writer to rewrite it from scratch until there’s at least 90% human content.

Originality-ai tool can detect AI content

Try today!

Or read my review next.

#2- Content at Scale (Free; Best for Casual Bloggers and Web Publishers)

Content at Scale AI Content detection tool
Content at Scale AI Content detector tool- provided by an AI content company for free

The second AI content detection tool on this list is Content at Scale’s AI Detector.

This tool is free (find it here) and you can use it by simply pasting the content and hitting the “check for AI content” button.

The tool works better on longer texts (they say at least 25 words) and the limit of content to be scanned is 2500 characters.

Here’s what it looks like.

I’m an affiliate for Quillbot, and I promote it and I recently got my Quillbot discount code article from one of my writers.

Let’s see if the content is AI fake or human-generated.

Content at Scale AI Detection tool analyzed my content

100% human generated!

This is great stuff.

Now, let’s thy Content at Scale with Ai content I generated with Hypotnuse AI, an excellent AI content writer based on GPT-3.

Content at Scale easily detected AI content created by Hypotenuse AI

This tool works!

Try Content at Scale AI Detector here!

#3- Writer AI Content Detector (Free; Best for Casual Bloggers)

Writer AI content detector tool

Writer’s AI content detection tool was one of the first to hit the market. It was originally built to detect GPT-2 content and it did that with almost 100% accuracy.

Then when GPT-3 came on the market this tool was still remarkably accurate even though GPT-3 is dozens of times more sophisticated than its’ predecessor GPT-2.

And now, with the advent of ChatGPT, I was curious so I tested it. Here are a few paragraphs I created with ChatGPT about the best ChatGPT alternatives.

Writer’s tool was near perfect in this test (it was actually 100% AI content and not “just” 98%).

Writer's AI content detector works with ChatGPT content

Let’s try human-generated content. I’ll take a snippet of text from my guide on how to get a Grammarly Premium free trial and I’ll paste it in Writer’s online AI detector.

Writer AI content detector found that my Grammarly free trial post is 94% real and not AI writing


Writer seems like a solid AI writing detector and I recommend it to anyone who cares about not publishing AI content on their blog. It’s free and accurate and the only downside is that you can check only up to 350 words at once.

Try Writer AI content detection tool now!

#4- Copyleaks AI Content Detection App (Free; Best for Casual Bloggers and Web Publishers)

Copyleaks AI content detection tool

Copyleaks is an excellent pro plagiarism checker. And now to keep up with the times they pushed out a free AI content detection tool. You can find it here.

Let’s test it.

I took a snippet of text from my page on the best plagiarism checkers and pasted it here. It’s the content I personally wrote a while back.

Copyleaks detected human generated content

And now I went to Writesonic’s ChatSonic and gave it this prompt: “Write me a 100 words on the topic of “best plagiarism tools and apps”

Chatsonic generated AI content to be checked by Copyleaks's free AI content detection tool

Now let’s try content that was written by a human named Nikola Roza, and then paraphrased with Quillbot.
Quillbot paraphrased content ready to be checked by Copyleaks

Now let’s check it.


Copyleaks detected paraphrased content as human content. This is a mistake.

Either Quillbot is such an awesome paraphraser, or Copyleaks need to improve its AI content detection tool. Because, although Quillbot doesn’t use GPT-3 technology to generate content, they still use AI to paraphrase.

Copyleaks failed to detect content paraphrased by Quillbot AI

Overall, Copyleaks’s free AI content detection tool is worth using being that it’s free and it reliably detects GTP-3 content.

Try Copyleak’s free AI content detection app today!

#5- GLTR AI Detection Online Tool (Free; Best for Casual Bloggers and Web Publishers)

GLTR AI content detection software

GLTR is a GPT-2 AI content detector that also works well with GPT-3 and GPT-3.5 (ChatGPT) content too.

The tool at first looks confusing and a mess, but once you figure it out, it can be a great addition to your arsenal of AI content detection tools.

Here’s how it works.

Paste the content into the editor, hit “analyze” and focus on the visual representation as it’s the easiest to grasp.

If most of the content is green and yellow, then it’s AI content (green and yellow means content is easily predictable, hence, probably AI generated). If there’s green and yellow but also red and purple that means content is likely human (red and purple are unpredictable words that are hard to predict and probably human-generated writing).

Here, I told Jasper AI to create some content on the topic of Jasper AI free trial.

Look how it fared in GLTR.

You can see there are a lot of green, and yellows, and almost no red and purple.

It’s clearly AI content.

GLTR detects AI content, especially GPT-2

And here’s another run of my real Jasper AI free trial article on this site.

GLTR can detect human-generated content

The first image is mostly green and yellow, while in the second there’s much more red and purple.

Try GLTR today! It’s free!

#6- Hugging Face AI Content Detection Tool (Free; Best for Casual Bloggers)

Huggingface AI content detection tool and app
Huggingface is one of the world’s top platforms and communities for machine learning.

And they also have a decent AI content detector. It’s built for GPT-2 but can reliably detect GPT-3 and ChatGPT content too.

Here’s some AI-generated content on the topic of Quillbot review (note: I took my own Quilbot review and paraphrased it with Quillbot.

Huggingface can easily detect AI content

And here’s how my Quillbot review that I wrote fared when I tested it with Huggingface GPT-2 output detector.

Huggingface detected that my content is original

Huggingface seems to work really well and the tool is free.

Go ahead and try this AI content detector!

Benefits of Using AI Content Detectors on Your Content

Best benefits of using AI-generated content detection tools and apps

  • Proofing AI Content from Google Ranking Demotion
  • Detecting AI-Generated Content Before Posting on Your Blog
  • Identifying Plagiarized Student Work

If you’re publishing online and you care about your site’s success, then you must know whether the content you’re showing Google is fake AI content, or human-generated and “real”.

Here are a few reasons why using AI writing detection tools is just plain smart thing to do:

  • Proofing AI Content from Google Ranking Demotion: as Kevin Indig showed in his latest blog post, AI content can work, and rankings can grow, but only when it’s touched and retouched by a pro editor’s hand. This human needs to review the content AI gave you and fix formatting, check facts, and overall stamp their seal of approval.
  • DetectingAI-Generated Content Before Posting on Your Blog: to scale your blog you need lots and lots of content. But if your lots and lots of content is actually lots and lots of AI-generated content, then you will hurt your site’s performance and you won’t be able to recover quickly or ever, depending on the damage you did. Using an AI content watchdog on your blog ensures you don’t make this critical mistake.
  • Identifying Plagiarized Student Work: In universities, AI-generated essays, research papers, and theses are becoming a huge problem. And this will only accelerate now thatChatGPT is out and now that GPT-4 is close to being released. Teachers and professors who want to protect the academic integrity of their classes can now use at least one, (but hopefully, several tools combined) AI content detectors to ensure each student is doing the work they’re supposed to be doing i.e., researching by hand and writing content not by giving prompts to AI, but by putting their thoughts on the digital paper.

Learn below how to pick the best AI content detector to use on your blog.

Best Features a Great AI Content Detector Needs to Have

Best features a great AI content detection tool must have

  • Real-time plagiarism detection;
  • Intuitive dashboard and interface;
  • Ability to detect subtle content manipulation;
  • delivering comprehensive reports with citations for AI content.

Here are the features that make for a great AI content detector app.

#1- Real-Time Plagiarism Detection

Your AI content detector of choice needs to be able to give you a quick scan and results on whether something is AI-generated or not.

You don’t want to be bogged down for 15m or more for a single scan.

#2- Intuitive Interface

You don’t want to need to spend a few hours just to learn how to use a tool. If it seems complicated, it probably is and should probably be skipped for AI detector with a simpler dashboard and interface.

#3-Ability To Detect Subtle Content Manipulation

Many SEO’s use simple content spinners to replace every word in a text with one of its synonyms.

The end result is a text that is seemingly unique but reads like crap and doesn’t sound like any human would write.

Even though technically unique, intelligent and quality AI content detectors should be able to see through that manipulation and flag it.

#4- Comprehensive Report Generation With Source References

Just like pro plagiarism, checkers have the ability the show you which sources your text plagiarized; so too should AI content detection tools be able to show you where the generative AI you used took the content from and spun it to make it unique.

This can be a list of citations with the percentage of content stolen.

Best Use Cases for Using AI Content Detection Tools in 2023

Here are some of the best ways AI content detectors can help you with your marketing.

Best use cases for using AI content detectors in 2023 

  • detecting plagiarized content automatically;
  • writing style correction;
  • automated keyword and on page optimization;
  • aI generated content scoring.

#1- Detecting Plagiarized Content Automatically

Online pagiarism checkers are al old as publishing on the web is, but now there are AI content detectives who can also spot and flag plagiarized content ( is a great example).

This is an excellent feature because you can get one tool that can check for both AI content and content duplication.

That’s powerful and a way to save some money.

#2- Writing Style Correction

While content detection is the primary function of an AI content detector, the tool of choice should also be able to make recommendations for improving the overall writing style and correct any grammatical or syntax errors which may be present in the text.

Because right now, even if you decide to use AI content on your blog, it’s still a wise idea to run it through Grammarly to spot any typos, grammar, and writing tone errors.

#3- Automated Keyword Optimization

Picking the right keywords for your content is the first step in what is to become a successful SEO campaign.

Your AI content detector should have the feature of automatically inserting keywords in hot zones on a page.

This will make your page more relevant to Google and in turn, you’ll rank higher and faster.

At the moment of me covering the best AI content detection tool currently available on the market none of these tools have the ability to do on-page SEO for your site.

#4- AI-Generated Content Scoring

AI content detection tools need to be able to give your content an overall score based on how much of your content is human, and how much is human generated. And it also needs to be able to visually color the words written by a human hand, and those written by a machine.

#5-Writing Style Configuration And Customization

Every human writer has a personal, inherent, subconscious writing style that can be detected and measured with an author vector algorithm (Google uses this algorithm to detect AI content).

An intelligent AI content detector should be able to detect patterns in your writing and then convert any AI content you feed into it into something that contains your author vectors as if you wrote the piece personally.

This is still far in the future though.

#6- Terminology Management

AI content detector tool should be able to ensure the terminology used within a piece of content follows the guidelines and standards set forth by a company or publishing organization.

For example, a shopping site may have specific language and abbreviations they must use on their property.

Alternatively, a website that curates news articles from many varied sources will need to have the same matching writing style across all pieces of content published on their domain.

Best AI Content Detectors in 2023 FAQ

Best AI content detection tools 2023 FAQ
Best online AI content detection tools and apps 2023 FAQ

#1- Should I Use an AI Content Detection Software?

You need to use an AI content detection service with any content you intend to publish on your blog. If you don’t the risk is you’ll fill your website with AI fake content and in the future, this might set you up for a penalty.

You don’t want to be penalized and then have to clean up your entire site.

#2- What is the Best AI Content Detection Tool?

The best AI content detection tool is Based on my testing it’s nearly 100% right in spotting AI content and it comes with a grammar checker and plagiarism checker tool.

Read my best grammar checker software guide next!

#3- What is the Best Free AI Content Detection Tool?

The best free AI content detection tool is Content at Scale’s AI output detector.

Based on my testing it’s nearly 100% accurate with GPT-2 GPT-3 and GPTChat AI content.

#4- Can Google and Other Search Engines Detect AI Content?

Google and other search engines can detect AI content. The proof of that is that AI content farms got destroyed in a recent HCU (Helpful Content Update).

Here’s an example:

Google's Helpful Content Update punished a website for large scale AI content generation

#5- How Can Google and Other Search Engines Detect AI Content?

It’s a secret how Google and other search engines detect AI content. It’s probably the combination of techniques, like monitoring stylometry, checking author vectors, and using GPT analog algorithms to see whether the text is predictive.

These are my best guesses at the moment.

#6- Will I Get Penalized for Using AI Content on My Site?

You will get penalized for using AI content on your site IF all you do is post AI content at scale.

For example, is an AI generated site that had explosive growth because of extreme content velocity, but when the HCU update happened the site got annihilated.

Ahrefs report on a website hit with Google's Helpful Content Update

Moreover, will not get penalized for posting AI content on your site if your article is mostly human written with a touch of AI.

#7- Can AI Content Detectors Detect Paraphrased Content?

AI content detectors can detect paraphrased content, especially if you use GPT-based tools to paraphrase.

But even if you don’t, your content will probably be detected.

For example, Quillbot uses its proprietary AI (NLP+ NLU technologies) to understand and paraphrase the content.

But some (not all) online AI content detection tools and software can detect content paraphrased with Quillbot.

For example, here’s a snippet of my Jasper AI pricing guide which I paraphrased in Quillbot.

Content paraphrased with Quillbot can be detected by AI content detectors

And here’s from another tool:

Content paraphrased with Quillbot can be detected by AI content detector

Bottom line– don’t rely on paraphrasing alone as some tools can already detect it, while Google certainly can.

Read my guide on best AI paraphrasing apps and tools next!

#8- Can Grammarly Detect AI Content?

Grammarly can’t detect AI content because Grammarly is not an AI content detector app.

#9- Are AI Content Detectors Accurate and Reliable?

Currently, AI content detectors are neither 100% accurate nor 100% reliable.

This is because AI content generation is a new field and detecting such content is an even newer endeavor.

In other words, with all of these tools false positives are possible, and you should always take the results with a grain of salt.

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Best AI Content Detectors in 2023 (Conclusion)

My guide on the best AI content detection tools and apps is done.

I suggest you get into the habit of checking your content with at least one of these tools so you stay on top of what kind of content gets posted on your blog.

If you’re proactive about it now, you will save yourself from a lot of headaches down the line.

LMK what you think in the comment section below!

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