Link Whisper Alternatives 2022- Is There Really a Plugin That Can Replace Link Whisper?

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Link Whisper alternatives.

Do they exist? Are they any good?

Honestly- most of them suck.

But a couple of them are really good.

I’ve singled them out below.

Let’s take a look now!

Best Link Whisper alternatives
Which Link Whisper alternative is the best? Let’s find out now!

6 Link Whisper Alternatives Worthy Of Your Attention

Alternatives to Link Whisper
  • Autolinks Manager Pro– excellent premium internal linking plugin, perfect replacement to Link Whisper;
  • RankMath– best SEO plugin on the market. Far better than Yoast SEO!
  • Internal Link Juicer– another supreme Link Whisper Alternative. You can’t go wrong with ILJ!
  • Inline Related Posts– lower bounce rate with this excellent plugin.
  • Interlinks Manager by DAEXT– build an excellent site architecture with this plugin.
  • SEMrush- all-in-one marketing platform, internal link management included.
  • Google Search Console– free way to add internal links.

#1- Autolinks Manager Pro

AutoLinks Manager Pro

Autolinks Manager Pro (ALMP) is a premium WordPress plugin that helps you automatically add internal links across your blog posts.

ALMP is developed and maintained by Danilo Andreini, founder of DAEXT (Danilo Andreini Extensions)

With Autolinks Manager Pro you can automatically:

  • add internal links with specified anchor text;
  • Add outbound links;
  • add affiliate links;
  • remove the links you’ve added in bulk;
  • track which links are getting clicked (detailed statistics are key to increasing SEO performance and affiliate revenue);
  • and much more.

The plugin is lightweight with minimum impact on site speed and it effectively reduces your internal linking workload by 99%.

The last %1 is actually you going into the plugin’s back-end and setting it up correctly.

ALMP is a premium plugin that’s totally worth it. I use it on all my niche sites and am really happy with the results I’ve been getting (read my Autolinks Manager Pro review to learn more about it)

ALMP is sold by licenses:

  • Personal- 1 website ($29/yr);
  • Business- 3 websites ($49/yr);
  • Developer- 10 websites ($119/yr).

Note: If you decide to buy ALMP make sure you use my exclusive coupon code (NikolaRoza) which gives you $20 discount on all plans.

Personal$29$20 discount
Business$49$20 discount
Developer$119$20 discount

#2- Internal Link Juicer

Internal Link Juicer

As the name suggests, Internal Link Juicer is a WordPress plugin built for internal linking automation.

It comes in free and pro version:

With free version (download it here) you can:

  • add internal links in bulk and with specified anchor text;
  • intelligently diversify your internal links anchor text ratio for maximum results;
  • blacklist pages that should never receive links;
  • set maximum links per page and maximum internal links a page should get overall;
  • monitor your links performance and CTR within the statistics dashboard;
  • and more.

With the paid version you get everything above +:

  • links to taxonomies (tags and categories);
  • add affiliate and outbound links;
  • auto keywords import
  • manual optimization- best used for crucial money pages where you want to manually send and track internal links
  • Premium support.

Internal Link Juicer Pro costs $69.99 for 1 website.

There’s a discount for multiple site and there’s also a 14-day refund guarantee.

Try it out now!

#3- RankMath

RankMath SEO plugin
Rank Math is not an internal linking automation plugin per se.

Instead it’s a number #1 SEO plugin for WordPress. And it’s free!

With it you can:

  • Add meta data to your posts and pages (SEO title, meta description…)
  • add dozens of schema types;
  • optimize for up to 5 keyword simultaneously;
  • check keyword density for any keyword you’re targeting;
  • add relevant internal links;
  • and more.

The last point is what concerns us for this Link Whisper alternatives post.

As you’re writing your article Rank Math will automatically scan your content and suggest internal links based on the keywords it detects.

It’s an easy way to add internal links to other posts without much thinking required.

And the suggestions Rank Math gives are really relevant to boot.

This is a nifty feature that is also available with Yoast premium. But with Rank Math it’s free!

#4- Inline Related Posts

Inline Related Posts

You’ve probably heard of related posts plugins?

They place internal links at the end of your posts so that hopefully people finish reading and then click on another internal link and continue reading.

That’s the objective, but in reality what happens is that most users skim and don’t read and will miss your related posts, and most users will never reach the end of your post.

So you need to intelligently place internal links within the content body and that’s what Inline Related Posts does for you (automatically).

This plugin scans your content and inserts links inside the body without breaking up the flow of your article or messing up the looks of your page.

Inline Related Posts is a free plugin and a great Link Whisper alternative.

In fact, it might be even better as it gets you intelligent link placements automatically, while Link Whisper gives you intelligent placements that  you have to manually approve.

Related: read my Link Whisper review for more info on this interlinking plugin.

Or get my Link Whisper discount here!

#5- Interlinks Manager by DAEXT

Interlinks Manager

Interlinks Manager is another plugin bt DAEXT.

With this internal linking plugin, you get a suite of tools you can use to optimize internal linking and site architecture of your website.

With it you can:

  • get hyper relevant internal linking suggestions;
  • Analyze current internal linking patterns
  • Find most linked-to pages, and also orphan pages;
  • Calculate internal link juice for each page (based on Page Rank and Chei Rank algorithms);
  • Track clicks on your internal links;
  • etc

Interlinks Manager costs $33 for a single-site license and comes with guaranteed 6 months of support and updates.

You can later extend this period if you want.

Ty Interlinks Manager today!

#6- SEMrush

SEMrush internal linking report is a god replacement for Link Whisper
SEMrush internal linking report for

Yes, SEMrush is a Link Whisper alternative, though not a perfect one.

For example, you can’t add internal links from SEMrush directly to your WordPress site. While with Link Whisper you can.

But what you can do with SEMrush is analyze your website architecture and see which pages get too much PageRank, which pages are orphaned,  and which pages are underperforming in the SERPs because they aren’t getting enough PageRank through internal linking and site architecture. In that regard, SEMrush is significantly bee than Link Whisper.

Now, SEMrush is pricey (learn about SEMrush monthly and yearly pricing here). However SEMrush discount code exists and a free SEMrush trial offer is a thing for all new customers.

It’s best to combine SEMrush and Link Whisper, but if you have to pick one, SEMrush is the obvious choice.

Learn about SEMrush lifetime deal here!

#7- Google Search Console

Ok, this is a cheat. GSC is not an interlinking plugin, but it is a tool you can use for internal linking and it’s an excellent Link Whisper alternative for those bloggers who don’t have money to spend on premium plugins.

Here’s how to add internal links using GSC.

First, go to your GSC and Links>Internal Links.

GSC internal links report

Second, use the filters to find posts that have less than 5 internal links pointing to them.

Internal links filter

Third, when taking screenshots for this post I noticed that my Smart Podcast Player review is severely underlinked, with only 4 internal links pointing to it.

I want that changed ASAP as that post is my money page I really want to rank it in Google. More internal links will definitely help.

So, I go to Google and type “ Smart Podcast Player” and I get a list of pages that Google think are most relevant to that keyword.

These are all pages I can now visit and drop keyword-rich internal links.

Site search Google

This method is obviously not automatic and takes a bit of time. But it’s free and worth it if you get your page to rank and start making you money.

Note: not conviced about any of these Link Whisper alternatives?

Good news!

I’ve negotiated a discount code for you to use and get $15 off price for your next Link Whisper order.

My Link Whisper discount code is “nikola”.

Apply it at the checkout page and save!

Link Whisper Alternative FAQ

#1- What is the Best Link Whisper Alternative?

It depends.

What’s best for me might not be for you, but in general I’d go with Autolinks Manager Pro and Internal Link Juicer.

Both are easy-to-use excellent WordPress plugins that get the job done.

And both are premium tools which is important because they won’t get outdated so easily as the owner and developer are making money off them.

So they’ll always be 100% safe to use on a WordPress website.

#2- What are Some Link Whisper Free Alternatives?

From the 6 alternative plugins I talked about in this post, the best free Link Whisper alternatives are:

  • Inline related Posts;
  • Internal Link Juicer (free version);
  • Google Search Console;
  • RankMath.

#3- What is The Main Benefit Of Internal Linking Automation?


The time you get back will be the main benefit of automating your internal linking as much as possible.

Internal link building is awesome, but it’s also a time suck. You saw in my GSC manual internal link building tutorial how involved the process is.

It’s not that bad when you do it for one post, but imagine doing that for hundreds of posts.

That’s enough to completely lose your mind.

Internal link building automation is the only way to add internal links at scale while preserving and boosting your SEO.

#4- Is it Dangerous To Always Use The Same Anchor Text With Internal Links?

No, it’s not.

The danger of the algorythmic penalty is non-existent. In fact, the best results for SEO are achieved when you use exact match anchor text for all your internal links.

That is a very strong relevance signal you’re sending to Google-bot.

#5- Are Thirsty Affiliates And Pretty Links Suitable Link Whisper Alternatives?

No, Thirsty Affiliates and Pretty Links are not Link Whisper alternatives.

Instead, they are plugins that help you cloak your affiliate links.

They can’t add internal links throughout your posts and pages.

Concluding My Best Link Whisper Alternatives Guide…


Link Whisper is the best WordPress plugin for smart internal linking (get a Link Whisper coupon here) It’s the best, but others are not that far behind.

The plugins I’ve covered in this post will help you improve your SEO and boost your Google rank.

It’s only a matter of deciding on a plugin and then using it consistently.

So, which plugin is it gonna be?

Let me know in the comment section below.


Nikola Roza

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10 thoughts on “Link Whisper Alternatives 2022- Is There Really a Plugin That Can Replace Link Whisper?”

  1. Hey, I like Link Whisper. I use it on my blog and am generally satisfied with it. However it does make mistakes and brings up a ton of irrelevant suggestions.
    I wish I knew about these Link Whisper alternatives sooner because I might’ve gone with a different plugin.

    • Hi Yudith,
      Link Whisper is a great plugin, but it’s not perfect. No interlinking plugin is. Personally, I use Autolinks Manager Pro on this site and Internal Link Juicer on another website I own.

  2. This is the first time I heard about Link Whisper. But when I saw Rankmath, I kinda understood what link Whisper does.
    And yes, internal links are very important if you want to to improve your overall SEO!

  3. ALPM sounds like a good one to me, Nikola. I love that I can easily integrate it into my WP site. I’ll have to give it a look as it really gives me pain to manually interlink my posts.
    It’s so much work!
    And thank you for the coupon code!

    • No problem Brianne,
      ALMP is a wonderful replacement to Link Whisper and I use it on one of my niche sites.
      So far I have had no problems with it, and it works as expected.
      I love internal link automation just like the next guy/gal:)

  4. I’ve been looking for an alternative to Link Whisper for quite some time now.
    For some reason Link Whisper and I never gelled. I think what threw me off was my expectation that Link Whisper is rally an A.I. driven tool, and it turned out that A.I. is just common NLP, and far from perfect.
    I think I’ll next try a more standard internal linking plugin, either Internal Link Juicer or Autolink Manager Pro.


    • April,
      both Internal Link Juicer and Autolink Manager Pro are great alternatives to Link Whisper. You’ll be mighty pleased whichever option you pick.

  5. Nikola,
    thanks for sharing these internal linking plugins alternatives. It’s always great to have options.
    I actually used Link Whisper in the past and wasn’t impressed with it.
    Too much junk to sift through to find relevant suggestions.


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