Best Plagiarism Checkers Tools and Software of 2023- Which of These Online Tools will be Best for You?

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Are you looking for the best online plagiarism tool on the market in 2023?

Look no more!

My guide lists out only the best so without wasting a second, let’s get started!

Best plagiarism checkers apps and software guide for 2023
Best plagiarism checkers tools, apps, and software guide for 2023

Best Plagiarism Checker Tools and Apps for 2023 at a Glance

  1. #1- Copyscape Premium Plagiarism Checker
  2. #2- Grammarly Premium Plagiarism Checker
  3. #3- Quillbot Plagiarism Checker App

#1- Copyscape Premium Plagiarism Checker

Copyscape premium plagiarism checker softwareCopyscape is the best plagiarism checker tool on this list. It’s the tool I use regularly to check the originality of my content, my own and the one submitted by my freelance writers.

For example, here I checked my Jasper AI pricing guide in Copyscape and I found parts of my page duplicated on 2 pages, but one of them is my already published Jasper AI pricing tutorial.

Copyscape found plagizrized parts of my Jasper AI pricing tutorial

The way Copyscape works is that once you submit content to it (URL or text content) it scans its huge database to look for content that is identical or very similar.

And it shows you the percentage of content that’s the same as someone else’s.

Copyscape plagiarism checker shows you the percentage of duplicated content

Copyscape also lets you check batches of pages. All you have to do is go to Copyscape Batch Search.

You can submit your XML sitemap or a list of URL’s (up to 10 000 entries).

Copyscape Batch Search plagiarism checker

Copyscape is an affordable anti-plagiarism tool. You pay 3c for 200 words of scanned content+ 1c per 100 words from then on.

This is very affordable, I paid $10 6 months ago, and I still haven’t spent all my credits.

Try Copyscape today!

#2- Grammarly Premium Plagiarism Checker

Grammarly plagiarism checker app

Grammarly is the world’s most popular AI writing assistant that checks your content style, grammar, spelling diction, punctuation errors, and all other types of writing errors.

Grammarly has an excellent extension for Chrome which enables Grammarly anywhere you write, be it Slack, Discord, Evernote, Gmail (Grammarly for Gmail guide) Microsoft Word, etc.

Grammarly is a powerful plagiarism checker and a worthy addition to this list. They use Proquest’s database with more than 16 billion pages (and that number growing daily) to check against your content and find matches. If they do you get alerted and you can take the appropriate action.

The Grammarly plagiarism checker is free to use, however, the drawback is that it won’t show you where and how you’ve plagiarized. So it’s kind of a teaser for Grammarly premium.

So, if you aren’t just looking for a plagiarism check but need an AI assistant that can check your writing and all mistakes you can make, then go for Grammarly Premium (Grammarly plans and pricing explained) and you won’t regret it.  It’s an excellent tool.

To learn more about Grammarly check out my Grammarly free trial, Grammarly student discount, and Grammarly military discount guides next.

#3- Quillbot Plagiarism Checker App

Quillbot plagiarism checker appBesides being a content paraphrase and summarizer, Quillbot is also a plagiarism checker.

To access it you need to go to, then to Plagiarism Checker, and paste your content. Hit check and Quillbot will check your content for plagiarized content.

For example, here’s how I checked my Quillbot discount code tutorial.

You can see in the right sidebar Quillbot found several pages that copy parts of my page.

Quillbot AI plagiarism app found all instances of the page it checked

When you purchase any of the eQuillbot Premium plans (check out my Quillbot cost guide here), you get 20 pages to check for free. One page of content equals 250 words of content. This means you can check up to 5 000 words of content before you need to upgrade.

This isn’t that much when you think about it, but you can easily purchase more pages and very affordably.

You can pay:

  • $7.45 for 25 pages;
  • $24.95 for 100 pages;
  • and $49.95 for 250 pages. C

In my honest opinion using is good if you’re using Quilllbot to paraphrase and summarize content.

You can learn about Quillbot by reading my review of Quillbot, my Quillbot AI free trial, and my Quillbot pricing guide.

 Try Quillbot today!

Best Plagiarism Checker Tools and Apps for 2023 FAQ

Best plagiarism checker tools and apps for 2023
Best plagiarism checker tools and apps for 2023

#1- What are Plagiarism Detection Tools?

Plagiarism detection tools are online apps that have access to large databases which they use to find matches between your text and the text that already exists on the internet.

Plagiarism detection tools are mostly used by universities to check for plagiarism in students’ homework and writing assignments.

But more and more bloggers and marketers use premium and free plagiarism checkers to scan the content they wrote or got from their freelance writers.

#2- What is the Best Free Plagiarism Checker?

The best free plagiarism checker is Duplichecker.

Read below how to use it.

First, go to

Second, paste the text you want to check.

Third, prove you’re human and not a robot.

Fourth, get your results.

Duplichecker free plagiarism checker

The limit of text you can check at once is 1000 words which is very generous. The drawbacks of Duplicchecker is that the tool is slow at spitting results and also the tool is loaded with ads.

I use an adblocker which blocks most of the ads, but take a look at how the page is inundated with ads when you don’t use an adblocker.

Duplichecker free plagiarism checker homepage full with ads

The tools still work, but it’s very distracting.

#3- What is the Best Plagiarism Checker Tool That Can Also Rewrite Content?

The best plagiarism checker tool that can also rewrite content is Quillbot. Besides being a plagiarism checker Quillbot is also an excellent content paraphraser and summarizee.

Content summarizing is truly free and there is no paid plan, while paraphrasing content is also free but a paid plan is available to unlock additional paraphrasing modes.

You can read my Quillbot AI review to learn more about it.

#4- Can Plagiarism Checking Tools Detect AI Content?

Tools like Jasper AI (review), Quillbot, Writesonic, ShortlyAI, and others boast about giving unique content that can’t be detected by any plagiarism software.

This means plagiarism checking tools can’t detect AI-generated content if the AI tool you used gave you 100% original content.

However, AI content itself can be detected. For example, is a tool built for AI content detection. You can read my review to learn more about it

And there are also other tools that claim to be able to detect GPT type of AI content.

Check out my guide to the best AI content detection tools to learn more about them.

#5- Can Making Deliberate Grammar Errors Beat Plagiarism Checking Tools?

Making deliberate grammar errors can’t beat plagiarism-checking tools. These tools are sophisticated and can deduce what the wrongly spelled word was supposed to be and they can still use when checking for content duplication.

I don’t suggest you submit any content that’s riddled with typos and spelling errors. To make sure you don’t check out my guide to the best grammar checkers now!

#6- Can Plagiarism Checker Tools be Beaten by Online Paraphrasing Tools?

Online plagiarism checker tools can be beaten by online paraphrasing tools.

But it’s not that simple.

If you use a simple content spinner to switch this word for that word, this synonym for that synonym, don’t be surprised if your content gets flagged as duplicated.

But if you use a pro paraphraser which can change both the words and sentences while preserving meaning, then you’re in the clear.

If you’re interested in paraphrasing software that can do that for you check out my guide to the best online paraphrasing tools now!

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Best Plagiarism Checker Tools and Apps for 2023 (Conclusion)

These were the best plagiarism checking tools. apps and software in 2023.

MOst of them are premium and paid, but Duplichecker is free and excellent.

Which one will you pick?

LMK in the comment section below!

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