7 Best SSD Storage Web Hosting Services for WordPress- Host Your Site With a Better Host!

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Looking for the best SSD storage web hosting service for your website?


Good, you’re in the right place!

In my guide you’ll learn:

  • What is SSD storage hosting;
  • Benefits of SSD storage over HDD storage;
  • Who should pick an SSD storage host, and who should not;
  • 8 best SSD storage hosts compared;
  • And more.

Let’s go!

Best SSD storage web hosting
These are the best SSD-storage hosts- Take your pick, and make your site faster today!

Best SSD-Storage Web Hosting at a Glance

BluehostYes!30 days
A2 HostingYes!30 days
InMotion HostingYes!90 days
WPX HostingYes!30 days
DreamhostYes!30 days
GreenGeeksYes!30 days
KinstaYes!30 days

What is SSD Storage Hosting and 4 Reasons Why You Need it

SSD (solid state drive) are the latest type of computer storage device.

SSD’s are used in high end’s computers, Mac’s and laptops and more and more in web hosting.

Before I give you my list of best SSD storage hosts, here are 4 reasons why SSD storage is the future you need to embrace today.

#1- Speed

Improved disk read speed of an SSD lets your site’s visitors access and browse your site much quicker.

In fact, SSD’s are at least 4X faster than HDD’s, and if you’re not careful, your once-fast website hosted with a HDD-storage host will be abandoned for a competitor who hosts with a SSD storage host.

It’s best to prevent it!

#2- Durability

Both HDD and SSD can go missing in action and malfunction on you.

That’s just the nature of any piece of technology.

However, while HDD’s last between 3-5 years, SSD’s can last four times longer.

#3- Power

In active mode HDD’s consume 7x more power than SSD’s. And that goes up to 15X when in idle mode.

Higher electricity bills for the hosting company=higher prices for their customers.

Conversely, lower electricity spend=higher affordability for the end users.

#4- Greener

Less electricity consumption automatically makes a SSD-storage hosts more eco-friendly than their HDD-storage competitors.

This is important because more and more web users are eco-savvy and refuse to host with a host that is polluting the planet more than it’s absolutely necessary.

That’s why green hosts like GreenGeeks and HostPapa are so popular.

Here are 8 Best SSD-Storage Web Hosting Providers and Services

#1- Bluehost

Bluehost offer SSD storage

  • Name- Bluehost Web Hosting;
  • Do They Offer SSD-Storage Hosting– Yes
  • Cheapest plan pricing- $4.95/mo

Bluehost are one of the most affordable hosts on this list.

Besides being famous in the blogosphere for their solid shared hosting plans, Bluehost also offer excellent managed WordPress services, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, etc.

All hosting types and plans come with SSD storage.

Along with that, you also get free website migration (no need to use plugins to move your WordPress website) done professionally by their staff, free hacking (no need to hackproof your site with an external service) and DDoS protection + free daily and on-demand backups.

They also give a free domain name along with SSL certificate.

Finally, there’s a24×7 chat and email support available, as well as a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Another thing to add is that Bluehost gives you server-side caching with any of their hosting plans.

This, combined with SSD storage will ensure your site loads under 2s even if when besieged with hordes of traffic.

There’s a 30 day refund guarantee, so you have nothing to lose!

#2- Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion hostin offer SSD storage

  • Name- Inmotion Web Hosting;
  • Do They Offer SSD-Storage Hosting– Yes
  • Cheapest plan pricing- $5.99/mo

Inmotion hosting are a supremely fast host. In fact, they might have the fastest shared hosting on the market.

They recently acquired new SSD servers nd these respond super fast and have almost zero latency.

Translated in normal English, it means your site will load super fast, typically in under 1s and you site’s visitors won’t have to suffer through seeing the white screen of death before the page loads.

Inmotion hosting shared hosting includes everything a blogger needs to succeed.

  • Free website transfer;
  • Free domain name;
  • free SSL and CDN;
  • Free security and backups;
  • Perfect uptime.

What’s more, they have a special type of caching (called non-volatile caching) which is a battery-powered cache mechanism that stores data and server files in a cache that’s separate from the servers.

So, in case the server that’s hosting your site goes down, your website’s data will remain intact.

Remember, there’s a 90-day refund guaranteed, you’re protected from any loss.

#3- A2 Hosting 

A2 hosting

  • Name- A2 Hosting;
  • Do They Offer SSD-Storage Hosting– Yes
  • Cheapest plan pricing- $5.99/mo

A2 Hosting have recently updated their servers and now every plan comes with high capacity, free SSD storage which are not shared between websites on the same server.

This ensure maximum speed and zero latency.

Along with super fast SSD storage hosting, A2 Hosting offer Windows hosting (with free trial), free site migration and domain name, free hacker and malware protection, 24-7 support, free SSL and CDN…

If you are interested in other features offered by this provider, you should visit hostadvice and read their in-depth review of A2 hosting.

A2 Hosting plans start from $2.96/month for their basic, Lite plan, $3.70/month for Swift and $7.3/month for the Turbo plan.

Remember there’s a 30-day refund guarantee so you have nothing to lose!

#4- GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks hosting

  • Name- GrenGeeks Web Hosting;
  • Do They Offer SSD-Storage Hosting– Yes
  • Cheapest plan pricing- $2.95/mo

GreenGeeks are the number #1 green host on the planet.

Their entire energy output comes from bio-renewable energy, which is remarkable.

All GreenGeeks hosting plans come with SSD storage which isn’t a surprise when you know that SSD’s are much more eco friendly that HDD’s.

GreenGeeks offer free domain names with every plan, so if you’re just starting out with your new website, you’ll save some money right off the bat.

Besides using SSD’s to make your site load fast, they also use Powerchacher technology+ PHP 7 to make their hosting experience blazing fast.

With GreenGeeks you also get 24/7 chat and phone customer support and 24/7/365 hacker and malware protection.

GreenGeeks plans starts at $2.95/month for the EcoSite Lite, plan and go up to $11.95/month for the premium plan.

Remember there’s a 30-day refund guarantee so you have nothing to lose!

#5- Dreamhost

Dreamhost hosting

  • Name- Dreamhost Web Hosting;
  • Do They Offer SSD-Storage Hosting– Yes
  • Cheapest plan pricing- $2.95/mo

Dreamhost are one of the oldest hosting providers in the world They started in 1997 and they still going strong.

They’re also one of only 4 web hosts officially recommend by WordPress.org.

Dreamhost offer SSD storage hosting specifically fine tuned to host WordPress websites. If you’re looking for an affordable managed WordPress hosting you’ve found it in Dreamhost.

Besides that, every hosting plan comes with 24/7 support, free domain name, free website transfer, Free SSL, CDN and server side caching.

Finally, Dreamhost hosting plans come with custom control panel which is way more advanced, but easier to use that classic cPanel.

Dreamhost pricing starts at $2.95/month for the Starter plan and $5.95/month for the Unlimited plan.

Remember there’s a 30-day refund guarantee so you have nothing to lose!

#6- WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting

  • Name- WPX Hosting;
  • Do They Offer SSD-Storage Hosting– Yes
  • Cheapest plan pricing- $24.99/mo

WPX Hosting are famous in the blogosphere for their ultra fast site loading speeds.

They achieve this feat with the combination of custom CDN, powerful server-side caching and of course, SSD disk storage.

All WPX hosting plans have features like WPX Cloud CDN, Incapsula protection, staging area and free SSL certification enabled automatically.

WPX also offer a unique feature called “fixed for you guarantee“.

This means that if ever something goes wrong with your site hosted on their servers, they are going to fix it for you for free.

What’s more, WPX are probably the only host in the industry that help their customers with plugins and themes related problems, whereas other host adamantly refuse to get involved.

WPX have 3 managed WordPress hosting plans, and the cheapest one star at $24.99, while the most expensive one start at $99/mo.

If you don’t have  big website and are just starting out, I recommend their basic plan which is super fast and also affordable.

Remember there’s a 30-day refund guarantee so you have nothing to lose!

#7- Kinsta


  • Name- Kinsta Web Hosting;
  • Do They Offer SSD-Storage Hosting– Yes
  • Cheapest plan pricing- $24.99/mo

Kinsta are a premium managed WordPress hosting, specifically built for big business websites and professional bloggers.

Kinsta offer SSD storage on all plans along with hacker/malware/DDoS protection, custom control panel, instantly scalable servers, and free hourly backups.

Kinsta rents from Google cloud platform for their hosting, which makes it super fast, secure and infinitely scalable.

Other features that come standard with all Kinsta plans include:

  • server-level caching;
  • Free CDN;
  • Free site migration;
  • 24/7 performance and uptime monitoring,

With Kinsta, your resources will be totally isolated, meaning your files and database won’t be not shared with other users on the same server.

This increases security by a ton.

Kinsta’s pricing is not the cheapest.

It starts at $30/month for the starter plan and goes to $1,500/month for Enterprise plans.

Try Kinsta today!

Remember there’s a 30-day refund guarantee so you have nothing to lose!

SSD Storage Web Hosting FAQ- All Your Questions Answered!

I researched Quora quite a bit to find the questions people ask about SSD storage, how it’s used in hosting and what are the best SSD storage hosting services.

The answers are below.

#1- Which SSD-Storage Hosting Provider is the Best?

All hosting providers on this list are excellent. You can’t go wrong with any of them.

However, what you’ll pick obviously depends on your budget.

If you can afford and want ultimate speed, go with WPX hosting.

If you want overall best performance across the board, go with Kinsta,

And if you’re low on funds but still want a good host that won’t leave you hanging, go with Bluehost.

#2- Which Shared SSD-Storage Hosting is Best?

Again, it depends on the budget.

But, in my honest opinion, the best are( in descending order):

#3- Do I Absolutely Have to Switch to a SSD-Storage Host?

No you don’t.

If you have a static HTML site, then HDD-based server will have no problem delivering up your site to web users and the difference between SSD and HDD will be negligible and invisible.

And even if you have a website with a couple of thousand visitors per day, you still might be able to get away with HDD storage combined with aggressive page level caching.

#4- Are SSD-Storage Hosts More Expensive That HDD-Storage Ones?

In general, yes.

However, some of them are still dirt cheap.

For example, GreenGeeks shared hosting costs only $2.95 while Bluehost are slightly more expensive with $3.95.

Both are super affordable choices!

Concluding My Best SSD-Storage Web Hosting Services Guide…


you came to this page looking to learn which SSD storage host is the best.

And I gave you not 1, but 7 options to choose from.

You also learned why SSD storage makes a host better for your website.

So, let me ask you, which of the SSD storage hosts will you pick?

Let me know in the comment section below!


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