15 Best Web Hosts That Offer Free Migration Service for WordPress Websites- Don’t Get Stuck in No Man’s Land!

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Looking to switch hosts?

Good decision.

Not one webmaster should suffer because of a crappy host, and moving to a better one will do your blog good.

Here you’ll learn why you SHOULD NOT migrate your site manually;

and why you SHOULD ask your new hosting provider to migrate your site for you and free of charge.

Not all hosts offer this service, but below I list out 14 top hosts that offer free site migration for WordPress sites.

Let’s go!


Best Web hosts that offer free WordPress site migration service
Here are the 14 chosen ones- the BEST web hosting providers that offer free WordPress site migration

Please Don’t Move Your Site Manually- You Could Mess Up Badly…

HostGatorYes!Sign up here!
BluehostYes!Sign up here!
FastCometYes!Signup here!
GreenGeeksYes!Sign up here!
CloudwaysYes!Sign up here!
InterserverYes!Sign up here!
WPX HostingYes!Sign up here!
FlywheelYes!Sign up here!
MilesWebYes!Sign up here!
HostPapaYes!Sign up here!
LiquidWebYes!Sign up here!
HostArmadaYes! Sign up here!
Rocket.netYes!Sign up here!

Migrating a WordPress site by hand is a pretty involved process.

There’s lots of things that could go wrong.

For example, you might accidently delete crucial files which will make your website copy useless.

Or you might even delete all of them without  backup (yes, it happens more often than you’d think).

Next, you might suffer extensive downtime, SEO hit, or you might just lose money with a botched site migration.

It’s better to get the pros to do it for you and below are 14 best hosting companies that will move your WordPress site for free.

15 Top Hosts That Offer Free Migration for WordPress Websites (Compared)

There are actually way more than 14 hosting providers that offer site migration service.

But I handpicked these 14.

Because they lie at the intersect of high quality service, high affordability, and excellent customer support.

If you’re moving to a new host you might as well pick a decent one.

#5- Accuweb Web Hosting Free Trial No Credit Card

AccuWeb hosting free trial

Accuweb hosting are a host that offers a slew of hosting options, from regular shared hosting to professional and expensive dedicated hosting.

All Accuweb hosting plans are divided under 3 different hosting platforms.

  • Linux;
  • Cloud.
  • Windows

AccuWeb Features:

  • Hosting in USA data Centers;
  • Server Firewall;
  • Dual Xeon E5 & E7 series Servers;
  • Enterprise-Class Nimble SAN Storage;
  • Remote Desktop & Full Root Access;
  • Complimentary Free Backups (most hosts charge for this extra);
  • Easy Upgrade to Premium VPS Hosting.
  • Microsoft HyperV Virtualization;
  • Self-Managed VPS;
  • Web-based VPS Management Panel;
  • Initial Setup & Configuration;
  • Dedicated servers available;
  • Reseller Hosting Service Available;

You won’t regret it!

#2- HostGator

HostGator homepage

HostGator are an affordable and reliable host that won’t let you done when you need it the most.

I hosted my first ever site with them (in the coffee niche) and never had any issues whatsoever.

HostGator plans are always super affordable, but sometime can be just dirt cheap.

I remember distinctly that I went with them because they offered me one of that ubiquitous HostGator coupon.

I just wanted to save some $$$ but ended up hosting with them for over 3 years, as I had no reason to switch hosts.

Anyways, HostGator support will move your site for free over to their servers.

You just need to file a ticket to their helpful support, then kick back and relax.

#3- Bluehost

Bluehost free migration

Bluehost are another blogger favorite host.

It’s because they’re super affordable and I’m sure that being officially recommended by WordPress does them no harm either.

Up until recently, Bluehost didn’t offer free website migrations. Instead, you had to pay if you wanted your site moved professionally.

However, now they do offer the service and it comes free with all shared hosting plans.

Basic shared hosting plan starts at $3.95/mo and with it you get a free domain, SSD storage, 24×7 support, and free SSL certificates.

Once you initiate the transfer it’ll take up to 48h for the transfer to be complete.

You won’t experience any downtime.

#4- Cloudways

Cloudways is a unique entry in this list of hosts that offer free WordPress site migration services.

Because they are not a typical blog host like every other provider on this list.

Instead, they sell managed hosting built on top of leading public cloud platforms like Vultr, AWS, Digital Ocean Google Cloud and Linode

Cloudways plans start at $10/mo and you can choose to pay monthly or hourly.

And yes, they offer free migration with every hosting plan you pick.

#5- Interserver

Interserver homepage

Interserver are an affordable  web hosting service that offer high quality hosting backed up by some of the strongest customer service in the hosting industry.

With Interserver you can get nearly all types of hosting with the most popular being shared, WordPress managed, VPS and dedicated.

Regardless of which plan you pick, all Interserver plans come with an extensive suite of features that help building and maintaining your website a breeze.

And yes, with any plan you get free website migration too.

#6- WPX Hosting

WPX hosting homepage

WPX Hosting are perhaps the fastest host you’ll ever come across. They combine SSD-storage servers with custom built CDN to achieve amazing page load speed for sites hosted on their servers.

WPX Hosting also give unlimited site migrations on any plan you pick. Migrations are done by their staff and there is no downtime whatsoever.

Also, pretty unique, you can pick the timeframe when you want the transfer to happen.

Besides site migrations they also offer standard features like free DDoS protection and hacker protection, 24×7 live chat support, free daily backups, and malware scan+ automatic virus removal.

#7- MilesWeb Hosting

MilesWeb hosting
MilesWeb are India’s biggest hosting provider. They specialize in providing high quality hosting service at very competitive prices.

With any MilesWeb hosting plan you also get standard features like unlimited SSD storage, bandwidth, database and email accounts.

You also get their custom site builder, free SSL certificates and access to free CDN (Cloudflare).

Finally, MilesWeb offer free website transfers to all new clients who currently host anywhere else and want to migrate.

#8- LiquidWeb

Liquid Web hosting offer free site migration

LiquidWeb are a high quality host that won’t disappoint you if you decide to host with them.

They offer a full, free website migration and all you need to do is enter in some key details (DNS settings, current hosting details, your account’s password so they can access your hosting and start the transfer…) so their technicians can get to work migrating your files.

LiquidWeb are not a cheap host.

Their basic plan starts at $19/mo.

That seems like it’s a lot but if you try them and you see the value you get for the money you paid, you’ll know the pricing is just right, or even that LiquidWeb are underpriced.

Have I mentioned they’re an extremely high quality host? 🙂

#9- HostPapa

HostPapa offer free site migration
HostPapa are a Canadian host and an excellent solution for bloggers and marketers who want to host their niche sites safely and affordably.

The cheapest HostPapa plan (shared hosting) starts at $2.95/mo and they also offer managed WordPress hosting, VPS hosting reseller hosting…

The main thing to know is that all HostPapa plans come with free site migration service.

You just have to contact their support, give them the info they need and they’ll migrate your site, email address and Cpanel free of charge.

I recently migrated from SiteGround and that’s exactly what I did.

And it was a smooth ride through and through.

HostPapa helped me migrate my site

#10- Rocket.Net

Rocket.net review

Rocket.Net are a new player in the hosting arena, but already they’re making splashes left and right.

Is it because their managed WordPress hosting is really top notch, with record breaking speed, uptime and absolute security?

Or is it because Rocket.net founders are people with dozens of years in the industry and working with the hosting giants everyone’s heard of?

I don’t know and it doesn’t really matter.

What ‘s important is that with Rocket.net you’ll get performance like this for your WordPress site.

Rocket hosting is fast

Finally, Rocket.net offer unlimited free website migrations for WordPress sites.

So, whether you have one, ten, or hundred sites, it doesn’t matter, their staff will migrate it all for you free of charge.

#11- GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks offer free website migration to all new clients

GreenGeeks are another great host for you to pick and that offer free migration services.

All you have to do is choose a plan you want and purchase it (note: all plans come with 30-day refund guarantee).

Then once you’re in, contact their helpful support and let them transfer your site along with Cpanel, email accounts, and everything else.

If you have a domain name with another registrar and you want it transferred too, GreenGeeks will transfer your domain name for free.

Note: GreenGeeks are owned by Trey Gardner and Trey has vowed to keep his company eco-friendly. That’s why GreenGeeks have been green ever since they started working in 2009.

Hosting with them actually helps our blue planet stay alive.

#12- A2 Hosting

A2 hosting offer free website migration service

A2 Hosting are the next option to check out if you need a host that will do a free site migration for you.

Their hosting is robust, plans are cheap (starting at just $3.91) and besides superb speed and security, you also get a whole suite of other features, like near-perfect uptime, SSD storage, enhanced speed optimization, server side caching…

As mentioned, A2 Hosting will migrate your site to their servers. All you have to do is file a ticket to their helpful support and this will get the ball rolling.

#13- Flywheel

Flywheel offer free site Migration services

If you have a lot of WordPress sites and you want to host them all under one host and under one dashboard, then Flywheel is the hosting provider for you.

Flywheel are a WordPress managed host that offer free migration to as many sites as you have. It doesn’t matter whether you have 1, 100, or even a 100o websites, Flywheel will move them over to their servers free of charge.

Flywheel is a premium host.

They most affordable plan starts at $25/mo; but even that cheapest tier blows out of the water many hosts mentioned in this guide.

So you DO get what you pay for, and MORE!

#14- FastComet

FastComet offer free migration service

Perhaps you’ve not heard of FastComet before?

They’re a hosting provider from San Francisco who’re known in the blogosphere for their reliable uptime, superb speed and page loading times, and extra helpful support.

They also are one of the rare hosts that offer free site migrations on all types of hosting they offer.

So, no matter if you buy shared, WordPress managed, dedicated or VPS, you can move your site to them for free.

Actually, they will migrate it for you and you just have to let them know you want your site transferred.

#15- HostArmada

HostArmada offer free site migration service to new clients
HostArmada are yet another host that offer free site migration services.

They only started in Q1 2019 and already more that 20 000 websites call HostArmada their new home.

HA also offer free site migrations to all new customers.

All you need to do is open a support ticked with their helpful staff and get the ball rolling.

HostArmada is also a very affordable host with the cheapest plan starting at only $3.33/mo.

FAQ On Best Hosts That Offer Free Website Transfers To Their Servers

#1- What is a Site Migration?

Website migration is the process of changing hosts and servers that keep your site online.

You can migrate manually or you can automate the process via a special plugin.

I recommend you enlist hosting experts to help you.

It’s your right as anew customer, and it’s free.

#2- Can I Move My Site From One Host to Another?

Yes you can.

Your website is your property and you can transfer it wherever you want.

Your current host can’t stop you in any way, shape or form.

#3- Will I Need to Hire a Specialized Site Migration Service to Help Me. Which Company Do You Recommend?

I recommend you don’t waste money paying someone to migrate your site.

Instead, go with one of the 14 hosts I talked about here and they’ll transfer your site for free and professionally.

#4- Does Bluehost Offer Free Site Migration?

Yes they do.

It’s a new service and they used to charge for it. But nowadays, Bluehost will move your site for free as long as you decide to host with them.

#5- What Qualifies Me To Have HostGator Move My Site for Free?

You need to ask them to move your site within the first 30 days of your new hosting’s account.

If you’re late then you’ll have to pay for the service.

#6- Do All These Companies Offer Complete cPanel Migration

Yes they do.

All 14 web hosts I listed above will copy and move your entire cPanel along with everything within it.

#7- How Long Do Typical Site Migrations Last?

It depends on the company, size of your site, migration complexity and whether problems with migration occur.

For a very small site’s it can be done in 5h, for a very large site it can be up to 5 days.

#8- Is it Dangerous to Give Login Details To My New Hosting Company?

Not at all.

They’re just doing their jobs and you have to give them login details so they can initiate site transfer.

#4- Will I Also Have To Transfer My Domain Name Together With Hosting?

No, you won’t.

Domain names and hosting can be managed by separate companies.

Also, if your current host from whom you want to move is also a domain registrar where you bought your domain, then you don’t need to worry about losing that domain name when you cancel your hosting.

It will remain yours for as long as you pay the yearly renewal fee.

#5- Is it Better To Use a Plugin To Transfer Websites Between Hosts?

I know that some hosts have proprietary plugins that can move websites automatically. And those work and people use them all the time.

But I have a question for you, why wouldn’t you use humans to help you when you have that right as a new customer?

Also, sometimes these website migration plugins don’t work as planned.

I remember when I was switching from Bluehost to SiteGround. I tried to use the plugin and it’d run up to 95% transfer completion and then it’d just stop and I’d wait hours in vain.

And it wasn’t a mistake I made or anything like that because I did everything the instructions told me to do.

#6- My Site is Built on a Different CMS. Can I Still Transfer it For Free?

Not all web hosting services from my list support transferring sites that use different CMS’s.

But those that do are:

  • HostGator;
  • MilesWeb;
  • Cloudways;
  • Interserver;
  • FastComet;
  • Bluehost.
  • Rocket.net
  • Flywheel

#7- Do SiteGround Offer Free Site Migration?

Yes they do.

And it’s a spotless service too.

When I first started this website I was hosting it with Bluehost.

Nothing wrong about that. I liked the experience, and couldn’t really complain of anything.

But then I wanted to get something more powerful and got SiteGround GrowBig managed WordPress hosting plan.

In order to move my site to SiteGround I tried using their custom migration plugin, and It wouldn’t work at all.

So I asked for assistance and got my site moved professionally and free of charge.

Free website migration at SiteGround

Bottom line: SiteGround do offer free website migration and you should take advantage of it.

Bonus- With Whom Do the Pro Bloggers Host?

I was looking for a way to make this guide about hosts that offer free site migration even better.

Then I suddenly remembered:

I have a bunch of friend who’re also pro bloggers! Why don’t I ask them for their opinion and hand-down experience with various hosting providers?”

And that’s exactly what I did.

Enjoy! 🙂

Akinduyo Eniola of Gurus Coach

#1- Hi Akinduyo, What is your blog? Who hosts it? And have you always been with your current host?Eniola Akinduyo

I blog at guruscoach.com which is hosted on Namecheap. It was previously a BlogSpot blog for a long time before the change to the self-hosted WordPress platform in my country.

But because of the poor performance, I moved it to Namecheap. I now host a few other sites on the Namecheap Stellar Plus plan.

#2- Why did you choose your current host? What do you like about it? And what do you wish it could be better?

I’d start by saying Namecheap was recommended to me by a blogging friend. But since using Namecheap for all of my sites, I have come to love it.

It’s one of the most affordable web hosts with quality service. I use the Namecheap stellar plus plan and it gives me the privilege to host more than one site on my account.

But what I find most fascinating about Namecheap is their customer support. I’m the lazy type and whenever I encounter a technical problem, I find it more relieving to run to the support for help.

And since being on Namecheap, they haven’t disappointed with their customer support. It’s quick, fast, and helpful.

What I think could be better is the speed.

Although Namecheap has a fair speed, there’s room for improvement.

#3- To what type of blogger would you recommend your hosting? Who should not opt for your host?

I recommend Namecheap for individual and personal blogs. I also recommend it to freelancers who want to build a portfolio website.

Also, beginners who need an affordable web host with quality service can rely on Namecheap to deliver.

However, I won’t recommend it for big sites with thousands of pages. The speed might be quite slow.

I also won’t recommend Namecheap for eCommerce sites, especially those with lots of product pages. In short, it’s best for small sites and bloggers on a tight budget.

#2- Janice Wald of MostlyBlogging.com

Hi Janice! What is your blog? Who hosts it? And have you always been with your current host?

Janice Wald

My blog is MostlyBlogging.com (https://mostlyblogging.com) hosted by SiteGround.

I have not always been with my current host. Previously, I was with a Small Orange. After many happy years, I became dissatisfied with Small Orange’s service.

I even felt lied to by the company. Upon the recommendation of several people, I switched to Site Ground.

#2- Why did you choose your current host? What do you like about it? And what do you wish it could be better?

I love SiteGround’s service. First, the company is open 24/7, even on holidays.

This is important.

The company is located in Europe, and I’m in California.

Even though we are in different time zones, I can always reach them.

In addition, since the pandemic, they seem to prefer phone contact over live chat, which is even better for me.

The support staff is helpful.

They will work to see how they can reduce my bandwidth, for example, rather than seeing me as a dollar sign and immediately charging me more money.

When they help, they can, even if it involves third-party software. I wish they were all equally  helpful.

Finally, the wait time to talk to someone on phone or in the Live Chat is never very long.

#3- To what type of blogger would you recommend your hosting? Who should not opt for your host?

I recommend SiteGround for anyone who can afford it.

You get what you pay for.

Although they may seem pricey compared to other hosts, I need the convenience and support. Any blogger who feels they need helpful support staff and can afford it, should go with SiteGround hosting.

If you can’t afford the fee, don’t use them.

Also, bloggers shouldn’t switch hosts often. It hurts SEO.

Therefore, if you switched recently, don’t switch to SiteGround or any host in the near future.

#3- Paul Franklin of SideGains.com

#1- Hi Paul, What is your blog? Who hosts it? And have you always been with your current host?

Paul Franklin

My blog is called SideGains and it’s a place where I publish content about all subjects related to running a WordPress blog, promoting it online and making money from it.

I’ve hosted SideGains with SiteGround since July 2019 but I have used others in the past, such as Hostgator and HostDime.

#2- Why did you choose your current host? What do you like about it? And what you wish it could be better?

I chose SiteGround primarily based upon reviews.

I wanted a host that would provide fast server speeds and excellent support, which I have found to be the case.

Any time I’ve needed help, SiteGround support has been fast, efficient and effective.

SiteGround also offers WordPress users a free plugin called SG Optimizer, which provides a series of tools to help optimize page speed. I’ve found this very useful.

One thing that goes against SiteGround is price.

The first year is very reasonable but the price does increase quite substantially from year 2 onwards.

For me at the moment this isn’t an issue, but I would consider another hosting service if the price and speed was better, assuming support was equally good.

#3- To what type of blogger would you recommend your hosting? Who should not opt for your host?

I would recommend SiteGround to anyone, to be honest.

If you’re starting out, SiteGround’s entry level package is not expensive with the introductory offer, and you can always switch to another host if you feel you want a less expensive solution (there are cheaper options out there).

SiteGround also offers more advanced packages for seasoned bloggers who have higher visitor throughput.

Higher storage capacity and increased bandwidth will likely be something established bloggers will need. For me, SiteGround offers something for bloggers of all levels, but as I say, price might encourage some people to look elsewhere after the first year.

#4- Vishwajeet Kumar of BloggingPond.com

#1- Hi Vishwajeet, What is your blog? Who hosts it? And have you always been with your current host?

Hello Nikola, my blog is BloggingPond.com I have currently hosted it with Hostgator.Vishwajeet Kumar

Before it, I was hosting my blog on Namecheap, and Bluehost, but HostGator gives me more speed, performance, and excellent customer support services. I really never had any issues with them.

#2- Why did you choose your current host? What do you like about it? And what you wish it could be better?

There are plenty of reasons that I have moved to Hostgator.

Actually, when you blog is growing, you need more power and resources to handle the traffic and space of your blog. Hostgator is very much promising as it comes with

  • Affordable pricing
  • Excellent network uptime.
  • Superior Support.
  • Adequate server resources.
  • Cloud Servers.

HostGator simply makes web hosting easy and affordable. If you’re looking for a plan that allows you to get a site up and running quickly, look no further.

Those creating new websites can utilize HostGator’s website builder, while those with existing websites will get free migration assistance.

Some of the other things that come in the negative side if you go with HostGator are:

  • Unnecessary add-ons on checkout.
  • No Cpanel is available on Managed WordPress.
  • Extra Features like backups are quite expensive.

#3- To what type of blogger would you recommend your hosting? Who should not opt for your host?

I highly recommend using them if you are a starter or intermediary blogger.

Its shared hosting does offer a lot of benefits. The uptime has been solid together with improved speed. The customer service was good. And the plethora of beginner-friendly options make it user-friendly.

You also get a 45 days money back guarantee.

You can easily start and grow your blog on their shared servers without any issues. However, you need to be vigilant when checking out and unselect the unnecessary addons to avoid extra payments.

#5- Shamsudeen Adeshokan of CyberNaira.com

#1- Hi Shamsudeen, What is your blog? Who hosts it? And have you always been with your current host?

Shamsudeen Adeshokan

https://cybernaira.com is where I’ve been blogging since day 1.

Currently, the blog is hosted with NameCheap EasyWP Managed WordPress Hosting.

I’ve been with Namecheap since 2015, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. Though, I started with WhoGoHost back in 2012, an indigenous web hosting company in Nigeria.

#2- Why did you choose your current host? What do you like about it?

I wanted a host that is affordable, beginner’s friendly, flexible hosting prices, a great support system, 24/7 availability, quality hosting services, and made for WordPress.

After many web host recommendations from other marketers, I decided to try NameCheap.

A decision I’m so glad to have made back in 2015.

NameCheap has a great support system. People who care and ready to provide solutions whenever there’s a need.

And what you wish could be better? (100-150 words)

Ans: I think NameCheap could improve on the Managed WordPress Hosting solution – EasyWP – by creating more awareness and promotions. In my opinion, it deserves more marketing than it currently gets.

#3- To what type of blogger would you recommend your hosting? Who should not opt for your host?

If you’re a beginner or intermediate blogger looking for affordable hosting solutions for your WordPress blog, NameCheap shared hosting is the ideal web host to try.

NameCheap provides hosting solutions for businesses of all sizes and needs. So I’m not sure if there’s any businesses or individual who shouldn’t opt for them.

Concluding My Guide on Best Hosts With Free WordPress Site Migration Service for 2021…


there’s really no need for you to transfer your site manually from your old host to new one. You could mess up and give yourself a large headache and unnecessary problem.

But even if you could do it correctly the first time, why would you bother?

The 14 hosts I picked above all offer hands-off, FREE site migration for your WordPress blog and site.

No need to waste your time and brain bandwidth on it.

Instead let the pros handle it and you take care of things only you can do, which is growing your online business. Because you know, it won’t grow by itself 😎

Let me conclude my best hosting free migration guide with a simple question:

Which provider will you pick next to host your site?

Let me know in the comment section below,


Nikola Roza

Nikola Roza is an affiliate marketer and blogger behind Nikola Roza- SEO for the Poor and Determined. He writes for bloggers who don't have huge marketing budgets and who still want to carve out a niche online and a better life for themselves. Learn about Nikola here, or read his blog posts and guides here.


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