6 Best Web Hosts That Offer Free Migration for WordPress- Don’t Get Stuck in No Man’s Land!

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Looking to switch hosts?

Good decision. No one should suffer because of a crappy host and moving to a better one will do your blog good.

Here you will learn why you SHOULD NOT migrate your site manually, and why you SHOULD ask your new hosting provider to migrate your site for you free of charge.

Not all hosts offer this service, but below I list out 7 best that do)

Let’s go!


Best Web hosts that offer free WordPress site migration
Here are the 7 chosen ones- the BEST web hosts that offer free WordPress site migration

Please Don’t Move Your Site Manually- You Could Mess Up Badly…

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Migrating a WordPress site by hand is a pretty involved process.

There’s lots of things that could go wrong.

For example, you might accidently delete crucial files which will make your website copy useless. Or you might even delete all of them without  backup (yes, it happens more often than you’d expect).

Next, you might suffer extensive downtime, SEO hit, or you might just lose money with a botched site migration.

It’s better to get the pros to do it for you and below are 7 best hosting companies that will move your WordPress site for free.

7 Top Hosts That Offer Free Migration for WordPress Websites

There are actually way more than 7 providers that offer site migration services. But these 7 lie at the intersect of high quality service, high affordability, and excellent customer support.

If you’re moving to a new host you might as well pick a decent one.

#1- HostGator

HostGator homepage

HostGator are an affordable and reliable host that won’t let you done when you need it the most.

I hosted my first ever site with them (in the coffee niche) and never had any issues whatsoever.

HostGator plans are always super affordable, but sometime can be just dirt cheap. I remember distinctly that I went with them because they offered me one of those ubiquitous HostGator coupons.

I just wanted to save some $$$ but ended up hosting with them for over 3 years, as I had no reason to switch hosts.

Anyways, HostGator support will move your site for free over to their servers. You just need to file a ticket to their helpful support, then kick back and relax.

How to Get HostGator Hosting Plan and Initiate Free Transfer (Tutorial)?

First, go and visit Hostgator.com.

Then click on the big orange “Get Started” button.

Hostgator homepage getting started

Next, pick the hosting plan you need.

In our example we went with shared hosting, the most popular option by far.

Hostgator shared hosting plans
Next, go through the page adding in your details.
It’s a pretty long page, but once you’re ready, submit and buy.
Buy hostgator with Black Friday discount

Note: If you can, you should go for 36-month plan. Because, even though HostGator offer monthly billing, it’s pretty expensive when you pay month by month. Conversely, when you buy for 3 years, you pay the cheapest.

Fourth, Once inside your cPanel and dashboard, simply submit a ticket explaining you want your site moved. And then they’ll do the rest for you.

Go with HostGator!

#2- Bluehost

Bluehost free migration

Bluehost are another blogger favorite host. It’s because they’re super affordable and I’m sure than being officially recommended by WordPress does them no harm

Up until recently, Bluehost didn’t offer free website migrations. Instead, you had to pay if you wanted your site moved professionally.

However, now they do offer the service and it comes free with all shared hosting plans.

Basic shared hosting plan starts at $3.95/mo and with it you get a free domain, SSD storage, 24×7 support, and free SSL certificates.

Once you initiate the transfer it’ll take up to 48h for the transfer to be complete.

You won’t experience any downtime.

How to Get BlueHost Plan and Activate Free Site Transfer?

First, click this link and go to Bluehost.com

Then click on the “Get Started” button.

Get started with Bluehost

Next, pick the plan you want and time duration you want it for.

I recommend a 36-month plan because it’s cheaper to buy for longer terms and also you won’t have to renew hosting till your site becomes profitable.

pick a hosting plan

Next, choose your new domain name (you get it for free with Bluehost) or if you already own a domain, click on “Continue” button.

pick a a domain name

Next, add in personal details and go “Purchase Now“.

Shop Bluehost

Next, enjoy your new hosting!

You made the right decision:-D

Once inside your dashboard simply contact support and ask them to transfer your website.

Go with Bluehost!

#3- Cloudways

Cloudways is a unique entry in this list of hosts that offer free WordPress sites migration services.

Because they are not a typical blog host like every other provider on this list.

Instead, they sell managed hosting built on top of leading public cloud platforms like Vultr, AWS, Digital Ocean Google Cloud and Linode

Cloudways plans start at $10/mo and you can choose to pay monthly or hourly.

And yes, they offer free migration with every hosting plan you pick

How to Get Cloudways Plant and Activate Free Transfer?

First, visit the Cloudways homepage and click on the green “Start a Free Trial” button.

Cloudways homepage

Second, open up your new free account with Cloudways.

open a free account with Cloudways

Third, once inside, go and pick your cloud server provider. I recommend you go with Digital Ocean because they’re very fast, affordable and cheaper that other options Cloudways offer.

Finally, click on “Launch Trial Now” and you’re all set.

Note: You get a 3-day free trial to test Cloudways and see what it can do for you. So you won’t even need to add in your credit card info to get rolling.

Pick cloud server with Cloudways

After your free trial has passed and you’ve seen that Cloudways rocks, don’t forget to ask their support to migrate your site over to them.

#4- Interserver

Interserver homepage

Interserver are an affordable  web hosting service that offer high quality hosting backed up by some of the strongest customer service in the hosting industry.

With InterServer you can get nearly all types of hosting with the most popular being shared, WordPress managed, VPS and dedicated.

Regardless of which plan you pick all Interserver plans come with an extensive suite of features that help building and maintaining your website a breeze.

And yes, with any plan you get free website migration too.

How to Get Interserver Plan and Initiate Free Website Migration (Tutorial)?

First, go and visit Interserver homepage.

In the menu click on Web Hosting>Standard Web Hosting:

Interserver homepage

Next, click on the “Buy Now” button.

Buy interserver hosting

Next, Buy a new domain name for $1.99/yr. This is an exclusive price that you get to lock in for as long as you host with them.

This means that on renewals you’ll always pay $1.99, unlike with other hosts that give you free domain for one year, and then charge you $14 year after year.

Interserver buy domain name

Next, add in your personal details and click “Continue

Interserver fill in personal details

Next, choose payment option, agree to the terms of service and purchase.

Interserver choose payment option and buy

Enjoy your new hosting and once you’re settled in and learn your way round the platform contact their support to initiate a free website move to their servers.

Go with Interserver!

#5- WPX Hosting

WPX hosting homepage

WPX Hosting are perhaps the fastest host you’ll ever come across. They combine SSD servers with custom built CDN to achieve amazing page load speed for sites hosted on their servers.

WPX Hosting also give unlimited site migrations on any plan you pick. Migration are done by their staff and there is no downtime whatsoever.

Also, pretty unique, you can pick the timeframe when you want the transfer to happen.

Besides site migrations they also offer standard features like free DDoS protection and hacker protection, 24×7 live chat support, free daily backups, and malware scan+ automatic virus removal.

How to Grab WPX Hosting Plan and Start Free Site Migrartion (Tutorial)?

First, go to the WPX.com and click on menu items Pricing>WordPress hosting.

WPX hosting pick

Next, Pick the hosting solution that best suits you website.

And click on the “Get Started” button.

WPX Hosting Black Friday landing page and promotions

Next, choose whether you require only hosting, or you want a domain name with it.

Pick new domain and hosting

Next, choose a billing cycle.

recommend yearly because that way you get the biggest discount.

I also strongly recommend getting hosting for 2+ years if within your budget. That way you can lock in the discounted prices for at least two years, and you get to save $$$ on higher hosting renewal fees.

Pick billing cycle

Next, fill in your personal and credit card details and buy.

Fill in details and buy WPX hosting

Congratulations for seizing this excellent host for you site.

As soon as you’ log in you can head on over to Support and ask them to move your site or sites over to WPX.

Go with WPX Hosting!

#6- MilesWeb Hosting

MilesWeb hosting
MilesWeb are India’s biggest hosting provider. They specialize in providing high quality hosting service at very competitive prices.

With any MilesWeb hosting plan you also get standard features like unlimited SSD storage, bandwidth, database and email accounts.

You also get their custom site builder free SSL certificate and access to free CDN (Cloudflare).

Finally, MilesWeb offer free website transfers to all new clients who currently host anywhere else and want to migrate.

How to Get MilesWeb Hosting Plan and Ge Your Site Moved to Their Servers (Tutorial)?

First, go and visit MilesWeb official website.

Click on “Hosting”.

MilesWeb homepage

Next, pick the shared hosting plan your website needs to be able to develop.

MilesWeb shared hosting plans

Next, go through this long page and fill in your order details+ credit card and personal info.

Once done, scroll to the bottom of the page and buy your new hosting plan.

Buy MilesWeb hosting

Congratulations, you made the right decision 😀

Enjoy your new host starting today, and don’t forget to open a site transfer ticket with their helpful pros.

Go with MilesWeb!

FAQ On Best Hosts That Offer Free Website Transfers To Their Servers

#1- What is a Site Migration?

Website migration is the process of changing hosts and servers that keep your site online.

You can migrate manually or you can automate the process via a special plugin or professional help from your new hosting company.

I recommend the latter.

#2- Do All These Companies Offer Complete cPanel Migration

Yes they do.

All 7 web hosts I listed above will copy and move your entire cPanel along with everything within it.

#3- Is it Dangerous to Give Login Details To My New Hosting Company?

Not at all.

They’re just doing their jobs and you have to give them login details so they can initiate site transfer.

#4- Will I Also Have To Transfer My Domain Name Together With Hosting?

No you won’t.

Domain names and hosting can be managed by separate companies.

Also, if your current host from whom you want to move is also a domain registrar where you bought your domain, then you don’t need to worry about losing that domain name when you cancel your hosting.

It will remain yours for as long as you pay the yearly renewal fee.

#5- Is it Better To Use a Plugin To Transfer Websites Between Hosts?

I know that some hosts have proprietary plugins that can move websites automatically. And those work and people use them all the time.

But my question for you, why wouldn’t you use humans to help you when you have that right as a new customer?

Also, sometimes these plugins don’t work as planned. I remember when I was switching from Bluehost to SiteGround. I tried to use the plugin and it’d run up to 95% transfer completion and then it’d just stop and I’d wait hours in vain.

And it wasn’t a mistake I made or anything because I did everything the instructions told me to do.

#6- My Site is Built on a Different CMS. Can I Still Transfer it For Free?

Not all host from my list support transferring sites that use different CMS’s.

But those that do are:

Concluding My Best Hosts That Offer Free WordPress Site Migration Guide for 2021


there’s really no need for you to transfer your site manually from your old host to new one. You could mess up and give yourself a large and unnecessary problem.

But even if you could do it correctly the first time, why would you bother?

The 7 hosts I picked above all offer hands-off, FREE site migration for your WordPress blog and site.

No need to waste your time and brain bandwidth on it.

Instead let the pros handle it and you take care of things only you can do, which is growing your online business. Because you know, it won’t grow by itself 😎

All 7 hosts are good choices so let me know which one you picked in the comment section below.



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