Funnel Some Traffic to Your Restaurant: 5 Tasty Black-Friday Deals

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We are in the midst of the holiday shopping frenzy. There is no question that people are doing more of their holiday shopping online to buy gifts for family and friends than through brick-and-mortar retailers, despite perilous shopping scenarios like Black Friday mega sale stampedes. Retailers, but especially restaurant businesses, need to take advantage of the holiday season.

People usually think about Black Friday bargains when they think of electronics, toys, clothes or genuine leather. But restaurants also offer their own holiday discounts. According to a survey by the National Retail Federation, more than a third of shoppers will buy gift cards from restaurants this holiday season. What does this mean to the restaurant business?

To entice consumers to buy their gift cards, restaurant chains are giving away freebies or offering discounts. There is no better time in the whole year to boost sales, acquire new customers, and reconnect with old ones than Black Friday weekend. To achieve this, restaurant managers need to stand out from the intense competition, which is why a Black Friday marketing campaign is essential.

This guide gives the restaurant managers the essentials needed to launch a successful Black Friday campaign and put them ahead of their rivals during this crucial shopping weekend.

Why Does the Restaurant Industry Do Well On Black Friday?

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The holiday shopping season is well underway now that Black Friday has arrived. Shoppers are putting an even more tremendous amount of pressure on retailers. The Thanksgiving to Christmas period has fewer shopping opportunities this year, making the clock tick for restaurants.

Due to the pandemic, the percentage of online ordering is also skyrocketing. It’s for that reason that companies offer a variety of tempting offers online. Sending email campaigns, running social media ads, implementing chatbots, and sending web push notifications are some ways that restaurants communicate with their customers.

Thus, they achieve great exposure, strengthen their brand, increase their customer base, sales, and profit greatly.

But why does the restaurant sector benefit more from Black Friday? Let’s discuss this in detail.

As consumers wait in line and shop for hours, they need time to rest and refresh. In addition to that, if consumers are busy with Christmas preparation and don’t have time to cook, these diners either rush to local restaurants or order meals using the delivery application and actively search for hot offerings to satisfy their hunger pangs.

For instance, Starbucks lines are usually long on Black Friday because shoppers need some caffeine before or after shopping. Also, while they are there, they will probably purchase a few sandwiches or other light snacks.

Black Friday also brings a lot of traffic to local and quick survey restaurants. Shoppers need to energize themselves for a long day ahead; FSR found that IHOP, Denny’s, and similar eateries saw their market shares increase during the holiday rush.

Your Black Friday sales may be an excellent way to market your restaurant’s name this shopping season. Are you ready? Consider these tasty deals and watch profits roll in.

5 Tasty Deals to Convert More Diners in 2021

Sales of online goods on Black Friday topped all previous records again in 2019, spending $7.4 billion, an increase of $1.2 billion over the previous year’s record of $6.2 billion. That’s huge. It’s not just Black Friday that has changed, but retail, dine-in patterns, customer preferences, and so on.

Before you give up on hope entirely, there are still some exciting opportunities in 2021. Restaurants and eCommerce brands, software companies such as SEMrush, and lifestyle products all leverage Black Friday to boost sales. Consumers are increasingly concerned with online ordering, making your digital channels even more valuable and good for customer engagement.

We will explore five deals for restaurants that allow them to maximize sales opportunities and customer experience during Black Friday 2021.

Intensify Remarketing Spending

Suppose you can hit users who clicked with retargeting conversion campaigns during Black Friday. In that case, you can make the most of the deepest discounts you have and their likelihood of visiting your restaurant or placing an order.

As these users are now acquainted with your brand, their chances of converting are higher, thus making higher CPM rates worthwhile. Restaurants can achieve maximum return on investment during Cyber Monday week by investing early in prospecting campaigns and ramping up retargeting.

For instance, you can offer a free dessert to regular diners while free delivery to those customers who download your app and place an online order. Consequently, restaurants will get maximum downloads and make their customer base strong.

Make Limited-time Offers, Feel More Urgent

Restaurants need to be strategic in the timing of their discounts and deals. Thanksgiving weekend through Cyber Monday, many restaurants and cafes offer huge deals and discounts. It would be great if diners could receive different deals every hour to make quicker decisions, but wouldn’t it create more urgency?

Offer customers a timetable of hourly deals in the days leading up to Black Friday. During Black Friday, you can inform customers about flash sales every few hours by email. Restaurants can use this by sending several emails throughout the day to catch the customer’s attention.

Pro tip: you can also embed custom QR codes generated online to your emails or on your posters/flyers, scanning which the customer can avail limited-time discounts, this can be a great way to boost interaction and create a sense of urgency among customers.

Instant Reward – Offer Gift Cards

Why don’t restaurants join in on the deals the diners are looking for? There is the possibility of offering Black Friday meal discounts; as we mentioned earlier, few people would be eating out on this day. Instead of advertising a restaurant special, you should run a gift card promotion to boost revenues without requiring your customers to dine.

Best of all, research shows that gift cards are often used for more than their value. Restaurants will benefit from the initial sale and the additional spending when your guests return to use their holiday gift cards.

Partner with Food Bloggers or Influencers

Collaborating with Instagram influencers who align with your brand is a creative Black Friday marketing idea. You may try having the influencer share a discount code during an Instagram Live event where they demonstrate your mouthwatering dishes and promote your Black Friday deals.

For example, an influencer who wants to promote your restaurant’s signature dishes using Instagram Stories should know how to engage their audience via interactive stickers, polls, or quizzes.

Additionally, influencers can also run giveaways offering custom and personalized merchandise, such as custom aprons, from the restaurant to create even more buzz and generate more foot traffic for the restaurant.

Create a Hype On Social Media

A study revealed that there are 4.48 billion social media users globally; it would be impossible to ignore that large audience. Social media marketing for Black Friday is a challenge and an exciting time since everything happens in real-time. People expect swift action from you when they see what you see in milliseconds.

If restaurants want their social media posts to boost sales during Black Friday or Cyber Monday, vary them before, during, and even after those times. You can also leverage social media management tools like Optimonster as it offers vast deals amid Black Friday.

As customers are increasingly surfing their chosen social media news feeds on the platforms they choose, advertisers should never ignore Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other social platforms.

Bring the Right Amount of Sales You Want

Restaurant businesses experience a boom during the festive season. Holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday have their significance in their way. Take the advantage and come with exciting deals that bring sales, satisfy your customers’ hunger, and ensure a lucrative yield.

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