Bare Bones Black Friday For Bloggers- The Essential Tools To Buy If You’re Broke But Still Want to Move Your Business Forward

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If you’re a struggling blogger with a very small budget for this year’s Black Friday, then this post is for you.

Here you will learn about 5 tools that are absolutely essential when building an online business.

In other words, get these 5 during the 2021 Black Friday sales and there’ll be no stopping you ūüôā

Let’ go!

#1- OptinMonster (Best Optin Form Builder On The Market)

OptinMonster is the best optin form builder on the market
OptinMonster is the best lead generation software that can help you turn your humble blog into a conversion machine.

With OptinMonster a lift in subscription rates is a given, the only questions are how fast, and how long till it happens.

An excellent example is  Matthew Woodward who raised his email signup rate by 469% and this in turn boosted affiliate revenue from $7.765 to $47.748 .

All in a span of few short months.

OptinMonster positive testimonial

OptinMonster is feature-rich tool and if you want to learn more about it make sure you read my OptinMonster Black Friday deals page because there I break it down in details.

Here’ are its core features listed:

  • hundreds of integrations including nearly all ESP’s (Emails Service Providers);
  • Hundreds of pre-designed high converting templates;
  • Lots of campaign types for making creative combos;
  • Drag-and drop optin builder;
  • Exit-intent popup;
  • WordPress plugin available;
  • much more.

Why is OptinMonster essential to you?

Because email list building is essential, And also very hard.  AND OptinMonster makes the job 10x easier.

Read my always up-to-date article to learn how much you can save this Black Friday.

ConvertKit (Best Email Service Provider)

ConvertKit homepage

ConvertKit are one of the best and most newbie friendly ESP on the market. Nathan Barry started the company in 2013 specifically for creators but now it has grown into one of the fastest growing companies, and one also serving mega stars like Tim Ferris, Gretchen Rubin, TimMcGraw and more.

You might not be familiar with those name, but it doesn’t really matter.

What matters to you are the features ConvertKit offers.

They are:

  • Email Sequence builder;
  • Opt-in Forms Maker;
  • Landing Pages;
  • Auto Resend feature;
  • Dynamic Emails;
  • Visual Automation Builder;
  • Subscriber Tag-based System
  • etc.

Why do you need to get ConvertKit This Black Friday?

Because you need to automate your email campaigns as much as you can while keeping them genuine and hyper personalized.

ConvertKit is the tool for the job.

Read about ConvertKit pricing plans here; or visit my ConvertKit Black Friday page for more info about the sale.

HostGator (Best Shared Hosting For Newbies)

HostGator homepage

HostGator is THE choice for many a blogger when it comes to cheap hosting. They’re even beating out GreenGeeks in popularity with bloggers. And it’s little wonder why.

The company is so old and trusted that it’s almost synonymous with “hosting” and their services are some of the best you can find (when on a budget).

I recommend you get one of their shared hosting plans this Black Friday because the savings are great and the plans are beyond decent for what you pay, and perfect for beginners and new websites.

Read my HostGator review or my HostGator Black Friday deals page to learn more.

Also, learn how to start a blog with HostGator here.

#4- WP Rocket (Best Caching Plugin for WordPress Sites)

WP Rocket homepage

WP Rocket is the best caching plugin for WordPress. It’s also the most newbie friendly and even newbies can set it up easily by following their simple instructions.

WP Rocket features are:

  • Automatic lazy loading-
  • Mobile friendliness;
  • e-commerce friendly;
  • Sitemap preloading;
  • Static files compression;
  • Page caching;
  • Cache preloading;
  • CloudFlare compatible;
  • 14-day money back guarantee.

There’s more to WP Rocket than this. However, I’ll leave it here and if you want to learn more, make sure you read my WP Rocket Black Friday deals page to learn more.

Missinglettr (Best Social Media Automation Tool) 

Misinglettr homepage

I called Missinglettr the best social media automation tool on the planet because of 1 simple reason.

What is it?

It’s 100% automation that actually works. It’s so good in fact that suggestions Missinglettr gives are often better than what I’ve would’ve come up with.


Missinglettr uses NLP and A.I. technologies to scan your blog posts and find snippets which it then converts into snackable bites for you to review and send.

That’s why it’s 100% automation because you literally just have to review a campaign and press “send”.

It just works!

Missinglettr features are:

  • NLP and A.I. algorithms working together;
  • Automatic social media postings;
  • Campaign fine-tuning;
  • Can run hundreds of campaigns at once
  • etc…

Read my Missinglettr review to learn more about it. Also get the Black Friday deal here. Or if you’re reading here and BF is far away, take advantage of this Missinglettr coupon code.



Placeit is a very friendly online tool for creating videos in minutes. Find all the latest Instagram Stories, Instagram videos and Slideshows made with illustrations, photos and videos, plus original soundtracks!


Don’t despair if you’re a struggling blogger who has little money to spend on Black Friday.

I know how you feel because that’s the position I started from.

I was dirt poor once but I didn’t let that stop me from achieving my dream of financial independence.

I did it and so can you. But you do need some essential tools to get the job done and the essentials are the tools listed above.

Get them now while you still can, before Black Friday and Cyber Monday pass!

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