Bluehost Black Friday- Get a MASSIVE Discount in 2021!

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Quick Summary- Bluehost is a super affordable host year round. Their hosting solutions are a perfect choice for newbies, but also for experienced WordPress bloggers looking to host their sites’ affordably and with a reliable host.

Now, in 2021 and during this exclusive Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale, you get an opportunity to buy one of Bluehost hosting plans extra cheap.

60%+ discount on all plans!, it’s a DEAL!

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Bluehost Black Friday
Bluehost Black Friday 2021- Get it with a HUGE Discount Now!

Bluehost Black Friday

  • Bluehost Black Friday Offer Validity: Cyber Week
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  • Deal: Huge discount. Get Bluehost hosting with 60%+ off price!
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Description: Don’t miss out on Bluehost Black Friday deals in 2021. They are LIVE now, but also soon to be over. If you’re reading this on Cyber Monday, then hurry!

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What is BlueHost and What Services Do They Offer?

Bluehost are a one of the most popular and oldest hosting company in the world.

Millions of bloggers host with Bluehost and are happy with their services.

What’s more, since 2005 Bluehost are officially recommended by WordPress.

I hosted with Bluehost many times and their shared hosting is just superb for the peanuts you pay for it.

But Bluehost in not just a shared hosting provider.

They also offer services like:

  • WordPress hosting;
  • eCommerce hosting;
  • VPS hosting;
  • Dedicated hosting;
  • Windows hosting free trial
  • Domain name registration and management;
  • etc.

Other bluehost services

What Are Bluehost Black Friday Deals in 2021?

Note: Bluehost Black Friday sale will start on 28-th of November, and will last until Cyber Monday 1-st of December.

Make sure you use it to your advantage as these types of discounts come but once a year.

Here’s a table that shows you how much you can save:

Shared HostingTBATBA
WordPress Pro HostingTBATBA
Woo Commerce HositngTBATBA
Domain Names
(.com, .org, .net, .co, .biz)

BlackFriday’s almost over! Get Bluehost Super Discount Now!

Now, lest quickly breakdown Bluehost’s savings offer for this year.

#1- BlueHost Shared Hosting- 4 Plans Compared

Bluehost shared hosting plans

First I’ll show you their shared hosting packages specs, with regular pricing, and then you’ll see how much you can save if you buy today.


  • #1- Basic Plan- 1 Website; 50 GB SSD Storage; Unmetered Bandwidth; Free SSL Certificate; Standard Performance; 1 Included Domain; 5 Parked Domains; 25 Subdomains.

Basic is best suited for newbie bloggers and for those who only have one money-making website. If you’re an affiliate marketer focusing on one niche only, this plan is perfect for you.

It’s cheap, fast and secure.

Get Bluehost Basic now!

  • #2- Plus Plan- Unlimited Websites; Unlimited SSD Storage; Unmetered Bandwidth; Free SSL Certificate; Standard Performance; Unlimited Domains; Unlimited Parked Domains; Unlimited Subdomains; Spam Experts; 1 Microsoft 365 Mailbox – Free 30 Days.

Plus plan is best suited for serial entrepreneurs. It’s because you get unlimited websites to host with it. So, If you’re someone juggling between dozens of affiliate sites (congrats btw- it’s not easy) then this plan is perfect for you.

Get Bluehost Plus now!

  • #3- Choice Plus- Unlimited Websites; Unlimited SSD Disk Storage; Unmetered Bandwidth; Free SSL Certificate; Standard Performance; Unlimited Domains; Unlimited Parked Domains; Unlimited Subdomains; Spam Experts; Domain Privacy + Protection; Site Backup – CodeGuard Basic; 1 Microsoft 365 Mailbox – Free 30 Days.

Choice offers the same features as the Plus Plan; and the biggest difference is is that you also get WhoIs privacy protection. and regular site backups via CodeGuard service.

Get Bluehost Choice now!

  • #4- Pro Plan- Unlimited Websites; Unlimited SSD Storage; Unmetered Bandwidth; Free SSL Certificate; High Performance; Unlimited Domains; Unlimited Parked Domains; Unlimited Subdomains; 2 Spam Experts; Domain Privacy + Protection; Site Backup – CodeGuard Basic; Dedicated IP; 1 Microsoft 365 Mailbox – Free 30 Days.

Pro plan is an overkill if you ask me. Not much different from the previous one, except that it’s a little bit faster and offers a dedicated ip

Dedicate ip can be highly useful for you if you’re going to be sending a lot of emails (doing cold email outreach). It’s because these will be whitelisted pretty much with every spam filter.

Get Bluehost Pro now!

Ok, now that you know the features of these shared hosting plans, here’s their usual pricing compared with the Bluehost’s exclusive offer for this year.

BlueHost Shared Hosting- Normal Pricing Vs Black Friday Deal

CHOICE PLUS$14.99/mo$4.45/mo70%
PRO PLAN$23.99/Month$9.95/mo58%
See the difference between normal pricing and Black Friday's discount. It's massive!

Note: I highly recommend you use this Black Friday sale to get Bluehost hosting for at least 3 years.

It’s because the renewal prices get higher after the first year, and you want to be making good money with your website before it’s time to renew.

3 years is more than enough to build a profitable affiliate website.

Plus it’s ridiculously cheap! 🙂

BlueHost Shared Hosting Features

Bluehost web hosting features

 1) Officially Recommend by WordPress

WordPress won’t stake their reputation on a crappy host, so them recommending Bluehost tell you a lot about the latter quality of service.

 2) Pre-Installed WordPress

It used to be that you had to install WordPress for yourself.

Now it comes installed for you with Bluehost hosting.

 3) 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Some hosting providers don’t offer refunds because they aren’t confident in their services.

Not Bluehost. With them you get a 30-day, no questions asked refund guarantee.

Note: don’t bother to search for it. Bluehost free trial doesn’t exist. But their 30-day money back guarantee is rock solid.

 4) Free SSL

SSL is crucial for Google to show your website in their SERPs. Google is pushing hard on safety of the web and it’s been ages since I’ve seen an http website rank for anything.

SSL is a requirement to be featured on Google’s SERPS.

 5) Free CDN

CloudFlare’s premium CDN comes with every hosting plan you pick. You site will be both fast and secure.

 6) 24/7, 365-Day Support

Whenever you need help, you’ve got it, by email or phone.

I’ve used Bluehost support on occasions and they were always prompt to respond. No complaints on my end.

 7) SSD Storage

All Bluehost Hosting plans come equipped with SSD storage. This makes the read-and-write operations much faster which results in your site loading faster.

8) Personalized Email Accounts

You get unlimited email account with Bluehost hosting.

 8) $2000Worth Free Ad Spend

If you plan to promote you site with Bing and Google ads, do know that after you’ve invested $25 into a campaign you get a free $100 credit for both Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising.

 9) Automatic WordPress Updates

WordPress updates all the time to better and more secure versions. With Bluehost hosting you don’t have to worry about catching up to the latest version and leaving your site vulnerable to hackers.

It’s because Bluehost will update WordPress automatically for you.

Great feature for newbies! And also one fewer thing to worry about.

Some other (also great) shared hosting providers:

#2- Bluehost VPS Hosting

Bluehost VPS hosting plans

With VPS hosting multiple websites are hosted on a single server.

However, unlike with shared hosting where resources are shared, here each account is separated from all others (by a program called hypervisor) and there’s zero resource sharing.

This makes VPS hosting ideal solution for e-commerce websites and high trafficked blogs.

As you can see from the image above (if blurry click to expand), Bluehost offer 3 different VPS hosting plans.

The one major difference between these plans is the amount of server resources you get, with the higher plans giving you more.

During the 2021 Black Friday sale you get 50% discount on VPS plans.

Click here to explore Bluehost VPS options now!

Some other VPS hosting services:

#3- Bluehost Dedicated Server Hosting

Bluehost dedicated server hosting plans

With a dedicated server hosting plan, your site get a whole physical server for itself. So, there won’t be ANY resource sharing with any other website.

Dedicate server hosting is not for small or even medium-trafficked websites. Instead, it’s for those blogs that get tens of thousand of visitors per day and need to hardware and resources to support it.

Bluehost offers three different types dedicated servers. You can learn more their pricing and server specifications in the image above (click to expand).

#4- Bluehost Managed WordPress Hosting

Bluehost managed WordPress hosting plans

Hosting on managed WordPress plans means all the technicalities related to WordPress (WordPress Optimization, Backups, Caching, etc) is handled by the hosting company, in this case Bluehost.

Bluehost managed WordPress hosting is ideal for people whore not that tech savvy and for those you don’t like to fiddle with anything that isn’t directly earning them money.

In other words, managed WordPress hosting leave you hands-free to grow your online business faster.

And as is the case with VPS servers, the only difference between these plans is the amount of server resources available with each of them.

Click here to get Bluehost managed hosting plan today!

Or explore these options below…

#5- Bluehost WooCommerce Hosting

Bluehsot Woocommerce hosting plans

Bluehost WooCommerce Hosting is great for bloggers who want to create an online store with WooCommerce.

There are 3 plans to pick from and with each you get free domain name and dedicated ip address.

Domain Privacy is also included with each of the plans. As with any other Bluehost hosting plan, you also get a free SSL with it.

Also, Bluehost managed WooCommerce hosting comes with WooCommerce Storefront Theme installed on it.

Bluehost is offering up to 50% off price this holiday season.

So make sure you grab your plan before it’s too late!

How to Get BlueHost Black Friday 2021 Discount (Tutorial)?

First, click this link and go to

Click on the “Get Started” button.

Get started with Bluehost

Second, pick the plan you want and the time duration you need hosting for.

I recommend a 36-month plan as then you won’t have to renew till your site becomes profitable.

pick a hosting plan

Third, pick a domain name you like, or if you already own a domain, click on “Continue” button.

pick a a domain name

Fourth, fill in the personal details and click “Purchase Now“.

Shop Bluehost

Fifth, enjoy your new hosting!

You made the right decision:-D

If you need help with setting up your account I’ll be glad to assist you. Just shoot me an email at (attach receipt)

Bluehost Black Friday 2021 FAQ

What is Bluehost?

Bluehost is a one of the oldest, most popular and highly trutsed web hosting company in the world today. They host millions of websites globally and are officially recommended by WordPress (the best CMS in the world)

Why Do I Need To Host My Site With Bluehost?

Because they’re an excellent host that's also super affordable.

Is BlueHost Better Than HostGator?

It’s hard to say. I’ve hosted with both and I can’t say with confidence that one is better than the other. My suggestion is to learn more about HostGator’s special offer by reading about it on my site. And then decide fully informed.

Will I Have a Free Domain Name With BlueHost Hosting Plans?

No ???? However, if you want a free domain name, HostGator offers it on along with one of their shared hosting packages.

Will I Get a Free CDN Service With Bluehost Hosting?

Yes. All plans come equipped with Cloudflare CDN- a free service that you can enable with one click.

Will Bluehost Protect my Site From Hackers?

Your website will be extra protected against all treats that come from the web.

Do I Get Free SSL With Bluehostt?

You get free SSL license with any hosting package you buy.

Is There a Free Backup System With Bluehost?

No backup's system, sorry:( That’s one major gripe I have with Bluehost hosting. They only offer professional back-up systems for higher level plans (Choice Plus and Pro). I wish it was valid for all four plans.

BlueHost Pros and Cons


  • Free SSL;
  • 24/7/365 Support;
  • Email;
  • 30 Day Money-Back;
  • 1-Click WordPress Installations;
  • Plenty of storage- all plans come with generous storage capacity;
  • Unmetered bandwidth- no traffic limits for your site.



Bluehost Black Friday… The 2021 Sales Reccomendation


Getting Bluehost hosting this Black Friday or Cyber Monday could be a game changer for you.

You will get a trusted, proven, relievable and secure host for your site, and you will pay peanuts to get it, compared to the regular price.

Bluehost offer extends only during the Cyber Week, so you’re looking for a new host, you better hurry!

Get Bluehost today!

It’s a 60% discount just waiting to be used ????

Bluehost Black Friday
  • Name: Bluehost
  • Description: Bluehost Black Friday deals are LIVE now! Seize this exclusive offer and save big on Bluehost sale in 2021. The discount’s only valid till Cyber Monday so act quickly!
  • Bluehost Black Friday Offer- TBA
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