Can Grammarly check the formatting style of my document?

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In this post, you will learn whether Grammarly can check the formatting style of your document.

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Can Grammarly check formatting style of your document?

Does Grammarly Check Text Formatting?

In the current iteration of this grammar checker, Grammarly is unable to check document formatting. Therefore, it can not enforce a specific formatting style on your documents.

Grammarly can not correct citations format, nor can it affect writing styles regardless of it is APA, MLA, or Chicago style of writing.

Grammarly Formatting Style FAQ

#1- How do I check my formatting style with Grammarly?

Unfortunately, Grammarly can not check formatting style in documents at the moment. Perhaps in the future it’ll be able to perform this task.

#2- Can Grammarly format my document?

No. Since Grammarly can not check formatting styles in a document, it also can’t format your document.

But that’s ok as no tool can replace the formation of humans who intuitively know best how the human eye reads.

#3- Does Grammarly Premium offer formatting functions?

The formatting functionality is currently not available in Grammarly. So regardless of what plan you currently have, you can’t format a document using Grammarly.


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