Can I use Grammarly Offline?

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Grammarly presents huge benefits for any kind of content writer. But, can you really use it offline?

Continue reading to find out if you can use Grammarly offline.

Does Grammarly Work Offline?

Is it Possible to use Grammarly Offline?

Grammarly is a cloud-based application. Therefore, your device has to be having internet connectivity to work.

Without a stable internet connection, Grammarly can not analyze your text to provide suggestions. Note that if you’re using the Grammarly keyboard on your mobile phone, the keyboard will still work to type but Grammarly will not analyze what you type.

FAQ on Using Grammarly Offline

#1- How do I check my documents with Grammarly when I’m offline?

When you’re offline, Grammarly can not check your document. You need to be online for Grammarly to work.

#2- Can I use Grammarly for Microsoft offline?

Although Grammarly for Microsoft is installed on your computer, Grammarly still needs to access an internet connection to analyze and provide suggestions.

#3- Does Grammarly save my spelling suggestions for offline use?

No. Grammarly does not save any information for offline use. All text is analyzed in real-time. So if your device is not connected to the internet, corrections will not be available.

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