Carl Bot: Features and Comprehensive Commands List

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Before 2020, Discord was associated mostly with online gamers and the gaming industry. But recently, the situation has changed. Now Discord attracts users united by different interests, from sports and popular TV shows to investing and dating apps.

Have you already tried to build a community on Discord? If so, you know that Discord servers are easy to create but hard to manage. If you aim to boost community member experience and want your servers to run smoothly, you should consider using Carl Bot.

Carl Bot is a modular discord bot that you can customize in the way you like it. It comes with reaction roles, logging, custom commands, and other remarkable features.

Let’s explore Carl Bot in detail and discuss how you can benefit from using it.

Carl Bot Features

Here is a list of features that makes Carl Bot extremely useful for Discord server owners.

Reaction roles

As a server owner, you can delegate a part of your responsibilities to other qualified members of your community. By using the Reaction Roles feature, you can set roles for community members and increase engagement.

The roles can be assigned to members based on the emojis they are using. Let’s say you want to reward the most dedicated members by allowing them to moderate chat messages.

You can choose an emoji that will work as a trigger for this role. For instance, you can select the “salute” emoji to convert community members into moderators.

The Reaction Roles includes 250+ roles, so you have many options to choose from. Also, it’s worth mentioning that this feature can help you deal with spammers. You can block them instantly and improve Discord security.

Logging Chats And Everything At Once

Carl Bot is a perfect tool for keeping a backlog manageable. It’s indispensable for tracking events that happen on the Discord server. Using this feature, you can log every piece of information related to the activity in your server:

  • Server updates (new channels, roles, emojis, etc.)
  • All types of messages, including deleted, purged, and edited texts
  • Member updates, including their roles, name/avatar changes, bans/unbans
  • Information about users who join or leave your community
  • Other important updates.

Robust Moderation Through Automod That Is Present Even When Offline

Carl Bot comes with an Auto-moderation feature. You can use it to deal with spammers, offensive language, and potentially harmful files. Just set the rules and define the punishments for your Discord community – the system will do the rest.

Carl Bot also offers server owners to create the Drama Channel to streamline the server’s moderation (this feature is available for premium users only). You can leverage this feature to gain full control over what is happening in your community and define the members who misbehave.

C:\Users\Капитан Америка\Desktop\drama_channel.png

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Effective atomized moderation is important for all Discord servers in general and education-related servers in particular. Why? Because it’s crucial to protect communities of high-schoolers, students, educators, and writers from using offensive language and sharing socially unacceptable content. Being a Discord server owner, you are responsible for ensuring that your community members feel safe and secure while chatting with each other.

A Granular Permission System

This feature is designed to give each command its own set of rules to follow. The Granular Permission System allows to manage Carl Bot commands in bulk and add global rules (rules that apply to all channels). And most importantly, this smart system allows to keep all commands that look spammy in one designated channel.


This feature is the one you need the most to grow your community. By enabling this feature, you will allow users to suggest different topics/ideas and vote for the best offerings.

Custom Commands

Custom Commands may include such parameters as member count, user ID, and other variables. You can use this feature to go beyond the default settings and build a stronger, more engaged community.

Welcoming New Members

Everyone who joins (or leaves) your community wants to be greeted personally. With the help of Carl Bot, you can create personalized messages that will make community members feel special and valued.

User Engagement

Another great thing about this bot is that it comes with a Starboard feature. You can create a Starboard channel and invite your community members to react to any chosen message with a “star”. Messages that get the most stars (stars count as “votes”) will be displayed as separate posts on the Starboard.

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Carl Bot Commands

Below you can find two lists of Carl Bot commands. The first list includes the basic commands that allow t ignore/unignore and enable/disable designated channels and previously set commands. The second list includes commands related to assigning reaction, punishment, text transformation, and other commands.

Basic Carl Bot Commands:

  1. Ignore command
  2. Ignore server command
  3. Ignore all command
  4. Unignore command
  5. Unignore all command
  6. Disable command
  7. Enable command
  8. Enable all command
  9. Disable all command
  10. Enable mod command
  11. Disable mod command
  12. Enable list command
  13. Restrict command
  14. Unrestricted command
  15. Set bot command
  16. Modonly command
  17. Unmodonly command.
  18. Modrole command
  19. Modrole clear command
  20. Autoroles command

User Engagement And Interaction Commands:

  1. Read command
  2. Autorole removes command
  3. Autorole adds command
  4. Timedrole command
  5. Autorole blacklist command
  6. Timedrole adds command
  7. Autorole unblacklist command
  8. Timedrole removes command
  9. Reaction commands
  10. The role commands
  11. Rank commands
  12. Punishment commands
  13. Level card commands
  14. Level settings command
  15. Level notifications and rewards
  16. Fortnite stats and World of Warcraft commands
  17. Text transformation commands

Set Up Carl Bot To Your Discord Server Today

Are you ready to start using Carl Bot for your Discord server? Here is a quick step-by-step guide for you:

  1. Go to website
  2. Find the “Login” button in the top right corner of the home page and click it.

  1. If you have already had an account, log in with a QR code or your email/phone and password. If you don’t have an account, click “Register”, and follow the instructions.

  1. Once you get into your account, check the list of available Discord servers and choose the one you use.
  2. Further you will be offered different features. Here, you need to choose the necessary attributes and click the “Accept” button.
  3. After that, log into your Discord server account via the Discord app or website. The Carl Bot will be displayed on your dashboard.
  4. The final step you should take is to check the dashboard, open the Command Tab and use commands of your choice.

As you can see, setting up a Carl Bot is not a challenging task. It won’t take you much time to complete it.

Carl Bot Features and Commands (Conclusion)

Carl Bot is the only tool you need to optimize the work of your Discord service. It has many useful features and easy-to-apply commands – it’s just a perfect solution for engaging users and growing the community. Start using it now and enjoy all the benefits it brings.

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