Blogging guides on are here to make you a successful blogger. Whether you’re a beginner or pro, you’re going to learn something new.

best web hosts that offer free migration

If you want to migrate your site to a new host, you can ask them to move it for you, or you can use a WordPress migration plugin. The latter is easier, and I curated the best migration plugins for you.

Best click to tweet plugins

Click-to-tweet plugins are an easy way to get more social shares for your site, and for free. I curated the best click-to-tweet WordPress plugins for you.

These are the best contact form plugins for your WordPress site. Use one of these to get closer to your site’s visitors.

Amateur blogging mistakes

Do you want to become an amateur blogger? Are you looking for some guidance? My amateur blogging guide can help you get started.

blog commenting guide

Intelligent blog commenting is still a viable and free marketing tactic. Read my guide to learn how to blog comment like a boss.

Are you looking to make money with your personal blog. Want to know how much you can make? Read my guide and find out!

If you want to blog on Blogger, then you need to add a contact form. Learn how here!

Learn how to change SEO Meta Title without changing the post headline. It’s easier than you think.

Learn how to change your WordPress username. It’s important as you don’t want hackers to enter your site without invitation

Are you a teacher looking to start a blog? Read my guide here to learn how to start a teacher blog.

If you ever encountered an error with plugins not being activated, then you need to read my guide. You’ll learn how to solve this problem for good.

Power words are special words that can spruce up your copy, get you more sales and leave more impact on your readers. I have a huge list of power words here.

Learn how to stop trackbacks and self pinging in your WordPress site. This is good for your SEO, and it is easy to do

Reading progress bars are an easy way to boost the UX of your WordPress site. Learn how to add these to your website.

Are outdated WordPress safe for your WordPress site? You probably know they’re not, so learn here exactly why. It’ll be worth it.

content tables are an easy way to boost the UX of your WordPress site. Learn how to add tables of content to your website.

Beautiful buttons make your content spark and also boost conversions like crazy. My guide shows you how to make beautiful and effective buttons for free.

Nikola Roza

Nikola Roza

Nikola Roza is a pro blogger and blogging is his bread and butter. Read his blogging guides so you can learn how to become a better blogger


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