Cleantalk Review 2023- is This Anti Spam Protection Plugin Legit Not Worth Your Money?

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This is my Cleantalk review for 2023, and here I’ll take you by the hand and walk you through Cleantalk’s features, pros and cons, pricing tiers and more.

You came here wanting to learn about this anti spam protection tool and you’ll go out with all the info you need to make the best decision for your website.

Let’s go!

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Cleantalk review 2023- is this anti spam WordPress plugin any good?
Cleantalk review 2023- is this anti spam WordPress plugin any good?

What is Cleantalk Antispam Exactly?

Cleantalk anti spam solution

Cleantalk is a cloud-based service that fights all types of spam (comments, contact forms, login account registration, newsletter, WooCommerce) webmasters are exposed to on a daily basis.

It also has the ability to filter through your existing comments, single out spam and eliminate it from your site for good.

And that’s without you lifting a finger on your end.

5 Excellent Reasons Why You Need to Be Using Cleantalk With Your Website

There are actually more than 5 reasons.

But if I listed them all here, you’d be spending ages reading my Cleantalk review.

Instead, I want to be respectful of your time and list out only the essentials you need to know.

They are below…

#1- Permanently Stop Spam From Clogging up Your Site

Cleantalk is the tool that’s going to stop 99.98% of all spam hitting your site.

Be it:

  • comment spam;
  • contact forms spam;
  • newsletter spam;
  • WooCommerce spam;
  • spam bots registration;
  • etc.

Cleantalk deals with it all.

It’s an all-in-one solution for dealing away with blogging spam for good.

I know I said “spam” a lot 🙂

#2- Avoid Using Multiple Plugins to Do Just One Job

Take a look at the image below.

Multiple plugins for spam protection

This webmaster in this Quora thread says he combines 3 different services and plugins to protect their blog from spam.

I’m sure it works for him (he even says it does)… but at what cost?

Isn’t it better to accomplish all you want with just one service?

Cleantalk is a more comprehensive solution than the three other tools combined.

#3- Save Up Your Website’s Hosting Resources

Did you know that bot traffic is 24.1% of all internet traffic?

And automated bots accessing your site will consume your server’s resources while adding no value to you as they aren’t real human visitors.

However, if you protect your blog with an anti-spam firewall (which you get with Cleantalk) you’ll be enhancing your real visitors’ experience (as your site will load faster), AND you’ll be saving the bandwidth quota allotted to you with your hosting plan.

I’m hosted with Cloudways which has their anti-bot protection, but if you’re currently hosted on a cheap shared host, Cleantalk could double the speed of your site just by filtering out malicious bots.

#4- Speed up Your Site

As briefly mentioned above, anti spam firewall setup by Cleantalk will blacklist and prevent all bot traffic from even hitting your site.

This will ensure that all your hosting server’s resources go to serving your real, human visitors who’ll benefit from a more seamless experience on your site.

#5- Saves You Precious Time

Imagine that it takes you 10m per day to filter through spam comments on your WordPress blog.

10m a day, 30 days in a row= 5h. 5hx12mo= 60h.

60h is the time you stand to save per year if you start using Cleantalk today.

Enough said.

Cleantalk Review 2023- Features Explained

CleanTalk features

#1- Comment Spam Protection

Cleantalk supports native WordPress, JetPack comments, and any other commenting plugins.

You can either move spam comments to the spam folder so you can review them later, or you can set options to silently ban spam comments and their ip addresses.

You can also enable auto deletion of comments from the SPAM folder (not recommended as sometimes genuine comments get trapped in Cleantalk’s net).

CleanTalk antispam auto delete spam comments

#2- Spam Bots Registration Filter

Cleantalk filters spam bots on registration from WordPress, BuddyPress, WooCommerce, S2Member, bbPress, Profile Builder and most other registration plugins.

#3- Protection Against Contact Form Spam

Cleantalk protects against spam emails via Contact Form 7, Formidable Forms, JetPack, Contact Form, Ninja Forms, Fast Secure Contact form, Landing pages, Gravity forms, and any other theme-based custom contact forms.

CleanTalk supported services and integrations

#4- WooCommerce Spam Filter

Anti-spam by Cleantalk filters spam reviews and registrations for WooCommerce.

Also, the plugin is regularly updated and always compatible with the newest WooCommerce releases.

#5- Newsletter Filter

Anti-spam service by Cleantalk filters spam subscriptions for MailChimp, MailPoet, PopupAlly, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign and many other newsletters plugins.

#6- Spam Filters for Theme-Based Contact Forms

Cleantalk blocks spam emails via any theme’s (built-in) contact form.

So no matter the theme you’re using, you can rest assured you won’t be bothered by incessant email spam.

#7- Compatible With Every Cache Plugin on The Market

  • WP Rocket;
  • W3 Total Cache;
  • Quick Cache;
  • WP Fastest Cache;
  • Hyper Cache;
  • WP Super Cache.

You name a caching plugin and you can bet your money Cleantalk is compatible with it.

#8- Bulk Comment Spam Removal

Cleantalk is not just for preventing spam. They can also remove everything that slipped through the cracks and got published on your website.

Those spam comments are probably hurting your SEO even as you’re reading my Cleantalk review 🙂

To initiate a spam search go WordPress dashboard>Settings>Anti Spam by Cleantalk>Check comments for spam

CleanTalk check comments for Spam

#9- Check Existing Users for Spam

Cleantalk can help you check existing user accounts on your site to weed out those that have reported spam activity on other websites.

Those that get found will automatically be removed.

To initiate existing user checking go to WordPress dashboard>Settings>Anti Spam by Cleantalk>Check users for spam.

CleanTalk check existing users


#10- Low False Positive Rate

Cleantalk is not perfect. Occasionally, a spam comment does slip through its net, and a genuine comment does get banished.

But honestly, it happens so rarely that it’s barely worth considering.

Cleantalk uses several anti-spam tests to filter out spam while keeping genuine user engagement on the site. There are several tests in place so that even if one fails, others won’t.

#11- Supreme Reviews on

CleanTalk has a 5-star rating on

As you can see in the image above, Cleantalk users have left almost 2000 positive reviews on That’s overwhelming proof that CleanTalk really does keep the house clean and spam out 🙂

What’s more, if you check out the few negative reviews, most of them don’t talk about the plugin’s functionality.

Instead, the main complaint is that Cleantalk antispam is not a free service.

CleanTalk has some bad reviews on

#12- Excellent Independent Customer Reviews

Cleantalk trustpilot score

Likewise, Cleantalk boasts a near-perfect score on TrustPilot. At the moment of my writing this Cleantalk review, the service got 440 independent customer reviews, with over 95% of them overwhelmingly positive.

Here’s what some of those customer reviews say.

CleanTalk positive review 1

CleanTalk positive review 2

CleanTalk positive review 3

How To Set-up Cleantalk Correctly On Your Website (Tutorial)?

Setting up this service is very easy, and here are the steps.

First, go to Cleantalk homepage and enter your email address and the site you want to protect from spam.

Signup for Cleantalk

Second, visit the email inbox for the address you gave to get your password and access key (which you’ll use to activate the free trial)

Access key to activate free trial

Third, go back to the homepage and click on the “Log in” button in the menu.

Use the password Cleantalk sent to you in their first email.

CleanTalk log in

Fourth, now you need to install Cleantalk WordPress plugin so you can hook it up with your account.

Inside your WP dashboard go to Plugins>add new and type in “CleanTalk”.

The first one that comes up, install and activate it.

install and activate Cleantalk

Fifth, now that you’ve installed this plugin go to Settings> anti spam by Cleantalk and enter in your access key (the one from the email they sent you)

Enter API key

Sixth, now’s the time to set up CleanTalk.

And… there’s nothing to do here.

Yes, really. The default settings are perfect for 99.9% of bloggers reading this CleanTalk review.

I’m sire they’ll suit you too 😉

CleanTalk settings

Just leave it as it is and move on to learn…

Cleantalk Pricing- How Much Does Cleantalk Antispam Cost?

Cleantalk pricing- how much does Cleantalk cost?
You can see from the image above that Cleantalk is an extremely affordable anti spam service.

You can also notice that this spam protection service is sold by a number of licensees.

  • 1 website- $8/yr;
  • 3 websites- $16/yr;
  • 5 websites- $24/yr;
  • 10 websites- $46/yr
  • 20 websites- $88/yr
  • 30 websites- $126/yr
  • 40 websites- $160/yr.

1-website license$8/year7-day free trial
(no credit card needed)
3-website licenses$16/year7-day free trial
(no credit card needed)
5-website licenses$24/year7-day free trial
(no credit card needed)
10-website licenses$46/year7-day free trial
(no credit card needed)
20-website licenses$88/year7-day free trial
(no credit card needed)
30-website licenses$126/year7-day free trial
(no credit card needed)
40-website licenses$160/year7-day free trial
(no credit card needed)

Note: all plans come with 7-day free trial and you DON’T need to add in your credit card details to sign up and start using Cleantalk.

And no promo code is required to activate the free trial.

So give Cleantalk a try now!

Cleantalk Antispam Guide for 2023 FAQ 

#1- What is Cleantalk?

CleanTalk is a SaaS spam protection service  that helps bloggers and marketer dilied their blogs from all types of spams on the web.

CleanTalk uses advanced protection methods which work on the backend and are invisible for site visitors.

#2- Is Cleantalk WordPress Plugin Free?

Cleantalk is not a free WordPress plugin. Instead, it’s a premium anti-spam service that you can try for free without paying a cent and without even needing a credit card.

#3-  Is Legitimate? is a legitimate antispam service that rivals (and in many ways is better) Akismet in features and beats Akismet in the pricing department.

#4- Can Cleantalk Detect Comments Generated by OpenAI GPTChat?

Cleantalk can detect and filter comments generated by OpenAI ChatGPT.

Cleantalk is able to detect AI generated content either because they possess the technology or they’ve partnered with one of the AI detection software like or

To learn more about OpenAI and ChatGPT make sure you read my guides to GPT-4 stats, OpenAI stats and ChatGPT stats next.

#5- Can Cleantalk Detect Comments Generated by Google Bard?

Cleantalk can detect and filter comments generated by Google Bard (generative AI chatbot provided by Google).

Cleantalk is able to detect Google Bard-generated content either because they possess the technology to detect generative AI text, or because they’ve partnered with one of the AI detection software like or

To learn more about Google Bard make sure you read my guide to Google Bard stats next.

#6- Can Cleantalk Detect Comments Generated by Microsoft Bing Chat?

Cleantalk can detect and filter comments generated by Bing Chat (a generative AI chatbot provided by Microsoft Bing).

Cleantalk is able to detect Bing Chat-generated content either because they possess the technology to detect generative AI text, or because they’ve partnered with one of the AI detection software like or

To learn more about Microsoft Bing Chat make sure you read my guide to Bing Chat stats next.

#7- Does Cleantalk Offer a Coupon Code I Can use to Get a Discount?

Cleantalk doesn’t offer a coupon code you could use to get a discount.

So no luck there. However, you can take advantage of Cleantalk’s free trial and try Cleantalk for free.

You don’t even need a credit card to get started.

Concluding my Cleantalk Review for 2023

My Cleantalk review for 2023 is nearly over…

I use CleanTalk on my site and I suggest you start using it too.

This service is ultra affordable (just $8/yr for a single website) and with it, you get peace of mind and absolute protection from every type of spam you can possibly imagine, and also from those you haven’t even heard of.

It’s tough for any tool or program to get a full green light from me, but CleanTalk accomplishes that magnificent feat quite easily.

So far it has performed flawlessly on my site and I hope it continues to do so.

I’ll end my Cleantalk review with a question:

are you going to try out this tool for yourself?

Remember you get a 7-day free trial (no credit card needed) and you can safely test drive this anti-spam protection service on your website.

Let me know in the comment section below.

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14 thoughts on “Cleantalk Review 2023- is This Anti Spam Protection Plugin Legit Not Worth Your Money?”

  1. Man, what a grand review. It confirmed all of my «suspicions» about the plugin: it seems to do an excellent job in many fields of SPAM protection, and even capable of replacing other plugins doing only one job. I will use your link to buy it.



  2. Hey Nikola, wanted to come back with an update.

    I trialed CleanTalk and spam signups dropped by about 90%. I was worried about it being too aggressive and blocking form submits from new customers, but this didn’t seem to happen at all. I like that there is a log you can review to ensure this wasn’t happening, really made me feel a lot safer keeping it on as I would rather deal with the spam than losing sales.

    Anyway, just ended up purchasing a year. Thanks again!
    – James McAllister

    • Hi James,
      so glad to learn of your experience using Cleantalk. I figured it’d be able to help you but I couldn’t promise anything as that’d be just irresponsible.
      I’m not an anti spam expert, but obviously Cleantalk are:)

  3. I love the spam registration filter on this software and the protection against spambots. Some spam filters do not do a good job at detecting these.
    It’s good to know Cleantalk can protect you further.

  4. Upon checking your Cleantalk review, I think I’m going to buy it! Seems like a great service and costs just $8/yr.

    That’s cheap and worth the try if it saves me from all that WordPress spam.

    I’ll use your affiliate link.


    • Emman,
      yeah, Cleantalk is great. I use it on my site and it stopped 99% of all types of spam. I’m sure you’ll love it and thank you so much for wanting to use my affiliate link.
      Your support keeps this blog going strong:)

  5. Thanks for this review. I spend way too much time every day removing non-sensical comments from my blog. And it doesn’t seem to matter what I do. I will definitely sign up for the free trial to see if it helps.

    • I’m glad my Cleantalk review helped you Millie. This plugin is ultra cheap compared to the near 100% efficiency it delivers.
      Thanks for your comment.

    • Glad my Cleantalk review helped you make a decision.
      It’s affordable and effective at stopping spam in its tracks.

  6. Hey Nikola!

    I signed up using your affiliate link.

    I don’t really have a problem with spam comments anymore (I use Antispam Bee) but I have a serious problem with bots registering as an affiliate for my products. I have to delete hundreds of bot accounts per week even with Cloudflare protecting the page, and it takes some time because I have to make sure that we don’t delete any legitimate users.

    I’m very interested to see how it works for my affiliate registration page. If it can block most of these bots from signing up, I will definitely purchase it.

    Thanks for letting me know about it!

    – James McAllister


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