Quick Summary: If you want to nurture your list like a boss, and indulge your subscribers so they like you and buy from you then let ConvertKit become your new best friend. This tool is perfect for efficient list management and exploding your revenue in turn.

ConvertKit is not the most pocket friendly too out there. They’re high quality and their (high) prices reflect that.

However, now’s the time of 2020 ConvertKit Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal, and now’s the time for you to get ConvertKit with a mighty discount.

Take advantage of this exclusive ConvertKit sale; get $1100 OFF price today!

ConvertKit Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deal and Discount 2020

ConvertKit Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale and Discount 2020- Get it While the Offer’s Still Valid!


ConvertKit Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2020

  • Offer Validity: From 29-11-2019 to 02-12-2019
  • My Rating: 5/5
  • Deal: a $1100 Discount. Save big!
  • Coupon Code: No discount code required

Description: ConvertKit Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020 deal is live now. Get an exclusive promo code and save big on ConvertKit offer this year. The deal expires on Cyber Monday so you need to act quickly.

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What is ConvertKit Exactly?

ConvertKit is a very popular email marketing service that many serial list builders swear by. Entrepreneurs like Kulwant Nagi, Patt Flynn and Ramit Sethi use it, and it’s a perfect fit for them.

So why wouldn’t it be for you, right?

If you want to nurture your list so your tribe loves your brand, trusts you and buys from you, you need ConvertKit.

And you need to get it by taking advantage of this 2020 Black Friday sale.

What are ConvertKit Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals in 2020?

Note: These exclusive discounts are available only during the ConvertKit 2020 Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. So make sure you’re fast and get yourself a ConvertKit plan while saving big in the process.

Take a look at the table below and see how much money you can save this year.

Starter Kit$1400/year$289/year$1100 OFF

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ConvertKit Awesomeness- Features Explained

If you’re looking for a denetn automatd email service privider I advise yuo to stop and reconsider.

Why go for decent when you can go for grea?

ConvertKit is GREAT and this 2020 Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are yours for the taking.

Here’s the loot that comes from getting ConvertKit:

  • Create Email Sequence;
  • Opt-in Form;
  • Landing Page;
  • Auto Resend feature;
  • Dynamic Emails;
  • Visual Automation Builder;
  • Tag-based System;
  • And more.

Let’s cover these in more detail, shall we?

#1- Email Sequences

With ConvertKit, you can create email sequences that get triggered whenever you get a new subscriber. This is perfect for drawing people deeper into your funnel so that they eventually become a customer and you earn money.

#2- Opt-in Forms

If you don’t have access to or can’t afford OptinMonster (read this: OptinMonster Black Friday Sale 2020) then you can use ConvertKit native opt-in feature to fill in the gap. their opt-ins are hyper optimized for conversions and work great out of the box.

#3- Landing Pages

ConvertKit offers a bunch of excellent pre-designed landing page templates that you can quickly plug and play on your site.

You don’t need to be a CRO expert to get quick results with these, and once you do, you’ll be able to tweak things based on the real world data and experience.

Remember, conversion optimization is the fastest way to make more money fast, and ConvertKit helps a tonne there.

Get the Black Friday deal today!

#4- Auto Resend Feature

Auto resend is also called a follow-up sequence. With ConvertKit you can set up a follow-up sequence so that people who haven’t opened or seen your email get a second chance at seeing it.

#5- Dynamic Emails

Use this awesome feature to create more personalized emails based on tags.

Basically, it’ a way for you to tag your subscribers so they only get emails you want them to get, but not the others. Remember, not all subscribers are in the same part of your funnel and it’s so important to first tag them properly,os that later you can market to them better.

#6- Visual Automation Builder

ConvertKit offers visual automation builder feature.. Use it to create your automation easily and faster.

#7- Tag Based Email Segmentation

Use the tag system to segment your subscribers into warm, lukewarm and cold peeps. And then market to them differently.

Of course this is just an example, and you can get as creative here as much as you like.

Get ConvertKit With a Discount Today!

How to Get ConvertKit Black Friday and Cyber Monday Discount in 2020 (Tutorial)

It’s easy and here are the steps.

First, go to the ConvertKit homepage and click on the pricing tab from the menu.

ConvertKit pricing tab

Second, pick the plan you want and based on your subscribers count. I will go with the “Complete” plan and for 1000 subscribers.

Click on the “Start a free 14-day trial”.

ConvertKit Complete plan

Third, answer the 4 questions ConvertKit ask you before they create your free trial account. Very easy stuff and a 1m job. They need the info to setup your account properly.

The most important thing to know is that you won’t need to give your credit card details or pay anything.

That comes after the 14-day trial has passed 🙂

Open a new account with ConvertKit

That’s it!

Enjoy your ConvertKit free trial 😀

ConvertKit Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2020 FAQ

I’m very active in our blogging community, and over and over I see this set of questions asked about ConvertKit and their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and promotions.

I get it.

Bloggers and marketers know how important list building is for making money online and they want to jump on that wagon using the best tool possible.

And that best tool is ConvertKit. And they want to get it with a discount this Black Friday.

They’re common questions, so why not answer them here?

It’ll make my article better and more complete 😎

What is ConvertKit?

ConvertKit is a very popular email marketing service that many serial list builders swear by. Entrepreneurs like Kulwant Nagi, Patt Flynn and Ramit Sethi use it, and it’s a perfect fit for them. So why can't it be a perfect fit for you too?

What's the Discount I Can Get With ConvertKit on This Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deal?

You can save $1100. Their Starter kit yearly package costs $1400. And this Black Friday and Cyber Monday holiday only you can get it for just $289. That's a huge price reduction.

How to Get ConvertKit With a Discounted Price This Year?

Just use one of the links throughout my post, and go to their website. Once there, just follow the prompts. It's easy!

Do You Recommend Me to Use ConvertKit?

Yes I do. It's great value for money, especially during this Black Friday when you can get it for so cheap it's ridiculous.

Is ConvertKit Better Than Mailchimp?

They both do roughly the same thing, but ConvertKit has better UI and UX. In other words, it's more user friendly.

Do ConvertKit Offer Landing Pages?

Yes they do and they're beautiful and optimized for conversions. You'll love them!

Do ConvertKit Offer Migration Services?

Yes they do, and it's free. You just have to initiate it with their support and they will migrate your existing list for you.

Do ConvertKit Offer a Free Trial?

Yes they do. They offer a 14-day free trial.

Do ConvertKit Offer Money Back Guarantee?

Yes they do. You get a 30-day money back guarantee.

Which Convert Kit Plan is Right For Me?

That depends on your budget and your list size. If you have less that 1000 subscribers, then go for their Starter kit. And if you get it during these Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you can save $1100.

To Conclude My OptinMonster Black Friday 2020 Sales Guide…

Getting ConvertKit any time of the year is a deal. You simply owe it to yourself to treat your subscribers as royalty and with ConverKit, that’s a breeze.

Because then they will repay you in kind by buying from you and making you a tonne of money.

Everyone’s happy, right?

If you want that for your website, use the chance Black Friday and Cyber Monday give you. Get ConvertKit deal and get the tool with $1100 discount.

You pay only $289 and you get a whole year of goodies that come with ConvertKit yearly plan.

Remember, ConvertKit comes with 14-day free trial, so you really don’t have to pay anything while your trial lasts. 14 days is plenty of time for you to see what’s what.

Also, there’s also a 30-day money back guarantee in place. So it’s double insurance for you and you really can’t go wrong in trying out ConvertKit.

Get ConvertKit with a huge discount today!

ConvertKit Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2020
  • Name: ConvertKit
  • Description: ConvertKit Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020 deals are live now. Get an exclusive promo code and save big on ConvertKit offer this year. The deal expires on Cyber Monday so act fast.
  • Black Friday Offer- TBA

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