ConvertKit Discount Code 2022- Use That Coupon and Get This ESP for Cheaper!

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ConvertKit discount code.

Is it real? Can you really get ConvertKit AND save money in the process?

Let’s find out below!

ConvertKit Discount Code 2021- Save $$$ Today!
  • Name: ConvertKit
  • Description: Learn below how to get the maximum discount on ConvertKit. Don’t pay a penny more than you have to.
  • Coupon Code– click this link and pick a yearly plan.
ConvertKit discount code
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What is ConvertKit and What is Their Promo Code?


ConvertKit is the ESP that has taken the world by storm.

Founded in 2013 by Nathan Barry, in just a couple of years, the company grew from a mere fledgling into the biggest competitor to the likes of MailChimp, Aweber, and Constant Contact Active Campaign…

ConvertKit is a quality product and that specialize in serving bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers and online course creators.

If you belong to one of the categories mentioned above, then consider ConvertKit built just for you.

Try ConvertKit today!

30-day free trial and money back refund guarantee available.

What is ConvertKit Discount Code? How Much Can I Save?

Here’s the simple truth:

ConvertKit doesn’t offer any coupon and promo codes.

Other websites that are advertising things like:

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and any other variant of the phrase are lying to you.

Their goal is to get you to click on their affiliate link and buy, and they don’t really care about helping you save money.

And you can save money if you know how.

Learn about it below…

How to Get ConvertKit Discount and Save Money Maximally (Tutorial)?

First, let’s talk about ConvertKit pricing.

To learn all about it, click the link you just saw, but in essence, every ConvertKit plan comes with all features and how much you pay depends on the number of subscribers you have.

For example, if you have <1000 subscribers, you’ll pay $29/mo.

And if you have <3000 subs you’ll pay $49/mo; and if yo have <5000 subs the price rises to $79/mo.

So, Where’s the Discount?

Good question!

The prices you saw above are monthly fees which you pay month over month. But if you decide to purchase ConvertKit yearly plan, then you get a significant discount.

So that instead of paying $29 for a 1000-subscriber list, you pay $25/mo;

and instead of forking over $49/ for a 3000 people list, you pay only $41/mo.

And finally for 5000 subscriber list you’d pay $66 instead of $79.

Here are some more differences between monthly and annual ConvertKit plans.

  • 1000 subs ($29/mo; $25/mo on a yearly plan);
  • 3 000 subs ($49/mo; $41/mo on a yearly plan);
  • 5 000 subs ($79/mo; $66/mo on a yearly plan);
  • 8 000 subs ($99/mo; $83/mo on a yearly plan);
  • 19 000 subs ($119/mo; $100/mo on a yearly plan);
  • 20 000 subs ($179/mo; $125/mo on a yearly plan);
  • 55 000 subs ($379/mo; $150/mo on a yearly plan);
  • 125 000 subs ($799/mo; $166/mo on a yearly plan);
  • etc.

To see exactly how much you’d pay based on the size of your list, please check out this page.

Taking Advantage Of ConvertKit Discount (Tutorial)

First, go to ConvertKit pricing page and pick the plan you want.

I’ll go with the Creator plan and a 1000 subscriber tier. I’ll also pick yearly because that’s how I get 16% off the price.

Click on “Start Free Trial“.

ConvertKit pricing page- choose your plan

Next, you’ll need to answer a few quick questions about your business, your blogging platform and the ESP you’re already using, if any.

setup ConvertKit account

Finally, you’ll need to give your password and best email address to log in to your new ConvertKit account.

Click on the โ€˜Get Startedโ€™ button to continue.

And that’s it!

Note: Every new ConvertKit account start with a generous 30-day free trial.

No credit card needed!

Try ConvertKit today!

ConvertKit Features- A Quick Recap

This is going to be a quick features recap because of 2 reasons:

First, this ain’t my ConvertKit review.

Second, I know you didn’t come here to read novels ๐Ÿ™‚

So let me help you save you precious time by telling you the essentials you need to know to decide.

#1- Easy List Management

Contrary to other ESPs, it’s really easy to manage your lists with ConvertKit.

It’s because other providers have you create many lists based on the subscriber buyer journey, while in ConvertKit, it’s all ONE list and subscribers are segmented via tag system.

Very clever!

#2- High Converting Optins and Landing Pages

This is a widely underutilized ConvertKit feature.

Most people are so used to using OptinMonster for optins (get OptinMonster Black Friday deal here), FastPages (read my FastPages review) and Unbounce (get Unbounce coupon code) for landing page creation;

that they fail to realize that by buying ConvertKit they’re saving money as they’ll have the functionality of several tools bundled up into one.

#3- Simple Analytics

Most ESP’s shower you with data you don’t need and won’t ever use.

ConvertKit is different.

Their analytics dashboard is a sight to behold and a pleasure to use as you only get the basic info you need to make the decision that will help you grow your list.

#4- Integrations

ConvertKit integrates natively with 90+ apps, and via Zapier they integrate with everything else.

Trust me, you won’t find an app that can’t seamlessly integrate with ConvertKit.

There’s more to ConvertKit than this, but hey, I promised to be brief, remember?


Try out ConvertKit Today!

#5- ConvertKit Support- Is it Any Good?

ConvertKit offer two types of customer support:

  • email;
  • live chat.

Use email when you have a problem that takes time to solve, and where you need to go really in-depth explaining the issue.

Use the live chat to get in touch with them immediately so they can help you, also immediately ๐Ÿ™‚

Note: unlike some other ESP’s, for example, MailChimp, which doesn’t offer any support for their free users, with ConvertKit you do get full-fledged support and assistance, even if you’re a free user.


ConvertKit Discount Code FAQ- Your Questions Answered!

People are curious about ConvertKit and especially about ways to get it cheaper.

I know for a fact that Quora is littered with ConvertKit coupon and promo codes questions.

But why go to Quora when you can find your answers here on one page?

#1- Is There a ConvertKit Discount Code?

At the moment, no.

Other websites advertising ConvertKit coupons are lying to you.

The only way to get ConvertKit more affordably is to buy a yearly plan and get 2 months free.

#2- Is There ConvertKit Free Trial? And How Long Does it Last?

Yes, there is ConvertKit free trial.

It lasts for 30 days.

#3- Do I Only Get Limited Features on ConvertKit Free Trial?


ConvertKit Free Trial unlocks all features ConvertKit has to offer.

What’s more, if you create a new campaign while in free trial mode, they’ll send you a โ€œCreate Every dayโ€ t-shirt and laptop sticker.

#4- Will I Have to Upgrade My Plan Once Free Trial is Over?

No, you won’t.

If you decide that ConvertKit is not your cup of tea, you’ll be reverted to ConvertKit free plan which you can keep and use forever.

And you won’t ever be charged a single dime for it.

And with your free plan, you can then wait until BF rolls over and take advantage of ConvertKit Black Friday deal.

Concluding My ConvertKit Discount Code Guide for 2021…

ConvertKit discount code doesn’t exist.

Nor do exist ConvertKit coupon and promo codes.

But you can still save money when buying ConvertKit.

The trick is to buy a yearly plan which will give you 2 months of free service, or about 16% discount.

Are you ready to try ConvertKit?

Remember, all plans come with 30-day no-credit card-required free trial so you really have nothing to lose by testing out this service.

In fact, I’m confident you’ll love it.

Try ConvertKit Now!

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