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Have you ever been curious as to how some digital marketing strategies influence each other? And how they can be mixed to obtain maximum outcomes?

For example, how Google Ads advertising impacts your website’s ranking in the search engine. Or even the reverse, how SEO impacts your Ads campaigns on Google. And how is email marketing impacted by social media marketing? Or are all these digital marketing strategies mutually exclusive thus have no impact whatsoever on the other?

How they Work Together


There’s is a misconception that your Google Ads influence your website’s SEO ranking. This myth is propelled by some SEO agencies. However, advertising does benefit your website’s SEO campaign in another way. For example, when you advertise using relevant keywords, you will be able to see which keywords drive sales and leads for you.

SEO is not a short-term investment. You also can’t just hire an SEO company and call it a day. As such, you should be wary of optimizing keywords that won’t generate sales, whether you’re ranking #1 on Google or not. To prevent this, test using advertising so that the risks are mitigated.

Online advertising

Email marketing and SEO also have an effect on online advertising. They play a crucial role in your company’s sales process. The role is a follow-up.

Many potential customers who click on your ads won’t convert to sales or leads. This is the sad reality of internet advertising. Even so, with a good digital marketing run by a cappable SEO agency agency enhancing your SEO ranking, those prospects will still see your website even when they are doing more research online.

What’s more, if you have social media marketing, you could convince these prospects to follow or like your social media pages. Once they do, you will be able to follow up using posts.

Now let’s talk a bit about traditional marketing.

While traditional marketing is slowly dwindling out, you cannot deny that it still has an impact. In addition to flyer distributions, banner ads on billboards, exchanging business cards during the first scheduled meeting, and there are many more ways you can market your brand.

If you wish to save costs on your design and leverage your marketing efforts on different mediums, you can always make a flyer and other promotional materials through various online tools.

Email Marketing

This is a very effective digital marketing approach. All you need is possession of email addresses. That way, you can send promotional emails and wait for sales and leads.

When using email marketing (I recommend you start with ConvertKit) , social media, online advertising, and SEO also come in handy. They will help to bring traffic to your website; enough traffic to produce more emails via subscriptions. As the list of subscribers grows, so will promotional sales.

Social Media Marketing

Just like email marketing, social media gets to have a bigger audience. Businesses that use email marketing, online advertising, and SEO enjoy more traffic to their websites. These businesses can in turn use this traffic to grow their social media followers.

One tool I wholeheartedly recommend is Aritic, It will help you build your social presence and drive engagement with your leads.

Additionally, you can partner with the right set of influencers on social media platforms by leveraging an influencer audit tool. These influencers have a stellar reach and can help boost your reach and engagement on social media.

Engaging social media influencer agencies can be a strategic move to identify individuals who resonate well with your brand’s ethos and can authentically promote your offerings.

Email marketing also plays a key role in Facebook ads, more so the custom audience. You can create a custom audience by uploading emails to the ads platform on Facebook. Facebook will then match the emails to their Facebook users. That way, you will be able to directly advertise to that audience.

How to go about Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing, content marketing, and SEO aren’t separate worlds. They are related approaches contained by an overall plan which aims to drive high-quality traffic your way. Here is how you go about it:

  • Define your business’ biggest goal
  • Identify the target audience. If you are starting from scratch you can use subculture, interests, and purchase intention as your base for a campaign.
  • Establish budgets for all channels you intend to use.
  • Find a good balance between free and paid digital strategies.
  • Create engaging content.
  • Develop and manage digital assets for mobile.
  • Do keyword research.
  • Go over using the analytics you measure.

Finally, if all this sounds a  bit too much, then consider hiring a professional agency expert to help you out.

It’s totally worth it!


Integrating search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns into your marketing efforts will see you gain new understandings of your custom audience. SEM ads maintain your relevance and ensure that you are still included in the conversation.

What’s more, they can be used as testing tools to determine the best way of interacting with your audience. Use PPC ads to test your content topics, voice tone, and language then analyze the results. You will eventually find out what doesn’t work and what do and where your customer’s interests most lie.

Or if that sounds like too much work, hire a white label SEO company to help you.

That’s what I did before I learned SEO, and I had decent results and positive ROI.

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