Does HostGator Bill Monthly? Or Do You Have To Pay The Whole Price Upfront?

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A common questions bloggers have about HostGator hosting is whether you can pay month by month; or you have to pay all at once.

My guide gives a complete answer to that question, so let’s go!

Does HostGator Bill Monthly Or Yearly?
Does HostGator Bill Monthly Or Do You Have To Pay Full Price And All At Once?

Can You Really Pay Monthly For HostGator Service?

HostGator billing options

Yes you can (see image above as proof).

True, you don’t get to save as much money when you pay monthly, but one can’t have everything in this world 🙂

3 Reasons Why You’d Want To Purchase Monthly Hosting as Opposed to Getting a Yearly Plan 

#1- You Have a Test Site

Maybe you’re trying to hack Google and their secretive algorithm, and you’re doing a lot of testing.

But your test is going to last only for 3 months, so why buy a yearly plan? It makes no sense to pay more when you can pay less.

With HostGator you can buy a 3-month hosting plan no problem.

#2- You Aren’t Sure Blogging Is Right For You

Hey, I get it. I know that blogging is the perfect career for me.

I LOVE it!

But in the beginning, I had my doubts and almost quit, several times.

If you’re in that position now, then you shouldn’t invest in a yearly plan. Instead, go month by month and see if HostGator gels with you or not.

There’ no shame in quitting if you see you don’t enjoy blogging as you expected.

#3- You Want To Test HostGator as a Service

I get it again. There are a ton of hosting providers out there, so why settle for a decent host when you can pay cheaply AND get excellent hosting?

HostGator is that kind of host but you need to verify it for yourself. So go for a monthly plan of their basic shared hosting and see what’s what.

You have nothing to lose because there’s a 45-day money back guarantee.

HostGator Shared/WordPress Plans And Pricing- A Quick Breakdown

I’ll cover HostGator shared and WordPress hosting plans here because those are the popular choices among bloggers and that’s what 99.9999% of people want to learn abut.

Shared Hosting

HostGator have 3 shared hosting plans.

They are:

#1- Hatchling

Hatchling plan specifications

Hatchling is perfect for newbies just starting out. And also for bloggers who have one affiliate site and want to host it both affordable and with a reliable host.

Hatchling Pricing:
  • 1 month- $10.95/mo;
  • 3 months -$10.95/mo;
  • 6 months- $10.95/mo;
  • 12 months- $3.95/mo;
  • 24 months- $3.45/mo;
  • 36 months- $2.75/mo;

#2- Baby

Baby plan specifications

With Baby you can host unlimited websites, so it’s perfect plan for serial niche site builders. This plan is also much more robust and faster than Hatchling.

Baby Pricing:
  • 1 month- $11.95/mo;
  • 3 months -$11.95/mo;
  • 6 months- $11.95/mo;
  • 12 months- $5.95/mo;
  • 24 months- $4.95/mo;
  • 36 months- $3.95/mo;

#3- Business

Business plan specifications

Business plan is excellent for niche site builders who’re also crazy about SEO and want to rank for everything.

It’s because with this plan you get HostGator-specific SEO tools to give you an easy edge in the SERPS.

Business Pricing
  • 1 month- $16.95/mo;
  • 3 months -$16.95/mo;
  • 6 months- $16.95/mo;
  • 12 months- $7.95/mo;
  • 24 months- $6.95/mo;
  • 36 months- $5.95/mo;

WordPress Hosting

HostGator also have 3 managed WordPress hosting plans.

They are:

#1- Starter

Starter plan specifications

Starter is perfect for newbies with just one property. But for already established and rapidly growing websites. The traffic limit here is 100 000 visitors/mo.

  • 1 month- $14.95/mo;
  • 3 months -$14.95/mo;
  • 6 months- $14.95/mo;
  • 12 months- $7.95/mo;
  • 24 months- $6.45/mo;
  • 36 months- $5.75/mo;

#2- Standard

Standard plan specifications


Standard allows for 200 000 visitors/mo and you can host 2 websites with it.

  • 1 month- $20.95/mo;
  • 3 months -$20.95/mo;
  • 6 months- $20.95/mo;
  • 12 months- $9.95/mo;
  • 24 months- $8.45/mo;
  • 36 months- $7.75/mo;

#3- Business

Business plan WordPress specifications

Businesses can handle for up to 500 000 visitors/mo so if you have a big website like that, go for HostGator WordPress hosting Business plan.

  • 1 month- $27.95/mo;
  • 3 months -$27.95/mo;
  • 6 months- $27.95/mo;
  • 12 months- $11.95/mo;
  • 24 months- $10.45/mo;
  • 36 months- $9.75m/mo;

HostGator Billing Options- A Mini FAQ

#1- Which Billing Options Are Available?

You can buy HostGator basic shared hosting plan for:

  • 1 month- $10.95/mo;
  • 3 months -$10.95/mo;
  • 6 months- $10.95/mo;
  • 12 months- $3.95/mo;
  • 24 months- $3.45/mo;
  • 36 months- $2.75m/mo;

As you can see the longer time frame you choose, the more money you save in the long run. So 36 month plan is only $99. And if you were to pay monthly that’d be $394.20.

And these types of discounts apply for all HostGator plans and types of hosting.

#2- How Can I Pay?

You can pay via credit card or PayPal.

Note: all major credit cards are accepted.

#3- Is There a Refund Guarantee?

Yes, there is a 30-dy refud guarantee.

#4- Will I Also Get a Free Domain Name

You’ll get a free domain name with HostGator yearly plans. All plans with a shorter time frame are not eligible for a free domain name. Probably because a typical domain name registration lasts for a year.


You came here wondering whether HostGator bills monthly or yearly.

Now you know they do both.

But you get to pick and depending on your needs, you can go for either a 1-month plan, 3-month plan, 6-month plan, 12-month plan, 24-month plan or a 36-month plan.

Let me know what you decided in the comment section below.

Get HostGator today!

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