FastComet Affiliate Program Review 2021- Is It Worth Promoting This Hosting Provider(+ How To Join)?

Disclosure (full version here): Some of the links you’ll encounter are affiliate links. If you click and buy something, I may get a commission. Thank you! 

Here I review FastComet affiliate program.

Should you joins as an affiliate?

Should you promote FastComet hosting services? Or should you avoid them all all costs?

Answers to these questions and much more, right below!

FastComet affiliate program review

What is FastComet Affiliate Program All About? And How Does It Work?

FastComet affiliate program is a service run by FastComet, where they partner with other websites to promote their services. And in return those bloggers get paid when they make sales.

Their partner program works pretty much the same as all others and the image below explains the concept of affiliate marketing better than my words ever could.

How affiliate marketing works

8 Features That Make FastComet Affiliate Program Worth Joining and Promoting 

There are actually way more than 8.

In fact, I could go all the way up to 20 if I wanted to.

But I won’t.

Because these 8 are crucial and because I know you don’t have all day to read.

#1- Advanced Affiliate Dashboard

Note: I’ve already seen ample success with FastComet’s referral program, but to keep this review as legit as possible I’ve opened a brand new account with them.

So what you see in the images below is what you’ll get when you sign up.

FastComet affiliate dashboard

FastComet offer an advanced dashboard to their affiliates so that everything they need is simple to find and use.

On the left sidebar you will see a series of expandable tabs you can click on.

  • Home– this is an overview of all your activity as an affiliate.
  • Promotions- here you can find your affiliate links and banners, and also a cloaking tool to protect your affiliate links.
  • Reports- here you can see your commissions due and pending, trending campaigns, and how much you already earned.
  • My profile- self explanatory- Tweak your account here.
  • Contact us- this is way to get in direct touch with your affiliate manger.

get in touch with your affiliate manger via this contact form

#2- Reliable Reporting and Tracking Software

FastComet reliable tracking software

FastComet offer real time reporting dashboard where you can see stats like:

  • number of referrals;
  • commissions earned;
  • commissions already paid;
  • Refunds and chargebacks;
  • the tier you’re on and average commission per referral…

Basically, all the crucial data you need at your fingertips.

#3- Tiered Affiliate Commission System

FastComet reward you for any new paying customer you bring to them. And their goal is for you to make as much money as you can.

Hence they’ve provided a lucrative tiered payout system where the more customers you refer, the more money you earn.

Take a look at the image below. If you want to see it up close, click on the image and it’ll open in a new tab.

FastComet tiered payout system

#4- Affiliate Link Protector

Affiliate link protector

This nifty little tool can help you protect your affiliate links so that no one can strip your affiliate link id from your links.

It’s a nice tool but I don’t really use it as I cloak my affiliate links with Thirsty Affiliates (free plugin).

#5- PayPal as Payment Method

FastComet pay you via PayPal and the payout threshold is $50. This is great as I use PayPal, though I’d like for them to offer at least one more payment method.

Having a Payoneer option would be awesome.

#6- $10 Signup Bonus

When you signup to be their affiliate, FastComet welcome you with open arms and a $10 bonus you can withdraw together with your first official payment.

#7- Dedicated Affiliate Manager

As a FastComet Affiliate, you get immediate access to a dedicated manager.

This person’s there to onboard you to their affiliate program and also to give you tips and help you make more money promoting FastComet.

FastComet affiliate manager

3 Excellent Reasons why You Need To Promote FastComet Hosting Services, Starting Now!

Again, there are way more than just 3 reasons.

However, I think you’ll be thoroughly convinced after reading my review.

#1- Excellent Hosting Service That’s Also Rapidly Improving 

Promoting FastComet is a cinch. They’re an excellent host  that’s lauded as one of the best in the industry.

Also, they keep improving year after year and they’re a safe bet to promote for any affiliate marketer.

Literally your tribe will thank you for letting them know about FastComet and their superb hosting services.

FastComet have a 4.7 score on Trustpilot and most people are over the Moon happy about their services.

Take a look at some of the testimonials below.

FastComet positive testimonial

FastComet positive testimonials

#2- Excellent Program With a Lucrative Tiered Payout System

I touched on this before, but it pays to promote FastComet as much as you can.

Because not only will you earn more referrals and more money like that, but you will get higher commissions per each referral too.

Here’s a table that shows you how much more you’ll get.

Tier 1: 1-5 sales

You earn $50 / saleYou earn $75 / saleYou earn $100 / sale
Tier 2: 6-10 sales

You earn $75 / saleYou earn $100 / saleYou earn $125 / sale
Tier 3: 11-20 sales

You earn $100 / saleYou earn $125 / saleYou earn $150/ sale
Tier 4: 20+ sales

You earn $125 / saleYou earn $150 / saleYou earn $200 / sale

2 Quick and Easy Ways To Make More Referrals

#1- Recommend FastComet instead of some other hosts.

Most hosts have fixed commission rates for their affiliates, so promoting them is less lucrative than when pushing FastComet.

So, whenever you mention affordable, fast and secure hosting, link to FastComet instead to X host.

#2- Mine long-tail keywords related to FastComet

These are chock-full with buyer intent and will convert like crazy when you rank for them.

The easies way to find uncompetitive terms is to use good ol’ Google Search.

Find long tail keywords in Google

#3- Not a Whole Lot Of Competition From Other Affiliates

FastComet affiliate money terms are surprisingly uncompetitive, considering how lucrative their affiliate program is.

That’s your chance to step in into an unsaturated market.

For example the average DA of the SERP for “FastComet Black Friday Deals” query is 30, which is not a lot.

Easy keywords ripe for picking

How To Join FastComet Affiliate Program (Tutorial)

First, go to FastComet website and scroll to the footer area.

Click on “Affiliate Program”

FastComet footer

Second, click on the “Start Now” button.

join by clicking the button

Third, scroll through the page and add in your personal details.

Fill in required details

And that’s it!

Now you’ll immediately be logged in to your partner dashboard.

FastComet Affiliate Program FAQ

#1- What Does it Cost to Join Their Affiliate Program?

It costs nothing.

It’s free to join and you don’t have to be an existing FastComet customer to avail this opportunity.

#2- What is The Cookie Duration?

45 days. That’s how long that cookie with your affiliate id works in your favor.

#3- Do I Get Some Training And Promotional Materials?

Yes you do.

You can access the banner and links section inside your affiliate dashboard.

And you van learn about promoting FastComet here.

#4- Is There a Limit To How Much I Can Earn With FastComet?

No there’s not. You’re free to earn as much as you want and can. There’s aslo no limit to how large a payment you can receive.

#5- How Long Till I Get Payed?

You can request your payment 45 days after the sale’s been made.

Payments are done via PayPal.

#6- Is There a FastComet Coupon Code?

No there’s not.

According to their affiliate terms page any affiliate found to be promoting non-existing coupons in order to generate sales will be booted off their platform.

no coupon codes allowed

#7- Are FastComet Referral Program and Affiliate Program the Same Thing?

No they’re not.

With their affiliate program you can earn money for promoting FastComet services.

But with their referral program you can win free forever hosting on one of their shared hosting accounts.

(This happens when you refer 5 friends and each of them buys)

Learn more about it here!

FastComet referral program



My review is done!

So, will you give FastComet affiliate program a whirl?

You have nothing to lose and you could gain a gain.

If you can promote FastComet successfully and send them new clients regularly, you’ll see the joy of your hard work paying off. And you will learn firsthand how beneficial it is to have a tired payout system working in your favor.

So that the more your refer, the more you earn.

Click here to join!

It’s free!

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