Quick Summary– Flywheel is among the best managed WordPress hosting in the world today. And year round their prices are more than affordable. You simply pay peanuts for the value you get.

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Flywheel Hosting Black Friday Deal and Discount

Flywheel Hosting Black Friday deal and discount 2020- Get it while the offer’s still valid!

What is Flywheel and What is Their Black Friday/Cyber Monday Discount This Year (2020)?

Flywheel is one of the best and fastest managed WordPress hosting provider in the world today. They’re know in the blogging community as a fast and secure host with a superb customer support.

This Black Friday and Cyber Monday you get first 3 month free if you purchase a yearly plan.

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Flywheel Pricing and Hosting Plans

Flywheel managed hosting plans and pricing

Flywheel hosting has 2 different pricing plans.

One pricing plan is for single sites; while and the other is for hosting multiple websites.

If you want to host one website, Flywheel offers 3 different plans for you.

They are:

Tiny plan: It offers 5GB disk space so you can embed images and videos without difficulty. It comes with 250GB bandwidth (bandwidth=data transfer) per month. This plan is for beginners and those with low-trafficked websites.

Tiny plan is $14/month but if you get it this Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you get 3 months free. It’s a deal!

Personal plan offers double the resources compared to the Tiny plan. So it gives you 10GB disk space and 500GB bandwidth per month. This plan is best for bloggers with decent amount of articles and whose sites get regular organic traffic because their sites are out of the Google sandbox.

Personal plan is $28/month, but if you get it this Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you get 3 months free. It’s a deal!

Professional plan offers 20GB disk space and 1TB of bandwidth.

This plan is perfect for those who have high-trafficked and popular websites.

Professional plan is $69/month, but if you get it this Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you get 3 months free. It’s a deal!

Apart from managed WordPress plans, Flywheel also offers two more hosting plans.

They are:

Freelance plan comes with 40GB disk space and 4TB of bandwidth. This lets you easily host 10 different WordPress websites.

Freelance plan is $92/month, but if you get it this Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you get 3 months free. It’s a deal!

Agency plan  provides 120GB disk space and 8TB bandwidth. With all that fire power, you can easily host 30 different WordPress websites.

Agency plan is $229/month, but if you get it this Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you get 3 months free. It’s a deal!

As mentioned Flywheel is giving Black Friday/Cyber Monday discount for ALL plans.

Get them now while the offer’s still valid.

Flywheel Hosting Features

Here’s the bonanza you get with Flywheel’s superb hosting:

  • Free demo sites for users of managed WordPress Hosting;
  • Optimized for both speed and security;
  • Built for WordPress;
  • Staging sites available- great for making changes to the site before they go live;
  • Daily backups- so you sleep easily at night;
  • Support tailored for WordPress sites;
  • and much more.

How to Get Flywheel Black Friday Discount This Year (2020)

It’s easy and here are the steps.

First, go to Flywheel’s homepage and click on the “pricing” button.

Flywheel homepage

Second, pick the hosting plan you want and choose whether you want a to pay month by month;

or you want to go for a yearly package (cheaper option).

Flywheel pricing plans

Third, fill in your details and purchase.

Simple as that!

Fill in details and buy

What is Flywheel Exactly?

Flywheel is one of the fastest and best managed WordPress hosting provider in the world. They’re know in the blogging community as a secure and fast host with an excellent customer support.

Does Flywheel Offer Free Site Migrations?

Yes they do. You can either contact support and let them migrate your site for you. Of you can use their free site migrations plugin and do it yourself.

How Many Websites Can I Host With Flywheel?

With Tiny and Starter plans you can host 1 site. With Freelance you can host 10. And with Agency you can host up to 30 websites.

Does Flywheel Offer SSL Certificates to Their Customers?

Yes they do. With any hosting package you pick, you get a free SSL certificate via Let's Encrypt.

Does Flywheel Offer SSH Support for My Site?

No. Flywheel provides only SFTP access to it's users. However, if you really need to access your site with SSH, then their support team can handle this for you.


Flywheel is in excellent managed WordPress host. Their pricing plans are excellent on their own but this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, they’ve gone beyond themselves to provide further value to the blogging community.
If you purchase any of the flywheel’s plans today, you get first 3 month for free.

And what’s wrong with that 😎

Get Flywheel now!

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