5 Fusebox Smart Podcast Player Alternatives- Are They Any Good?

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To immediately answer your question from the headline… YES there are plenty of Smart Podcast Player alternatives out there.

Some are decent, some are really good (though not as good as FPP)

I cover 5 of those below.

Let’s go!

11 Fusbox Smart Podcast Player Alternatives Worth Paying Attention To

Some of these are free, some are freemium, and some are paid options.

Also, I’ve ordered them in no specific order, so it doesn’t mean that the first alternative right below is better than the fifth one further down the page.

#1- Seriously Simple Podcasting

Seriously Simple Podcasting

Seriously Simple Podcasting is a simple plugin that lets you broadcast one or many podcasts without leaving your WordPress website.

This plugin is simple to use, easy to configure, and simply built to let you focus on what really matters- creating your podcast and promoting it as much as you can.

With SSP you can:

  • run one or multiple podcasts from the same WordPress interface (each podcast can have its own RSS feed);
  • publish podcasts in both audio and video format;
  • setup podcast taxonomies so you can easily manage and keep track of your episodes;
  • integrate it with Castos hosting platform;
  • integrate it with any other hosting solution;
  • and much more.

Seriously Simple Podcasting has a free version you can download here!

#2- Libsyn Podcasting

Libsyn podcast player

Libsyn are one of the biggest podcasting solution on the market today. Their plugin used to be in beta mode and available only to subscribers, but now it’s official and available to everyone. Get it here!

Now I’d like to briefly cover Libsyn Podcasting services:

  • HTML5-compatible podcast player;
  • external cloud hosting;
  • custom mobile apps for Windows, Android and iOS devices
  • get listed on their exclusive podcast directory
  • and much more.

#3- Simple Podcast Press

Simple podcast press

Simple Podcast Press is a premium plugin that’s worth every penny.

With it you can input your iTunes or SoundCloud URL, and from then on the plugin will automatically create unique pages for your episodes, along with episode descriptions and images pulled from your podcast.

It’s as automatic as it gets and Simple Podcast Press is excellent solution for podcaster who want to publish more and more content and don’t necessary want to waste time managing it.

Let the plugin do it for you!

Learn about Simple Podcast Press here!

 #4- Blubrry PowerPress

Blubrry PowerPress

Blubrry PowerPress is a perfect plugin for podcaster who want to grow their podcast audience organically.

This plugin makes your podcast episodes SEO-friendly and you also get guidance on how to make your podcast visible on iTunes and Google.

Key features are:

  • import podcasts from Soundcloud, Podbean, Libsyn, SquareSpace or any other podcast feed;
  • Integrated HTML5 medial players;
  • SEO-friendly podcast episodes;
  • iTunes and Google Play support;
  • and much more.

Get this free plugin here.

Or buy the premium version with the help of this exclusive Blubrry coupon code.

#5- Buzzsprout Podcasting

Buzzsprout podcast hosting
Buzzsprout Podcasting is a premium plugin with a free tier.

It’s features are:

  • iTunes support;
  • HTML5 compatible players;
  • detailed podcast analytics;
  • and more.

Buzzsprout comes in two paid plans. With the $12/mo plan you can have up to 2h of podcasting per month, and you get indefinite hosting (on a free plan you get 90-day hosting and then your episodes get deleted).

With a $24/mo plan you get 12h of podcasting allowance and also indefinite hosting.

Second plan is for power podcaster, while the first one is for newbie podcasters who can do maybe one or two episodes a month.

Learn about Buzzsprout here!


Have I sparked your interest? Are you going to try out one of these alternatives to Fusebox?

If you do, make sue you leave me a comment below telling me about your experience.

And if you’ve decide to stick with Fusebox Player, then take advantage of this Smart Podcast Player discount code and get it cheaper.

Or if you’re reading this and Black Friday is approaching, then read this and save even more.

Thanks for reading!