Fusebox in Action! 5 Awesome Examples To Learn From!

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Fusebox is the best and most popular WordPress plugin for displaying podcasts on your websites or blog.

Thousands of podcasters use it on their sites, and out of that myriad of examples I picked out 6 podcasts to showcase what this plugin is capable of.

Pay special attention to the usage of Fusebox’s special features, which are:

  • Share buttons;
  • Subscription buttons
  • email capture buttons;
  • download button;
  • and more.


Let’s go!

Fusebox Examples- 6 Podcasts to Learn From

#1- Entrepreneur on Fire

Entrepreneur on Fire is an award-wining podcast with 2000+ daily episodes. The host is John Lee Dumas, a podcasting veteran, and the show is about helping normal people with boring 9-5 jobs turn entrepreneurs and achieve their dreams.

Some of the more famous people  who’ve been on the show are Gary Vaynerchuck, Tim Ferris and Seth Godin…

If you’re looking for a new host to binge listen to, Entrepreneur on Fire is the podcast for you.

Entrepreneur on Fire

#2- The 5 AM Miracle

5 AM Miracle by Jeff Sanders promises to teach you how to master your day so you master your life. How to live purposefully and peacefully. And how to make every minute count.

If you want to be super focused, super energized, optimistic about your future and elated about your life as a whole, then 5 AM podcast can show you how.

It’s an indispensable tool for people who want to change  and grow. For people like you.

5 AM Miracle

#3- Content Heroes

If you are just starting out and you wish to build a brand and business through content, then Content Heroes is the podcast for you.

Josiah Goff invites successful bloggers, marketers, Instagramers, YouTubers, podcasters and all others who’ve achieved success through content.

And he drills them on HOW they were able to do it so you can learn and do it yourself.

Content Heroes
This is Fusebox Full Player in Action!

#4- The Online Course Guy

The Online Course Guy Podcast promises to teach you how to create an uber successful course that you can sell for large profits.

Jacques, the host, has created an online piano course that earned him more than 1.7 million dollars.

So he definitely knows what he’s talking about.

The online course show

#5- Turn Autism Around

Turn Autism Around is  podcast geared toward parents who have autistic children. It is possible for an autistic child to live a happy and fulfilled life, but there’s a lot of work to be done to get to that.

Turn Autism Around and Mary Barbera (the hostess) teach you how.

Turn Autism Around

#6- Smart Passive income

How could I left out Pat Flynn, the creator of this excellent plugin?

Smart Passive Income teaches you how to build an online business, and how to make passive income through various income streams, the predominant being affiliate marketing.

Pat is an inspiration to us all and all of his episodes are golden nuggets of information.

Smart Passive Income podcast


Like I mentioned, thousands of successful podcasters use Fusebox Player to their advantage.

I picked only 6 to showcase here and I hope they’ve inspired you.

If yes, read my Smart Podcast Player review to learn just what this awesome plugin can do for you.

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