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Quick Summary– Deciding to promote Smart Podcast Player is a SMART move on your part 🙂 

Sorry for that corny joke, but I said the truth. Read my Fusebox Podcast Player affiliate program review to see why you need to join their affiliate ranks right now!

Smart Podcast Player Affiliate Program Review

Is it worth it promoting Smart Podcast Player?

What is Smart Podcast Player And Do They Really Have an Affiliate Program?

Smart Podcast Player is a WordPress plugin created by Patt Flynn of Smart Passive Income and Matt Garland of Winning Edits.

Both of them are widely popular podcasters and both of them use Smart Podcast Player to host podcasts episodes on their WordPress sites.

Smart Podcast Player (SPP) is a feature-rich WordPress plugin that lets you:

  • display podcast episodes on your site;
  • add social sharing options to your podcasts;
  • collect emails for your list;
  • display SEO-friendly transcripts;
  • make each episode downloadable as mp3
  • and more.

SPP is the best podcasting plugin in the world and it’s a cinch and very lucrative to promote it.

Speaking of their affiliate program…

How Much Does Smart Podcast Player Cost and What Are Their Affiliate Commission Rates?

Smart Podcast Player pricing
SPP comes in both monthly and yearly plans:

  • Monthly-$12/mo.
  • Yearly- $8.

As their affiliate you get 30% percent of all purchases that came from your link.

Cooke duration is 90 days and affiliate link program is hosted over at LinkMink.

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3 Quick Reasons Why You Need To Start Promoting Smart Podcast Player Today

#1- It’s High Quality Product

Good marketing makes a bad product burn in flames faster. But can you guess what good marketing does when combined with an excellent product?

That’s right, revenue explodes through the roof!

SPP is the best WordPress Podcasting plugin in the world and promoting it is almost like doing your visitors a favor.

#2- It’s Very Popular

Besides Pat, thousands of other popular podcasters use SPP and promote it with every episode they publish. This means common listeners are already familiar with it.

And some of them will want to start their own podcast, and they already know which plugin to choose.

And just for a quick glance and reassurance they’ll type into Google phrases like:

  • “Smart Podcast Player Review”,
  • “Smart Podcast Player vs X other plugin”
  • “Is Smart Podcast Player Worth it”
  • etc.

Make sure your affiliate site gets found.

#3- SPP is Getting Better and Better

Quality=longevity, and SPP is getting better by the day. New and exciting features are coming and the time to jump on this opportunity is now.

Because SPP is here to stay.

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FuseBox Smart Podcast Player Affiliate Program FAQ

Do Smart Podcast Player Have an Affiliate Program?

Yes they do. Click on one of my links in this post and go and sign up

What's The Commission Rate and Structure?

You get 30% from every purchase that came through your affiliate link.

What's the Cookie Duration?

Cookie duration is 90 days.

Whose Hosting the Affiliate Program?

It's LinkMink?

Is There an Approval Process To Sign Up To LinkMink?

No there's not. You can sign up and in 5m or less you'll have your affiliate link ready to rock.

How Will I Get Payed?

Payment is done through PayPal.

Concluding My Smart Podcast Player Affiliate Program Review… 

Smart Podcast Player by Fusebox is a high quality plugin that is growing in both the popularity and quality with time.

If you’re an affiliate marketer who’s looking for a podcasting plugin to promote, then you won’t find a better one than SPP.

It’s a trusted product from a a trusted brand. Cookies are for 90 days which is plentiful, and commissions are a generous 30%.

It’s obvious what you can gain, but what have you got to lose?

I say go for it!

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