Fusebox Smart Podcast Player Coupon Code and Discount- Get 33% Off Price Today!

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In this quick guide you’ll learn how much you can save by using my Fusebox Smart Podcast Player coupon, and how to take advantage of it right now.

Let’s get started right away!

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  • Name: Fusebox Smart Podcast Player
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Quick Summary: If you’re looking to get Fusebox Podcast Player at a discounted price, you’re in the right place.

By using my affiliate link (coupon attached), you’ll get a 33% discount on Fusebox annual plan.

Keep in mind that promo offer is affiliate exclusive.

This means it’s not available to people who go directly to Fusebox.fm.

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Fusebox Smart Podcast Player coupon code and discount
Fusebox Smart Podcast Player promo code- get your today!

Fusebox Podcast Player Regular Pricing Vs Coupon Code Pricing- How Much Can You Save?

Fusebox pricing plans are:

  • Free– $0/mo
  • Pro– Monthly- $19/mo;
  • Yearly– $15.83/mo
(billed annually)

That was regular Fusebox pricing. If you use my coupon code (attached to the link), you can get a 33% discount on annual plan.

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What is Fusebox Podcast Player and What Are Its Features?

Fusebox Smart Podcast Player

Fusebox Smart Podcast Player is a WordPress plugin developed by Pat Flynn and Mathew Gartland. With it you can display your podcast episodes right on your WordPress site.

And with the newest plugin update, called Fusebox 2.0 you can use it with many other blogging platforms, including the likes of Wix, Webflow, Weebly, SquareSpace, Teachable, Circle, HTML-based websites…

Learn more about this plugin in my comprehensive Fusebox Smart Podcast Player review, but here’s the quick rundown of its most important features.

  • Works On All Site Builders, Not Just On WordPress;
  • Players Galore;
  • Lots of Customization Options;
  • Build Your List With Each Podcast Episode;
  • Mobile Responsive and FAST on All Devices;
  • SEO Friendly Transcripts via Podcast Transcript Plugin;
  • Awesome Customer Support
  • Huge Knowledge Base;

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2 Ways To Save Money While Buying Fusebox Smart Podcast Player

Listen, companies change and evolve all the time.

And sometimes, coupon codes stop working for whatever reason.

At the moment of me writing this Fusebox Smart Player promo code article my link is working and will get you the discount you want.

But if it happens that for some reason it’s not working the way it should be, you can still save money and get Fusebox Podcast plugin.

Learn below how…

#1- Buy a Yearly Deal

You can buy Fusebox as a monthly subscription and pay month by month. The price is $19/mo or $228/yr.

However, if you purchase a yearly plan then the price drops to just $15.83/mo or $189.96/yr.

So you save $40.

#2- Wait For Black Friday And Cyber Monday

Last year during Black Friday and Cyber Monday you could get a LIFETIME deal on their plugin for just $297.

That truly is a deal if you intend to go all in with your podcast. So you pay only once and even 10 years from now, you’ll still have your plugin, up to date and ready to serve you.

If you’re reading this article and Black Friday is close by, then visit my Fusebox Smart Podcast Player Black Friday deal page for the updated deal you can score.

Fusebox Coupon Code FAQ- Everything You Need to Know

#1- Is Yours the Real Coupon Code?

Yes it is. 33% off price is the maximum discount you can get. Sites that are offering 50% 70% or even 80% discounts are lying to you.

They’re doing it to get you to click and hopefully affiliate sale, and not to help you get a discount.

#2- Will This Coupon Code Work Anywhere in the World?


No matter where you’re from, my coupon-attached link works everywhere.

#3- What’s the Support Like if I Run Into Trouble?

Support is excellent.

I had all my queries answered in 1h or less.

They also have an awesome knowledge center.

Concluding My Fusebox Smart Podcast Player Coupon Guide…

My Fusebox Smart Podcast Player coupon (get it here) can get you a 33% disocunt on Fusebox annual plan.

The only question is, will you use it to get this plugin for cheaper.

Let me know in the comment section below.


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