Fusebox Smart Podcast Players Coupons Are No More!+ How To Buy and Save!

Disclosure (full version here): Some of the links you’ll encounter are affiliate links. If you click and buy something, I may get a commission. Thank you! 

in this quick guide you will learn why there no more active Fusebox Podcast Player coupon codes, and what to do about it.

Because if you want to get Fusebox Smart Player, and still manage to save some money, YOU CAN.

Let’s go!

Fusebox Smart Podcast Player coupon codes
Fusebox Smart Podcast Player promo codes- do they still exist?

Let Me Tell You a Quick Story…

A while ago I learned of Fusebox Smart Player (review) and fell in love with it. I’m no podcaster, but I’m a podcast junkie with an average listen time of 2 episodes per day.

And it seems to me like every podcaster and their mom use Fusebox, and everyone’s thrilled by it.

It’s a quality product and affiliate marketer in me told me I need to be promoting it.

So I researched a bit, and knowing people like to save money I Googled affiliate terms like:

  • Fusebox Podcast Player promo codes;
  • Fusebox Podcast Player coupon codes;
  • Fusebox Podcast Player discount codes;
  • etc

And I saw other results pushing those coupons.

So I contacted support as an affiliate and asked for mine so I can score a deal for my audience, for YOU.

And then I learned- those coupons are OUTDATED and no longer working.

Fusebox as a company is no longer giving out coupon codes to anybody.

Take a look at screenshots below

Fusebox support explaining there are no more coupon codes
Fusebox discount codes are NO MORE!
Fusebox coupon code queries SERPs are outdated
Outdated results!

So now that you know that there are no Fusebox coupon and discount codes. can you still save some money or not?

Yes you can!

2 Ways To Save Money While Buying Fusebox Smart Podcast Player

#1- Buy a Yearly Deal

You can buy Fusebox as a monthly subscription and pay month by month. The price is $12/mo or $144/yr.

However, if you purchase a yearly plan then the price drops to just $8/mo or $96/yr.

So you save $48.

#2- Wait For Black Friday And Cyber Monday

Last year during Black Friday and Cyber Monday you could get a LIFETIME deal on their plugin for just $297.

That truly is a deal if you intend to go all in with your podcast. So you pay only once and even 10 years from now, you’ll still have your plugin, up to date and ready to serve you.

If you’re reading this article and Black Friday is close by, then visit my Fusebox Black Friday sales page for the updated deal you can score.

Concluding My Fusebox Smart Podcast Player Coupon Guide…

Fusebox have decided not to offer any more coupon codes to bloggers, and to make the existing one’s null.

That’s a fact and we have to accept it.

But you can still save money if you’re just a bit strategic. Either invest upfront and get a yearly license (and save $48). Or wait for Black Friday to roll in and get a true deal.

The choice is yours, but do let m know what you decided in the comment section below.