Fusebox Smart Podcast Player FAQ- Answers To Your Burning Questions!

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If you have a question about Fusebox, then I have an answer for you.

Read through this article to find out (use the table of contents to help you skim faster) and in case I missed your question, tell me about it in the comment section below 🙂

Fusebox Smart Podcast Player FAQ
Fusebox Smart Podcast Player FAQ- Your Questions Are Answered!

Fusebox Smart Podcast Player FAQ- All Your Questions Answered! 

#1- What is Fusebox Smart Podcast Player?

Fusebox Smart Podcast Player is a premium WordPress podcasting plugin developed by Pat Flynn and Matthew Gartland.

The plugin was born our of Pat’s frustration with limited choices he had when he was searching for plugin for his podcast, and has since became the number #1 podcasting plugin for WordPress sites.

Thousands of famous podcaster use it, and so could you.

#2- What is Fusebox Transcript Plugin? And Do I Have To Pay Extra?

Fusebox Transcript is a WordPress plugin that helps you display SEO-friendly podcast transcripts directly on your website.

This is important because your podcast transcripts are full with natural, long tail keywords that Google just can’t wait to rank your site for.

So by having this plugin work hard for you, you can get a lot of that sweet search engine traffic.

Fusebox Transcript plugin

#3- Can I Install Fusebox Podcast Player On My Free Website/Blog?

Both Fusebox Player and Transcript are WordPress plugins. This means you can’t use them on ANY free website platforms out there.

You also can’t use them with paid site builders like Weebly, Wix, Strikingly…

#4- Where Can I Download Fusebox Player?

You can download both Fusebox Player and Transcript in your Fusebox dashboard, which you can access here.

Downloads fusebox Player and Transcript

#5- How To Set-Up Fusebox Podcast Player?

Hey, it’s very easy.

I wrote a detailed tutorial that shows you how to setup both Fusebox Podcast Player and Transcript plugin.

Check it out!

#6- How Can I Find My Podcast’s Feed?

2 ways!

First, you can ask your podcast host what your podcast feed is.

Second, you can use Listen Notes, which is the best podcast search engine.

Learn more about fining and setting up RSS feed here!

#7- Can I Use Fusebox Player For Multiple Podcasts?

If you have several podcasts, you can use the plugin that you bought for all of them.

But it has to be on the same WordPress installation. It’s because Fusebox is sold by the number of licenses and one license is valid for one WordPress site.

#8- Is Fusebox a Podcast Host?

No, they’re not. Fusebox is a plugin that let’s you display your podcast episodes+ transcripts on your WordPress site. But you still need to purchase podcast hosting.

I recommend Blubrry (get this Blubrry coupon and save some $$$).

#9- What is Fusebox Customer Support Like?

Excellent. From the reviews I’ve read everybody praises them for their quickness and professionality. I’ve also had few contacts with them and they were always very quick to respond and help.

#10- Is There A Phone Support?

No there’s not.

But there’s voice mail and you can leave them a message at (501) 500-3873.

#11- Do Fusebox Have An Affiliate Program?

Yes they do. And it’s quite lucrative too.

Read my review to learn all about it.

#12- What Are The Ways To Pay For Fusebox?

Currently, the only way to pay is with a credit card.

#13- Is Fusebox Regularly Updated?

Outdated WordPress Plugins are the worst! All your hard work will be destroyed if your website gets hacked because of a stale plugin.

Luckily, you have nothing to worry about with Fusebox plugins.

They’re regularly updated 😎

#14- Where Are Fusebox Release Notes?

Whenever Fusebox gets updated, there’s an official changelog that documents what improvements were made.

You can find it here.

#15- Is There a Fusebox Black Friday Sale This Year?

Yes there is. Read my Fusebox Player Black Friday Deals page to learn all about it.

There’s also a Smart Podcast Player discount code if you’re up to saving some money 🙂


I’ve created this FAQ page to help YOU, to answer all YOUR questions about Fusebox Smart Podcast Player.

Have I succeeded?

Tell me in the comment section below.

Thank you!