Guest Posting at Nikola

For a long while, I was really hesitant to accepting guest posts on my site.

I had blindly listened to Brian Dean’s advice that as soon as you let someone else blog for you, it’s no longer your blog.

That’s a good advice, but also a mistake for me to follow.

What does it matter to the user if I wrote wrote a piece of content, or someone else, provided that they got the answer they needed?

It’s foolish to be stubborn and not accept the help of others, especially when they are experts who want to contribute, who want to help

So that brings us to today, and I’m happy to say that as a brand will accept (high) quality guest posts from now on.

Benefits of Guest Posting on My Site

You get:

  • Permanent followed backlinks to your domain and content.
  • To build a name in the industry;
  • Ample initial, and steady permanent promotion of your content across every platform I have access to.
  • To connect with me, the future baller in the IM industry 🙂 Guest Posting Guidelines

Please read this carefully.

It is crucial to follow these guidelines to the tee, or risk not having your article accepted.

Topic- don’t pitch me your topic. Instead, pick one from this spreadsheet. The reason behind this is that I have aims and goals for my brand, and I know exactly what kind of content helps me get there fastest.

Off topic guest posts will not be accepted. So will not any topic that is not on my spreadsheet list.

The spreadsheet is here to make your life easier.

I tell you the keyword, the post format, the search intent, and articles you can use for inspiration.

That doesn’t means you should just copy them or not be creative.

The point is to not be too creative and deliver something Google won’t know what to do it. Remember Google tells you what kind of content they want to rank, and it’s up to you to take hints. (and my spreadsheet helps a ton)

Spreadsheet fields are:

  • Keyword- this is the phrase you’re targeting;
  • Format- this is the predominant type of content on the first page (for example blog posts that are listicles)
  • Approximate word count- your article should fall somewhere beneath the low and high value. If it goes over, but because you added some unique insights, all the better.
  • Search intent- tells you intent behind your search
  • Inspiration- these are model articles that do a good job of satisfying search intent and who have content that’s high enough quality. You’re expected to match them.

Check out the spreadsheet here:

Important notes

For You:

  • By submitting an article to my blog, you agree that it shall be considered my article.
  • You accept that initially, before publishing, I might make smaller changes to the draft, for example, fix typos, optimize subheadings a bit better, add internal links, add images…).
  • You accept that I have the right to updated the content after 6 months have passed and after I’ve seen in my Google search console how the article performs and what keyword it’s getting impressions for.

Note: none of your links will ever be removed, ever. See points below.

For Me:

  • I agree to give you 2 followed links to your content and 1 in your author bio for articles <2000 words. For articles 2000+ words I will give you 3 in-content links+ link in author bio. Note: author bio link has to point either to your homepage or “hire me” page, or some email optin page. It can’t point to money pages and it can’t be keyword rich.
  • I agree to keep your links on a permanent basis.
  • I will never remove your links.
  • I will never nofollow your links.
  • I will never redirect the page so you lose your links (that’s why it’s important that you target a keyword I selected as it eliminates the chance of keyword cannibalization).
  • I will never no-index your post.
  • I will also honor your work and give credit where credit is due.

Final Notes:

  • Don’t plagiarize content. this includes both content and images. They’ll both be thoroughly checked for plagiarism and if found, I might not publish your content.
  • If you quote someone, make sure there’s a link.
  • Don’t try and sell links from my blog. It’s ok to link to a couple of your friends, as long as you don’t use exact match anchor text, and as long it’s moderate. You can’t link out to 20 of your friends. Each link will be checked whether it points to relevant (to your guest post) quality and helpful content. If it doesn’t, it’ll be removed.
  • Don’t litter your blog posts with links. I say that 2-3 external links per 1000 words is plenty. This includes quotations.
  • For your links, don’t use exact match anchor text. You may however use descriptive anchor text that contains your target keyword.
  • You also can’t target the same money keywords I’m targeting. For example, I want to rank my review of Smart Podcast Player by Pat Flynn. So you can’t use a guest post on my site to send a keyword rich anchor text to your review of Fusebox Player. Another example is my HostGator Black Friday deals page, which is off linking limits for my site. This rule only applies on linking to money keywords. You can target the same informational keywords with your guest post anchors as I’m targeting with my guest post.
  • Images are your friends. Try to include an image in every 200-300 words of ontent.

That’s it.

Here’s how to get started:


  1. Check out this spreadsheet and pick a keyword you feel you can cover with sufficient quality and depth.
  2. Contact me at telling me your choice.
  3. I will approve your choice or point you to another keyword if that one is taken (Note: crossed out keywords in the spreadsheet means they’re taken).
  4. You write the content in Google Doc and once done send me the link via email+ attached images. Images should be ordered based on their insertion order in guest post. For example 1-image-png, 2-image.png, 3-image.JPEG
  5. I will review your post and if it’s good, I will publish it.
  6. Once published, you will get a link to a live post which you can then help promote.

Ready? Happy pitching and good luck!