HawkHost Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales 2021- Get an Awesome Discount Today! It’s a DEAL!

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Quick Summary: Getting HawkHost hosting for your site will let you fly above all other websites in the SERPS, the same way hawks fly above any other bird of prey.

Sorry for that bad joke, but I did say the truth.

If you want to get a reliable, fast, secure, and affordable host for your precious website, you can’t go wrong with HawkHost

And now during this 2021 Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale you can get it extra cheap.

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HosrHawk Black Friday Deals and Sales 2021
HostHawk Black Friday Sales and Deals 2021- Get the Offer While You Still Can!

HawkHost Cyber Week Deals and Sales 2021

  • Offer Validity: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Events 2021
  • My Rating: 5/5
  • Deal: Huge discounts for all types of hosting. Up to 70% off price!
  • HawkHost BF Special Coupon Code: Different coupons for different hosting types. See my table below.
  • Christmas and New Year’s Special Sale– TBA

Description: HawkHost Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021 deals are LIVE now! Save BIG today!

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What is HawkHost and What Services They Offer?

HawkHost are one of the largest, oldest (started in 2004) and most trusted web hosting companies in the world today.

They’re a favorite among savvy bloggers and marketers and are especially esteemed for their secure and fast hosting and supreme customer support.

I said “savvy bloggers” because HostHawk are not as well known as some of their behemoth competitors (think: Hostgator, GoDaddy, Bluehost, and even SiteGround) and it’s a huge loss for those who don’t know of them.

You obviously do so kudos to you for wanting to get a deal this Black Friday.

HostHawk services are:

  • Shared hosting;
  • VPS hosting;
  • Semi Dedicated hosting;
  • Cloud Compute hosting;
  • Reseller hosting.


HawkHost Hosting Services

What are HawkHost Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals and Sales in 2021?

in 2021, HawkHost offer discounts for almost all of their services.

Here’s a table where you can see how much you can save during this Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale.

What’s really neat is that you have the option between one-time-discount and recurring.

With recurring discount you get the same bonus price YOY (Year Over Year) Think of the savings you can get!

Note: this offer is unique to HawkHost. I reviewed more than 30 other hosts, and none offer these kinds of deals on Cyber Week events.

Shared hosting70% One Time$0.90/mobfshared2019
Shared hosting55% Recurring $1.35/mobfshared2019r
Cloud Web hosting70% One Time $0.90/mo bfcloud2019
Cloud Web hosting55% Recurring $1.35/mo bfcloud2019r
Semi-Dedicated70% One Time $4.80/mo bfsd2019
Semi-Dedicated55% Recurring $7.20/mo bfsd2019r
Reseller70% One Time $5.20/mo bfreseller2019
Reseller55% Recurring $6.50/mo bfreseller2019r
Cloud Compute30% Recurring $5.83/mo bfcompute2019

Now, let’s quickly break down each of HawkHost hosting type so you know exactly what you get with each.

HawkHost Shared Hosting Plans

HawkHost Shared Hosting Plans

HawkHost offer 2 shared hosting plans to the world, and both come discounted this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

#1- Primary

  • 10 GB SSD disk space;
  • Unlimited Bandwidth;
  • Unlimited Databases;
  • Unlimited Domains;
  • Free SSL Certificates;
  • Free Website Migration;
  • Free Memcached Server;
  • Free Weebly Site Builder;
  • Proactive Malware Scanning and Defense.

Primary is perfect for webmasters and affiliate marketers who have only one money making website at their disposal.

If that’s you, Primary is an excellent pick.

Coupon code is bfshared2019

#2- Professional

  • Unlimited SSD disk space;
  • Unlimited Bandwidth;
  • Unlimited Databases;
  • Unlimited Domains;
  • Free SSL Certificates;
  • Free Site Migration;
  • Free Memcached Server;
  • Free Weebly Site Builder;
  • Proactive Malware Scanning and Defense.

Professional is perfect for webmasters and affiliate marketers who have one big niche website at their disposal.

The site’s getting ample traffic and needs the resource to support it.

If that’s you, Professional is an excellent pick for your online business.

Discount code is bfshared2019 for one time purchase and bfshared2019r for recurring purchase.

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HawkHost Cloud VPS Hosting Plans

HawkHost VPS hosting plans

With one of the HawkHost VPS hosting plans, multiple websites will be hosted on a single server.

However, unlike with shared hosting where resources are divided among hundreds of websites,, here each account will have their own pocket of virtual resources which will be separated from other accounts.

So there won’t be any resource sharing and no resource hoarding by any website.

These features makes VPS hosting ideal for high trafficked e-commerce websites and high trafficked websites in general.

Hawk Host provide 5 VPS hosting plans.

The only difference between these plans is the server resources you get, with the higher plans obviously having more resources to rent.

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HawkHost Semi-Dedicated Hosting Plans

HwakHost Semi-dedicated hosting plans
Semi-Dedicated servers are a perfect choice for sites that have far outgrown basic shared hosting, but are not at a level where they need to rent out an entire physical server for themselves.

HawkHost offer 2 or these bad boys and both come discounted on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

HawkHost Reseller Hosting Plans

HawkHost reseller hosting plans

Reseller hosting accounts let you resell HawkHost servers under your brand name. and you get to decide your own price for selling these accounts.

Reseller hosting is ideal for developers who want to sell hosting to their clients along with the website development and maintenance services.

You can also use reseller hosting to start your own  web hosting business.

HawkHost Cloud Compute Plans

HawkHost Cloud compute Hosting plans
Cloud computing hosting is not for bloggers and marketers. It’s for huge enterprise-level sites that demand huge firepower to keep their online business running smoothly even when besieged by hordes of traffic.

I’m guessing that’s not you?

HostHawk Hosting Features Explained- a Brief Guide

This is not my full HawkHost review, so I’ll be brief and cover only the basics.

As my focus for this article is on the discounts and deals you can get during this special sale.

#1- Free Site Migration

While other hosting providers charge you if you want to transfer your website to them, HawkHost is different. They will migrate your site for FREE!

#2- 99.99% Uptime Guarantee

With HawkHost your site will virtually never be offline. So you’ll be able to grow your business in peace knowing you’re doing good business day in, day out.

#3- 24/7/365/ Customer Support

HawkHost are known throughout the industry as a host with superb customer support. Any problem you encounter, they’ll help you solve it.

#4- One-Click WordPress Installs

With HawkHost hosting, you don’t need to fumble about trying toi nstall WordPress and possibly making a mistake. No, you just need to press one button and WP will install itself on your behalf.

#5- 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied within the first 30 days, simply ask for a refund and it will be given to you, no questions asked 🙂

#6- Free SSL Certificates

You need SSL to rank in Google, and unlike some other hosting providers that charge for it, with HawkHost you can get unlimited SSL certificates, free of charge.

How to Get HawkHost Black Friday/Cyber Monday Discount in 2021 (Tutorial)

First, go and visit HawkHost homepage. Once there click on the Hosting>Shared Web Hosting.

HawkHost pick shared hosting on homepage

Second, pick the shared hosting plan you want.

Click on “Sign up Now”

HawkHost Shared Hosting Plans

Third, pick a new domain name or pick to choose the one you already own.

HawkHost pick a new domain name
Fourth, Configure and confirm your new hosting. Once you’re done click on “Continue”

HawkHost confirm order and proceed

Fifth, Configure the domain name that you bought previously.

If you didn’t buy and are using your own, you can skip this step.

HawkHosti domain configuration

Sixth, review your order and apply the coupon code so you get that sweet discount.

HawkHost review order and Apply Black Friday coupon

Seventh (final step)- Go through the page and add in your personal account and credit card details. Once done click on “Complete Order” and you’re off to the races.

HawkHost buy shared hosting

Congrats btw 🙂  You made the right decision.

If you need help with setting up your account, I’ll be glad to assist you. Just shoot me an email at nikola@nikolaroza.com (attach receipt)

HawkHost Pros and Cons


  • Includes Cloudflare (CDN) integration;
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee;
  • 24/7/365/ Customer Support;
  • One-click WordPress Installs
  • Free SSL certificates;
  • 30-day money back guarantee.


  • No live chat;
  • Can get pricey if you pay month by month.
  • No domain name.

Concluding My HawkHost Black Friday 2021 Sales Guide…


HawkHost hosting deals this Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a steal. If you need a reliable, fast and secure host that won’t break the bank when you buy it, you can’t go wrong with HawkHost.

And this 2021 Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale and offer is the right time to buy.

So I invite you to avail this discount today!

Remember, you get a 30-day money back guarantee, so if you aren’t satisfied, you can get your money back.

It’s a no risk deal for you!

Get HawkHost today!

It’s a BIG discount just waiting to be used 🙂

HawkHost Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales and Deals 2021
  • Name: HawkHost Web Hosting
  • Description: HawkHost Cyber Week 2021 sales and deals are LIVE and HOT! Get them now before it’s too late!
  • BF Offer- TBA
  • HawHost Special Coupon Code: Not Required
  • Christmas and New Year’s Special Sale– TBA

Get Deal!