HostArmada Affiliate Program Review- Worth Joining and Promoting?

Disclosure (full version here): Some of the links you’ll encounter are affiliate links. If you click and buy something, I may get a commission. Thank you! 

In this article I review HostArmada affiliate program.

Here you’ll learn whether it’s worth your time to join and promote this new hosting service.

You’ll also learn the nuts and bolts of their affiliate program and how it all works.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

HostArmada affiliate program review
HostArmada affiliate program review and tutorial- learn everything you need to know!

What it HostArmada? And Why Should You Promote Them?

HostArmada are a quality host that’s also quite new. They started operating in the last quarter of 2019 and since then have seen substantial and sustained growth for all their hosting services.

Speaking of services, they offer:

  • shared SSD cloud hosting
  • WordPress managed hosting;
  • VPS cloud hosting;
  • dedicated CPU server hosting;
  • Development hosting;
  • WooCommerce hosting;
  • Magento hosting;
  • domain registration service.

And you can promote all of these to earn commissions.

HostArmada are a global host. Their home-base is in Delaware US, but they have 9 offices and 8 data centers across the globe, easily covering the entire world.

Hostarmada data centers

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Why Should You Promote HostArmada?

Because they’re a high quality product and it’s a super easy to promote quality stuff.

I can’t cover it here because there’s no room for it. But if you want more details you should read my HostArmada review.

Also, take a look at their Trustpilot score and read through the reviews. You’ll be thoroughly convinced if you do.

HostArmada trustpilot score

HostArmada Affiliate Program- A Quick Breakdown

Here are some main features (and benefits) that you’ll get when you join their affiliate program.

#1- Free To Join And No Earning Limitations

HostArmada affiliate program is free to join and there are no earing limitations. So your commissions will never be capped in any sort of way.

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#2- Multi-Tiered Payout System

With HostArmada, the more people you refer, the more money you earn. They have a multi-tiered payout system where you get higher commission rates for each referral as soon as you pass a certain threshold.

1-5 Sales /month$50 /sale$75 /sale$100 /sale
6-10 Sales /month$75 /sale$100 /sale$125 /sale
11-20 Sales /month$100 /sale$125 /sale$150 /sale
20+ Sales /month$125 /sale$150 /sale$200 /sale

#3- 90 Days Cookie Duration

90 days is excellent and industry’s standard.

For example, Unbounce affiliate program also offer 90-day cookie duration. So does the Fusebox affiliate program. While Fiverr affiliate program only gives you 30-days cookies.

But there are positive extremes too.

Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program offer LIFETIME cookies duration.

#4- Excellent Affiliate Dashboard

HostArmada offer a very intuitive dashboard.

Even if you’re a total noob (I’m sure you’re not) it won’t take you more that 5m to familiarize yourself with it.

HostArmada affiliate dashboard

#5- A Whole Bonanza of Promotional Material Readily Available

HostArmada equips you with banners of all varieties and sizes, links, special link tracking software, advance reporting system and even affiliate link protector, all in one dashboard.

Promotional materials for HostArmada

#6- Deep Linking Available

With HostArmada affiliate program, you can deep link to any page on their site and those links will carry your unique affiliate code with them.

HostArmada deep linking available

Deep linking is wonderful for boosting affiliate link conversions. For example, this is a deep link that leads to HostArmada affiliate signup page.

It’ much more effective than to send you to their homepage so you can hopefully, fingers crossed, navigate from there.

#7- Dedicated Affiliate Manager

If you have any problems or questions about promoting HostArmada, you can contact them right within your affiliate dashboard.

And they respond really quickly. I know because I used that contact form to inquire about HostArmada coupon codes.

HostArmada contact form- direct line to their affiliate manager

#8- Very Little Competition

Because HostArmada are so brand sparkling new, very few affiliate marketers have caught on to this wonderful opportunity to make money.

By getting in the game early, you gain the first movers advantage, and you can easily dominate some money terms, simply because you’ll be competing against nobody.

Concluding My HostArmada Affiliate Program Review…

Now that you’ve read my HostArmada affiliate program review, I need to ask you- are you in?

HostArmada are a new, high-quality host who’s popularity is growing rapidly.

By joining the game early, you can gain an easy advantage and dominate the SERPS.

At least that’s my plan with my blog.

You can join me because there’s room for both of us 🙂

Let me know what you decided in the comment section below, and be sure to ask your questions, if any.