HostArmada Black Friday Deals and Sale 2021- Don’t Miss Out On The Special Offer This Cyber Monday Event!

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Quick Summary: HostArmada are a new player in the hosting market and they’re already making splashes left and right.

Read more about them below; or if you’re in a hurry, seize these Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals now.

The special 2021 sale is nearly over, so hurry!

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HostArmada black friday/cyber Monday deals and sale 2021
HostArmada Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale and deals 2021- These offers are FIRE, so hurry and save $$$!

HostArmada Cyber Week Deals and Sales 2021

  • Offer Validity: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Events 2021 (23.11.-2.12.2021)
  • My Rating: 5/5
  • Deal: Huge discounts. Get 80% off price on shared hosting plans and 30% off price on VPS hosting plans.
  • HostArmada Special Coupon Code: HABLACKFR80 (shared hosting); HABLACKFR30 (VPS hosting)
  • Christmas and New Year’s Special Sale– TBA

Description: HostArmada 2021 deals are your best chance to arm 🙂 yourself with an excellent host. Sorry for that bad pun, but I told the truth. If you want to save money AND get an excellent host for your site, do it during the 2021 Cyber Week.

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What is HostArmada Web Hosting? What Kind of Services Do They Offer?

Like I mentioned in the intro, HostArmada are a new player in the field.

They launched their biz in last quarter of 2019; their home base is in Delaware with offices in 9 locations across the globe; and at the time of crafting this article they already host more that 2000+ clients across the globe.

They’re an excellent host with stellar independent reviews and they’re just getting started.

Services they offer are:

  • WordPress hosting;
  • shared cloud hosting;
  • VPS cloud hosting;
  • dedicated CPU servers;
  • Development hosting;
  • WooCommerce hosting;
  • Magento hosting;
  • domain registration service.

HostArmada hosting services

What Are HostArmada Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals in 2021?

HostArmada are being very generous this time of the year.

They offer not 1, but 4 different discounts.

These are:

First, all of their shared hosting plans come discounted by 80%. This means you only pay 20% of what you’d normally pay  during any other time of the year.

Start Dock$3.33/mo80% discount
Web Warp$3.91/mo80% discount
Speed Reaper$4.72/mo80% discount

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Second, during the Black Friday week all of HostArmada VPS hosting plans come with a 30% discount tag attached to their regular pricing.

Web Shuttle$41.21/mo30% discount
Web Voyager$48.71/mo30% discount
Web Raider$63.71/mo30% discount
Site Carrier$101.21/mo30% discount

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Third, existing users can renew their hosting plans for 30% cheaper.

Fourth, existing users can upgrade their current hosting plan with a 20%discount.

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HostArmada Hosting Plans Explained

HostArmada shared hosting plans

Note: even though HostArmada offer deals on both shared and VPS hosting, I’ll cover the 3 shared hosting plans below.

It’s because most bloggers on this page will be interested in those as they’re the best value for money.

  • #1- Start Dock- 1 Website; 15 GB Cloud SSD Storage; 2 Cores CPU; 2 GB RAM; Unmetered Bandwidth; FREE Domain Register/Transfer; ~10 000 Unique Visitors; 7 Daily Backups; Default Hosting Perks; Prepare for Launch Perks

Start Dock is an excellent choice for newbie blogger starting their first website. It’s cheap, secure, reliable and with features that allow for uninterrupted growth.

  • #2- Web Warp- Unlimited Websites; 30 GB Cloud SSD Storage; 4 Cores CPU; 4 GB RAM; Unmetered Bandwidth; FREE Domain Register/Transfer; ~60 000 Unique Visitors; 14 Daily Backups; Default Hosting Perks; Prepare for Launch Perks; Warp Features Perks

Web Warp is perfect for bloggers who own one highly trafficked website they want to host affordably. It’s also a good choice for webmasters who have many smaller niche websites and want to host them all under one roof.

  • #3- Speed Reaper- Unlimited Websites; 40 GB Cloud SSD Storage; 6 Cores CPU; 6 GB RAM; Unmetered Bandwidth; FREE Domain Register/Transfer; ~120 000 Unique Visitors; 21 Daily Backups; Default Hosting Perks; Prepare for Launch Perks; Warp Features Perks; Speed Reaper Perks; Dynamic Caching

Speed Reaper is best for you if you have a big website and you want to host it comfortably. If speed and high performance (even under high traffic stress) is crucial for you, then opt for Speed Reaper and you won’t be sorry.

Note: are you an affiliate and want to promote HostArmada? Then read my HostArmada affiliate program review for more info.

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HostArmada Web Hosting Features- A Quick Breakdown

HostArmada web hosting features
#1- Free Domain Name

When you sign up for one of the HostArmada plans, you get a free domain name to go along with it. And what’s wrong with that 🙂

#2- Free Website Migration

if you already own a website and it’s hosted somewhere else, then you can migrate it to this host for free. Simply submit a ticket and let their staff professionally migrate your site for you.

#3- Automatic Daily Backups

Sleep easily at night knowing that your site is backed-up and a copy is safely stored on cloud server.

And if you ever run into trouble with a site hack or anything, it’ll be so easy to restore the yesterday’s, uncorrupted version of your site.

#4- One-Click WordPress Installer

Install a brand new WordPress site with a push of a button. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Note: installing WordPress manually is one of the first hurdles total newbies need to overcome. If you’re a newbie then you don’t have to worry about it because you won’t be installing WordPress manually.

#5- Extreme Site Security

 Host Armada use A.I. powered technology to build firewalls around your site and protect it at all times. Your site will be safe with HostArmada.

#6- Fully Managed Web Hosting Service

 Let the HostArmada crew handle your site and it’s backend. And you focus on what you know best. Creating content and promoting it.

#7- Globally Distributed Data Centers

HostArmada have 8 datacenters distributed across the globe. So you can host your site in one closest to your target audience.

Think about the site loading speed you can get!

HostArmada global data centers

#8- 24/7/365 Customer Support

You’ll never have an unsolvable problem if you host with HostArmada. If you don’t know how to solve it, they’ll know and will help you, 24/7.

#9- 45-Day Money Back Guarantee

Industry’s standard is 30 days, so HostArmada give you extra 15 day to change your mind. It’s because they know you won’t (change it).

They’re bursting with confidence 🙂

#10- HostArmada Have Excellent Trustpilot Score

Trustpilot is a customer review aggregator site where people can go and vent their frustrations about a product or service they bought.

But in case of HostArmada, they aren’t venting anything, but are singing praise to this hosting provider 🙂

HostArmada trustpilot reviews and rating



How To Buy HostArmada Hosting Plan And Save Money (Tutorial)?

It’s very easy to get new hosting and below are the steps:

First, go to and select “SSD Shared Hosting”
Pick HostArmada shared plans on a cloud

Second, choose the plan that best suits your website’s needs.

If you’re just starting out, then pick their Start Dock plan, which is excellent value for your money.

HostArmada shared hosting plans

Third, you’ll be asked to but a new domain name or use the one you already own.

Note: with HostArmada you get a FREE domain name for the first year.

Choose new domain name HostArmada

Fourth, choose a billing cycle (annually, biannually, triennially) and choose a data center to host your website. I suggest you pick the data center closest to your target audience.

Your choices are:

  • London (Europe)
  • Frankfurt (Europe)
  • Dallas (US)
  • Newark (US)
  • Freemont (US)
  • Toronto (CA)
  • Mumbai (IN)
  • Singapore
  • Sidney (AU)

pick your plan's length and data center location

Fifth, Preview your order. Here you will be offered a Privacy Protection service you can use to hide your whois record and prevent spam.

That’s optional.

Preview order hostarmada

Sixth, review again and when you’re ready, buy your new hosting plan.

Note: here is where you enter your Black Friday coupon code. For shared hosting the promo code is HABLACKFR80 ; and for VPS hosting the discount code is HABLACKFR30.

It’s crucial you add these because that’s how you’ll get the discounts promised on this page.

Buy Hostarmada

HostArmada Black Friday Week FAQ-  Learn Everything You Need to Know!

What is HostArmada?

HostArmada are a new hosting provider coming from Delaware, US. They specialize in cloud-based SSD hosting services and this Black Friday you can get their offer for cheap.

Do HostArmada Offer Unmetered Bandwidth?

Yes they do. Your website will be able to grow undisturbed.

Do Host Armada Offer Free Backups?

Yes they do. You get 7-day backups with their Start Dock plan; 14-day backups with Web Warp Plan; and 21-day backups with Speed Reaper plan.

Do HostArmada Offer a Free Domain Name With Their Hosting Service?

Yes they do. You will get a free domain name when you sign up to one of their hosting plans.

Will HostArmada Help Me Move My Site Over To Their Servers?

Yes, of course. Just submit a ticket to their helpful support and let them handle it for you.

What is Their Average Uptime?

It's 99%

What About Free SSL?

You'll get a free SSL certificate via Let's Encrypt.

What is HostArmada Refund Guarantee?

You have 45 days to change your mind and get your money back.

45 days is very generous because the industry's standard is 30 days.

Concluding My HostArmada Black Friday Deals 2021…

HostArmada are a relatively new host compared to some other established hosting companies. But despite being new, they’ve already proven themselves to be an excellent host with a superb customer support.

If you’re looking for that kind of hosting for your website, and you want to save money, than you know what to do…

Get the deal this Cyber Week and save some $$$.

Activate HostArmada Deal Now!

HostArmada Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale and Deals 2021
  • Name: HostArmada Web Hosting
  • Description: Get HostArmada deals today. Their special offer’s are only valid this Cyber Week, so you better hurry!
  • Black Friday Event Offer- 80% discount on shared hosting; 30% discount on VPS hosting
  • HostArmada Special Coupon Code: HABLACKFR80 (shared hosting); HABLACKFR30 (VPS hosting).
  • Christmas and New Year’s Special Sale– TBA

Get HostArmada Deal Today!

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