HostArmada Coupons Don’t Exist- But You Can Still Save Money on Hosting!

Disclosure (full version here): Some of the links you’ll encounter are affiliate links. If you click and buy something, I may get a commission. Thank you! 

Quick Summary: there are no individual HostArmada coupon and promo codes.

Sites that are advertising them are not being honest, and their goal is to get you to click on their affiliate link, so they can make commissions off you.

So there are no discount codes, but you can still get HostArmada hosting plan and save money in the process.

Learn below how.


What’s the Deal With HostArmada Coupon Codes?

According to HostArmada affiliate FAQ, no blogger can get an official coupon code to promote on their website.

Hostarmada affiliate FAQ- no coupon codes allowed

They also say that affiliates (such as myself- read my HostArmada affiliate program review) are allowed to share their official sitewide coupon and promo codes.

HostArmada sitewide coupon codes are allowed

So when you Google terms like:

  • HostArmada coupon codes
  • HostArmada promo codes
  • HostArmada discount codes
  • etc.

be prepared to spend some time sifting through the results.

Because Google will return a mixture of sites that promote legitimate sitewide coupons that you CAN use;

and sites that try to trick you by falsely advertising a coupon code that doesn’t exist.

However, there’s still hope…

2 Ways To Buy HostArmada With A Discount Today!

#1- Look For Regular, Sitewide Coupons

Go to HostArmada and scroll down the page till you reach the types of hosting they offer. There you will see coupon codes attached to regular prices.

For example, at the moment I’m writing this, there’s a 70% discount (code=LIFTOFF70) for their cloud shared hosting plan. And 45% discount (code=VPSLIFTOFF45) for Cloud VPS hosting.

hostarmada sitewide coupons

So if you were to buy today, that’s how much you’d save!

LIFTOFF7070%Default HostArmada Promo Code
FREE Domain +
Shared Hosting: 1 -3 years
VPSLIFTOFF4545%VPS cloud hosting
Note: depending on when you read this, these coupon codes might be outdated.

In that case, you will see the new codes attached to the hosting offers, like you saw in the image above.

#2- Are Black Friday and Cyber Monday Coming Soon?

Because if they are, you can get an awesome discount on HostArmada.

What’s the disocunt?

I can’t tell you because the offer changes ever year.

However, visit my HostArmada Black Friday Deals page and see how much you can save today.

How To Get HostArmada With Coupon Code Applied

Here are the steps.

First, go to and select the hosting you want.

I’ll go with “SSD Shared Hosting”
HostArmada shared hosting

Second, choose the plan you need for your blog.

HostArmada shared hosting plans

Third, either buy a new domain name (comes free with hosting) or use the one you already own.

Choose new domain name HostArmada

Fourth, choose a billing cycle and choose a data center to host your website. I suggest you pick a data center closest to your ideal target audience.

pick your plan's length and data center location

Fifth, Preview your order and choose to add or decline some hosting add-ons (for example whois protection).

Preview order hostarmada

Sixth, review again and when you’re ready, buy your new hosting plan.

Note: notice that coupon code is automatically applied to your order, so you don’t have to manually do it.

coupon automatically applied on HostArmada order

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Concluding My HostArmada Discount Code Mini Guide…

Ok, now you know that there are HostArmada coupon and promo codes. And they’re readily available on their website, and you don’t need to hunt for some exclusive deal that doesn’t even exist.

So my advice for you is to click this link and go and take advantage of the discount code.

Your website hosted with an excellent host will thank you for it.

Faster website=more traffic=more sales.


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