HostGator Affiliate Program Review 2023- Scam or Worth it? Should You Be Promoting This Hosting Giant (+How to Join)?

Disclosure (full version- Some of the links you’ll encounter are affiliate links. If you click and buy something, I may get a commission. Thank you! 

HostGator are a an “old guard” of the hosting industry. They’ve been around since 2002.

They’re also huge, a 300-pound gorilla in fact.

They host millions of websites under their banner. Their services are far from perfect, but they get the job done.

HostGator with it’s super cheap pricing options are especially a boon for newbies who’re just starting out with their first website.

But, what about their affiliate program? Is it any good?

Should YOU be promoting HostGator?

That’s what my HostGator affiliate program review will tell you.

I joined and opened a brand new affiliate account just so I can get the full scoop.

Results are below…

HostGator affiliate program review
Read my HostGator affiliate program review and learn whether they’re worth promoting or not!

Table of Contents

What is HostGator Affiliate Program? And How Does It Work?

HostGator affiliate program is a service run by HostGator where they partner up with bloggers like you to promote their hosting.

It’s a way for you to earn good money while recommending their excellent services to your audience.

It works by you sharing your affiliate link on all your platforms, and when people click and buy, you get rewarded a commission.

It’s that simple and affiliate marketing works!

HostGator affiliate program overview
9 Excellent Reasons Why You Need To Join HostGator Partner Program, Starting Today!

#1- It’s Free!

That’s right.

Joining their affiliate program is free and won’t cost you a dime.

And you don’t even have to be an existing customer to participate 🙂

#2- It’s Lucrative

HostGator are big. Seemingly everyone knows about them. When total newbies hear the word “hosting” they think “HostGator

By getting into the game of promoting them you could earn a lot of money.

The potential is limitless.

#3- Tiered Affiliate Payout System

Speaking of lucrative….

With HostGator, the more people you refer the more money you earn.

That applies in two ways. First, of course, the more people that buy through using your affiliate link, the more money you earn.

But also, your base commission rate rises with the more customers you get through their door.

With HostGator you earn:

  • $65 (1-5 referrals/mo);
  • $75 (6-10 referrals/mo);
  • $100 (11-20 referrals/mo);
  • $125 (21+ referrals/mo).

Progressive tiered payout system

#4- Several Payment Methods

You can get payed in 2 ways as a HostGator affiliate.

The first is via PayPal, but that’s standard for nearly all affiliate programs and networks.

The second, and this is what I really like, is wire-transferring the money. Don’t get confused, it’s just another name for Payoneer.

So, if you’re from a country where PayPal is not allowed, use Payoneer and get payed just the same.

How to Set Up Preferred Payment Method for HostGator Affiliate Program?

Inside Impact Radius dashboard, click on “Balance” in the top right corner.

And then go “Bank Accounts“.

Impact Radius balance report

Once there, simply select you want to be paid via Electronic Fund Transfer.

And fill in the blanks with your Payoneer bank account details.

Don’t have Payoneer?

Click here to open an account and get a FREE debit Mastercard.

Payment method impact

#5- Deep Linking Available

Deep linking is pointing to any page on with your affiliate link code embedded inside a link.

It’s a superb way to boost conversions simply because it’s so convenient for the user.

No one has the time to navigate a giant website like

Deep linking available with HostGator partner program

#6- Coupon Marketing Available

As a HostGator affiliate you can request special promo codes to offer to your visitors.

Promoting a HostGator coupon to your visitors will boost your conversion rate like crazy, because no sane person passes on a great deal 🙂

Especially if they need quality and affordable hosting.

Get promo code HostGator

#7- Great Affiliate Support and Extensive Knowledge Base

HostGator have a whole team of experts working with their affiliates and helping them be successful.

You can reach them on this email address if you have any problem or a question to ask.

There’s also an entire Knowledge center with hundreds of articles on everything HostGator.

HostGator knowledge center

#8- Lots Of Promotional Material (text links, banners…)

There’s a ton of helpful promotional materials to make your job promoting HostGator easier.

There’s so many different banners and links that it’s easy to get confused. Luckily, you can easily filter through and find exactly what you need.

Filtering makes finding the landing page you’re promoting a breeze.

banner and links for promoting HostGator are aplenty

#9- Easy-To-Use Affiliate Dashboard

Impact Radius is the payment processing platform that hosts HostGator’s affiliate program.

The affiliate dashboard you get is slick, intuitive and very easy to use.

I’m not a newbie and it took me less than 5m to see where everything was.

I suspect a true newbie would get it in under 10m.


Try it out here!

Impact affiliate dashboard
Impact affiliate dashboard is very intuitive!

How To Join HostGator Affiliate Program (Tutorial)?

First, go to their affiliate page and click on “Sign Up Free“.

Sign up to HostGator affiliate program

Second, you will be prompted to sign up for Impact, the service that hosts their affiliate program.

So go through the signup process filling in details as needed.

Apply for Impact account

Once, done, sit back and wait. It takes about 2 working days for someone from HostGator to call in and inform you that you’ve been accepted.

Don’t worry, you will get accepted as long as you have a decent looking website and a few articles already posted.

How to Promote HostGator? How To Make Money With Their Affiliate Program (7 Tactics)?

Here are 7 most effective ways of promoting HostGator and making as much money as you can.

#1- Do Some Clever Coupon Marketing 

No one can resist a good deal.

It’s in our  human nature to look for deals and to contrast things (normal more expensive price vs cheaper coupon price).

Why would someone pay full price for a HostGator plan when they can score a discount with your promo code?

They wouldn’t.

To create a custom coupon code, simply go Ads>Promo Codes> Request Promo Code.

Request promo codes

#2- Use Banners Ads

HostGator provide a slew of banner ads you can use on your website.

However, that doesn’t mean you should plaster your website with them. It’s because of banner ad blindness a modern age eye disease.

Instead, be graceful and elegant and have only a few non-obtrusive banners tucked away in strategic places on your website.

#3- Write a HostGator Review

Of better yet, write a whole bunch of reviews covering all of their products.

Some of the ideas that come to mind are:

  • HostGator shared hosting review;
  • HostGator VPS hosting review;
  • HostGator dedicated hosting review;
  • HostGator managed WordPress review
  • HostGator domain service review
  • etc.

Targeting all of these will help you rank better as you’ll build topical authority around HostGator as a topic.

#4- Promote Special Days Offers

HostGator like to go crazy with their special days offers.

  • Flash sale;
  • Labor day;
  • President day;
  • HostGator Black Friday

You can promote all of these on your blog.

Because these super offers offer insane discounts for a limited time only, the surge of traffic can be unbelievable and you can make a ton of money referring people left and right.

Note: because the surge of traffic can be so large, I suggest you prepare for it in advance by moving to a better host from your current crappy one.

#5- Promote HostGator as an Optimal-Choice Host

There are tens of thousands of hosting related keywords out there. At least 95% of them are long tail keywords with little to no competition.

They are easy pickings just ready to be had. And when you write those articles and target those keywords, make sure you promote HostGator as the go-to host for newbies and pros alike.

Some of the popular article formats are:

  • HostGator vs X Host;
  • What is the best hosting for…;
  • How to do X with HostGator;
  • Best X hosting provider alternatives (make sure you give prime spot to HostGator).

#6- Build Supporting Pages

Supporting pages, or supporting content are articles that are topically related to the money page you’re trying to rank.

In this case that would be your HostGator review, or any article where your direct intention is to monetize traffic.

For example, I don’t have a HostGator review, but I do have a HostGator Black Friday Deals article and that post is my money page and this article here is my supporting content.

Here’s an illustration that shows the concept of money page+ supporting content.

Money page and supporting content

Here’s how it works:

  • Your money page links to your supporting articles;
  • Your supporting content links to money page using keyword rich anchor text;
  • Supporting articles link to each other;
  • They all link to their parent category; and category links back to them;
  • They are all tagged under one tag page, and tag page links to them.

How To Find Keywords For Supporting Content?

The best keywords for supporting content are questions people ask about the parent topic.

Here are 3 quick ways to find them.

#1- Use SEMrush

This is the best and most efficient way.

Go to SEMrush and into the “Keyword Magic” section.

Type in your target keyword (our example is “HostGator”).

HostGator keyword in Keyword Magic in Semrush

Then click on the “Questions” filter and SEMrush will serve up all questions web users ask about the topic.

Plus you get data that only premium tool can give you.

It pays in spades to know search volumes for each keyword and keyword difficulty scores.

Questions people ask about HostGator

#2- Answer The Public

Answer the Public is a freemium tool that let’s you mine question keywords directly from Google.

The tools scrapes the SERPS and delivers results in a very attractive format.

Take a look:

HostGator answer the public results

There are hundreds of results to sift through and more than enough keyword ideas to last you a long time.

The downside of course is that you don’t get search volumes with the free version.

But with the premium version you do.

#3- People Also Ask

This is a new tool that scrapes the PAA boxes that you’ve probably seen in the SERPS before.

PAA boxes in the SERPS

Here’s what the results look like.

People also ask free tool

I recommend you use SEMrush (get a 1 month free trial here), simply because it’s faster, easier and you have access to keyword volumes and difficulty metrics.

But if you can’t afford it, or don’t want to use SEMrush then take advantage of the free tools I provided above.

#7- Use Deep Linking

Deep linking is when you link to any page on a target website and that link carries your affiliate code with it.

It’s a conversion rocket booster because it makes it 10X easier for the user to convert and buy something.

To create a deep link in HostGator simply go Create a Link>Enter a Landing Page.

Deep linking HostGator

Frequently Asked Questions About HostGator Partner Program

My HostGator affiliate program review wouldn’t be complete without an FAQ section.

Here it is below and if I missed your question, let me know in the comment section below.

#1- Is it Free To Join?

Yes it is.

And you don’t have to be an existing customer in order to promote HostGator.

#2- How Will HostGator Affiliate Pay Me?

You can choose between PayPal and Electronic Fund Transfer (you can use Payoneer here).

#3- What’s The Cookie Duration?

Cookie duration is 60 days and the system uses last click attribution.

This means that if the person clicks your affiliate link last, you will be rewarded a sale even if they previously clicked another person’s paid link.

#4- Is There a Limit To How Much Money I Can Earn?

No there’s not.

So fire away 🙂

#5- How Long Will I Have To Wait To Get My Money?

The commission holdup period is 2 months+10 days.

#6- What’s The Affiliate Support Like?

HostGator have a whole team of people whose only job is to help their affiliates to make more money. They can help you too 🙂

#7- Can I Get Payed My Affiliate Commissions via TransferWise or Other Money Transfer Services?

Currently you cannot.

Only via Electronic Funds Transfer and PayPal.

There’s a Payoneer option available too.

#8- How Does HostGator Affiliate Program Make Money?

HostGator affiliate program make money through their affiliates.

They don’t host their partner program out of goodness of their heart.

Instead, they’ve calculated it’s profitable to partner with affiliates and that’s what they do.

#9- How Much Does HostGator Pay Affiliates?

You get paid what you earn in a given time frame (month over month).

There’s no upper limit to earning and the minimum amount to be paid out is $100.

#10- Is There Some Other Affiliate Program You Recommend Besides HostGator’s?

I recommend you join the SEMrush affiliate program.

SEMrush is the world’s leading all-in-one SEO suite of tools and it’s a cinch to promote it as their affiliate.

Besides HostGator’s partner program, the SEMrush affiliate program is my top pick for any affiliate, and I strongly recommend you join.

It’s free too and one of the best SEMrush features as a whole.

SEMrush affiliate program on Impact Radius

Concluding My HostGator Affiliate Program Review…

I hope my HostGator affiliate program review helped you.

So tell me, are you going to join and promote HostGator?

You have nothing to lose and you can make a lot of money if you’re successful promoting HostGator.

HostGator partner program is free to join, they’re a mega popular brand and hosting is a perennial topic where there’s always new hosting needs waiting to be filled.

Let me know your decision in the comment section below!

Also, shoot me a question if you have one.

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