HostGator Free Trial 2021- Take This Hosting Provider for a 30-Day Spin!

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Free trial web hosting providers abound on the market.

I literally have a whole guide covering the best ones. (click the link above to see it).

But here I will talk about HostGator free trial and how to get it.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

HostGator free trial
Seize the HostGator free trial offer and see what this hosting provider is all about!

Does HostGator Really Have a Free Trial Offer? And Without a Credit Card Needed?

HostGator do offer a 30-day free trial which you can access with their 1c coupon code (more on that below).

And no, you don’t need a credit card because you can pay that one cent with PayPal.

HostGator Free Trial Eligibility Criteria

Not everyone can take advantage of HostGator free trial.

Here’s are the rules:

  • Only new users can take advantage of this offer. If you’re already a HostGator customer, you can’t use their free trial offer. My advice in that case is to start a new account with a new email address.
  • It’s a 3- day free trial- you basically get a whole month to test HostGator for 1c, but then on the second month it renews with original pricing. I cover below how to beat this limitation.
  • Free trials applicable only on HostGator owns many country-level domains, and none of them gives you a free trial option. So always go for the main, to take advantage of their offer.
  • HostGator Free trial is only for shared hosting. You can try out any HostGator shared hosting plan on a free trial.

How to Take Advantage of HostGator Free Trial (Tutorial)?

It’s easy, and here are the steps.

First, visit and click the “Get Started” button.

HostGator get started

Next, pick the hosting plan you want to test out.

Hatchling plan

Third, fill out the signup page and when you get to the coupon code section, just enter 1Cent as shown in the picture below.

HostGator 1 cent promo offer

Pro tip: you need to remove the addons that come preselected. (CodeGuard, Premium SSL, SiteLock).

It’s because those don’t come free with your free trial and you’d have to pay full price for them.

HostGator add ons
UNCHECK HostGator add-ons as they’re not part of the free trial!

That’s it!

Enjoy your free trial!

Try HostGator today!

45-day refund available, so you ain’t got nothing to lose.

Note: Use PayPal to pay that obligatory 1c,  hence no credit card required. Also, if you’re reading this and it’s Black Friday, pay a visit to my HostGator Black Friday guide next!

But Should You Really Go For HostGator Hosting Free Trial?

Here’s the truth.

HostGator 1c offer is perfect for testing out HostGator hosting.

But it is a horrendous long-term option because that 1c month renews on the second month at a whopping $10.95/mo.

You don’t want to be paying that kind of money to any host, so the solution here is twofold.

First, you can bite the bullet and immediately go with HostGator 12-month plan (55.67% discount) 24-month plan (56.60), or 36-month plan (60% savings).

Or you can take it for a spin during the first month, cancel, and then buy a genuine plan using one of their coupon codes.

That way you come into this fullly informed.

Here are the HostGator coupons you can use to get a discount. link

Finally, you need to remember that HostGator offer a 45-day money back guarantee on all plans.

Hence you have nothing to lose.

HostGator Free Tria FAQ- All Your Questions Answered!

Everyone loves free trials, and every blogger and their mom are familiar with the quality affordable host that is HostGator.

Therefore, there’s a small ton of questions online about HostGator free trial and how to get it.

I answer most of them below.

Does HostGator Have Free Trial?

HostGator have a free trial offer. You can activate it by using the 1c coupon code (1CENT). The trial lasts for 30 days.

Do I Need a Credit Card to Activate HostGator Free Trial Offer?

You don't need a credit card to activate HostGator free trial offer. You can pay that 1c with PayPal.

What is HostGator Hosting Free Trial Coupon?

HostGator hosting free trial coupon is 1CENT. Get 30 days hosting for 1 one cent. Applicable for all shared hosting plans.

Does HostGator Free Trial Come With Free Domain Name?

HostGator 30-day free trial does not come with a free domain name. You will get a free domain name if you purchase a hosting plan of at least 12 months duration.

Do I Get Free Email With HostGator Free Trial?

Yes, you do. HostGator's free trial comes with unlimited emal inboxes.

Are Add-Ons Included in the Free Trial?

No. add-ons are not included with HostGator's free trial and they are paid separately. Plus there's no refund for those.

Try HostGator hosting today!

Concluding My HostGator Free Trial Guide for 2021…


HostGator is both an excellent and affordable host.

They’re worth the shot, especially if you’re starting out and you don’t need a super premium host like Cloudways or Kinsta.

HostGator will serve you just fine, especially since HostGator free trial offer lets you test drive their hosting for 1c without committing to anything long term.

You do have 1c to spare, do you?

The coupon code is 1CENT.

Get HostGator free trial today!

Let me know what you think, thanks!


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