How To Do Blog Commenting For Traffic? Get Some Referrals Flowing Your Way!

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This isn’t my full blog commenting guide.

If you want that, visit the link you just saw.

But here you will learn how to get traffic through smart blog commenting. You’ll also learn how to impress and make friends with site owners in your industry.

Finally, you’ll also learn much more. And as for what that “much more” is, that’s for you to find out. Can’t reveal all my secrets right off the bat, can I? 🙂

Without further ado, let’ get started!

How to do blog commenting for traffic and branding
Learn how to comment for branding and traffic!

3 Characteristics of Blog Comment Referral Traffic

You will never experience a whole bunch of people clicking on your comment link.

In fact, most will not click, and those that do are a rare and worthy breed.

Here’s what you need to know about this sub-species of Homo Sapiens 🙂

#1- They’re Highly Engaged (With the Topic)

These folks care a lot about the topic of the blog post where you left your comment.

They care so much that they’re willing to click your link and investigate your blog in hopes of learning more about X.

#2- They’re Curious About You

They want to learn more about you because you (through your comment) made a strong impression on them.

So in a way they’re already warm traffic for your brand.

#3- They Want to Learn

It’s simple.

These visitors want to learn more about the topic X, so you better serve them content relevant to the blog post they just came from (more on blog comment link relevancy below).

2 Types of Blog Commenting Links

When commenting for links, you have the option of leaving a “website field” link, an in-body comment link, or both.

Let’s cover them below!

#1- Website Field Link

Website field is a place where you can leave you blog’s URL.

Looks something like this, though exact design depends on the theme.

website field link
Source- Fusebox Smart Player Review

Most of the time you will leave these types of links. They’re non spammy way to build brand awareness and to get some referral traffic.

They’re also quite a normal occurrence in the blog commenting ecosystem and won’t raise a red flag.

So you can expect to actually get you comment with website link published.

#2- In-body Comment link

These are naked URL links (except on Disqus where you can use anchor text) that live inside your blog comment as an integral part of it.

in-body-blog comment link

They are more risky to pull off, but it can be done.

Learn how below.

Note: these types of comment have a knack of disappearing after a while. Usually the webmaster changes their mind and remove the link.

It doesn’t happen too often but it happens often enough for me to mention it here.

For example, did you see the comment from the image above? Well the link has been removed as you can seein the image below.

Though in this case the link got removed because the site owner of TopRankBlog switched from Disqus commenting system to WordPress native comments.

And WordPress comment section supports only naked URL links.

Removed comment link

How To Do Blog Commenting For Traffic- 9 Tips To Get You Started Today!

I could list out a million tips and more, but the truth is that these 9 are enough to get you spectacular results.

Also, you’ll never see success with blog commenting if you just read and read about it.

Instead go out and maybe, I know this is a crazy idea, but bear with me until the end… leave some comments 🙂

#1- Have Great Content on Your Site- It’s a MUST!

The purpose of blog commenting for traffic is to get referrals flowing to your site.

But to have any results you need to have a decent looking blog with excellent content.

So that people who did clickthrough aren’t disappointed or worse, don’t leave your site as soon as they’ve landed.

#2- Use a Gravatar

Gravatar free service
My Gravatar image!

Gravatars (sign up here) are tiny images (connected to your Gravatar profile and email address) that show up wherever you comment.

They are must for branding and for showing there’s a human behind a keyboard

Here’s what they look like on my site:

Gravatar enabled comments
Source- Wealthy Affiliate review

And here’s what happens when someone doesn’t have a Gravata account.

They turn into monsters! 😉

No Gravatar comment
Source- Missinglettr review

#3- Comment on Niche Relevant Blogs

You need to be commenting only on blogs from your niche, and not on any other.


Because you don’t want to just get any traffic.

Instead your goal is to attract relevant people, and traffic that comes from other blogs in your industry blog will be highly engaged with your business.

The opposite is true for commenting on irrelevant blogs.

For example, lets say your blog is about internet marketing, and you leave a comment on a gardening blog.

And someone clicks on it and visits your site.

What do you think will happen next? I bet the person will leave right away.

They don’t care about marketing. They care about their plants.

#4- Comment  On Popular Blogs

Let’s say you have a blog post about backlinks. You want to leave comment and get traffic through to your blog posts.

How to do it?

First you need to comment on blog posts that get a lot of traffic.

So search Google for the keyword “how to get backlinks” Pages that rank obviously get at least some traffic especially since pages ranking for competitive queries usually rank for dozens, or hundreds even long tail phrases.

Now scan through the SERPS looking for a page that:

  • has an active comment section;
  • doesn’t have a million comments already;

For example, Brian Dean’s link build guide would not be a good fit because he’s page already garnered more that 1000 comments.

Popular comment section

Instead, find a guide that has much fewer, preferably less than 20. And drop you comment with a link.

#5- Write Long Comments

People like Ryan Biddulph like to say you need to write mini guest posts in the comment section. Because it’ll make you stand out among the mostly generic comments.

That’s true that longer comments are more noticeable, but I disagree you need to write a 1000 words to make an impact.

Shorter comments can still pack a lot of value.

When I say “shorter” I mean 1-2 paragraph of  very useful stuff.

Leaving longer content help you in 3 simple ways:

#1- You provide a lot of additional value to the post. Especially if you write about your experience with X. That’s priceless because your experiences are yours to share. They’re unique.

#2- Show off your knowledge. When you leave value packed comment you’re just like a peacock showing off his feathers. Don’t be surprised if you attract (pun intended) a new employer.

Someone who wants the job done and has more money than time and skills.

#3- You CAN leave a link like that- After you’ve given a lot of value and yours is truly the best comment, you can leave an in-body content link and reasonably expect for it to be published.

For example,

Here’s how I left a comment on this post on my friend Vishwajeet Kumar’s blog.

See how the comment is pretty long and value-packed.

Also, notice a link promoting my table of content guide?

in-body comment link example

#6- Stay on Topic and Leave Relevant Links 

When writing longer comments, it’s so easy to go off on a  tangent so that your comment loses beginning and end.

Don’t do that.

Instead, be focused on the topic and provide as much value as you can. Also, any link you leave needs to be VERY relevant to the topic of the post you’re commenting on.

In the example above my link is about content tables and I left it on a post about 6 best content table plugins.

#7- Be a Regular Commentator

The truth is- leaving one comment on a random blog will not do anything for you. You’ll just drown in the sea of other comments.

So to stand out, you need to be memorable. This comes down to writing good comments, but also to showing up regularly.

For example I left more than 100 comments on

and it has led to great engagement with a big influencer in my niche,+ 7 guest posts.

Pro tip- Set up alerts to be notified when someone responds to your comments. That way you can continue the conversation and transform you commenting monologue into a dialogue.

#8- Connect With The Webmaster

If for you other webmasters are competition you need to beat, then you must stop to reconsider it right away.

That kind of thinking will ruin your chances of success.

Instead, you need to think of other blogger as you allies in getting more traffic.

They’re the one’s who can amplify your content, they’re the one’s who have linking power and who can send you backlinks.

And it all start with being friendly, helpful and a genuine part of the community.

Here are 3 simple ways to connect with other bloggers in your niche:

#1- Share their stuff on social media. I like Twitter the best, because it’s easiest, but really, any social channel is good. When they notice and thank you for sharing, make sure you engage with them further.

For example, I regularly engage with my good friend Moss Clement, a terrific freelance writer over at MossMedia.Biz

Twitter engagement and commenting

#2- Comment on their blogs. This is a given, while commenting on their blog you will naturally build rapport and goodwill with them.

#3- Buy their products- Bloggers love nothin more than when you buy their stuff. After all, they put a lot of work and hundreds of hour into making products happen, and it’s such validation for them to get sales as reward for their hard work

For example if you wanted to connect with Eb Gargano, the easiest way to do it would be to buy one of her courses.

productive blogging courses

#9- Don’t Try To Be First

The first comment usually gets most clicks and engagement. Because it’s the most visible, and because readers rarely scroll through entire comment section.

Now, many guides teach you to comment as fast as possible so your link get seen and you get traffic.

I do not agree with that at all.


Because of 3 reasons:

#1- It’s very hard to be the first, almost impossible. There are always other people watching like hawks for new posts to be published so they can immediately go and drop a comment.

#2- Speedy writing= crappy comments. There’s no use in leaving a bad comment that will damage your brand when peopel read it.

#3- Blog commenting for traffic is a peripheral activity compared to content creation or link building. You can’t just drop the post you’re writing for your site to go and leave a comment somewhere else.

That’d kill your productivity for sure.

Concluding My Guide On Getting Referral Blog Comment Traffic…

2 truths you need to realize about building traffic via blog commenting:

First, you will never get a tonne of traffic like that. So dropping links in comments can never be your main traffic acquisition strategy.

Second, it’s worth doing it because the value of the traffic you’ll get is top-notch.

The question is:

what you gonna do about it now that you’ve finished reading my guide?

Tell me about it in the comment section below 🙂

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