How does Grammarly Review Text so Quickly?

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Grammarly is basically a cloud-based application that reviews texts for errors and makes edit suggestions. The question is, how is Grammarly able to do it so quickly?

how does Grammarly review text so quickly

Here is how Grammarly Reviews Text so Quickly

At the backend of Grammarly, there are sophisticated but efficient algorithms to analyze text. These algorithms are run on powerful cloud-based servers allowing Grammarly to process large amounts of text quickly.

Although it takes a very short time for Grammarly to provide feedback, it actually first thoroughly analyzes your text before offering suggestions.

Grammarly Review Speed FAQ

#1- Why does Grammarly take too long to provide suggestions?

Your Grammarly suggestions should show in a matter of seconds. If it’s taking longer than expected, you might want to check your internet connection. Also, confirm whether the application you’re using is not frozen, or if your device is not hanging.

#2- Can Grammarly increase my writing speed?

Yes, Grammarly can increase your writing speed because your text is analyzed in a matter of seconds and you can correct mistakes on the go.

#3- Does my internet speed contribute to how fast I get feedback from Grammarly?

Grammarly typically doesn’t need high internet speed to perform but very slow or unstable internet connections can interrupt the feedback process. Note that this is mostly unnoticeable.

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You came here wanting to understand how Grammarly reviews text so quickly. Hope you now understand.

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