How Does SEMrush Make Money?- And How Can You Make Money With Them?

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Wondering whether SEMrush is a profitable company?

In this post, you will learn how SEMrush makes money, and how you can take advantage of their monetization to start making money with SEMrush.

Let’s start now!

How does SEMrush make money?
How does SEMrush make money?

What is SEMrush?

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is a robust digital marketing software that helps marketers run and manage SEO (search engine optimization), PPC, content marketing, social media marketing campaigns and more.

SEMrush offers a fleet of internet marketing features with most of them focused on SEO. And while SEMrush does provides a ton of data for SEO experts, it was designed with beginners in mind too.

For example, the website audit tool can audit a website, and provide actionable suggestions to improve the website’s SEO.

This can be very helpful for total SEO beginners.

How Does SEMrush Make Money?

With over 470,000 active users, 979 workers, and 55+ different digital marketing tools there is no doubt SEMrush is the best SEO software on the market.

There are three main ways SEMrush makes money:

#1- Organic Search (Google/Bing/Yahoo/Yandex) Rankings

SEMrush is a huge brand with over 6.2 million unique visitors every month. They have accumulated thousands of traffic-generating blog posts and boast a vivid social media presence+ many other marketing channels, including PPC. The point is they get a ton of traffic to their site.

This traffic is then directed towards visitors to get as many SEMrush free trial signups as possible. The free SEMrush subscribers are then remarketed to later convert to premium subscription plans.

SEMrush organic traffic
SEMrush has huge organic search traffic!

#2- Lots of Free Tools

People are always looking for free SEO tools to improve their rankings. SEMrush understood that, and they provided a bunch of them.

Some of the SEMrush free features and tools include;

SEMrush Content Ideas Generator

SEMrush content idea generator

Use the SEMRush content idea generator tool to discover new subtopics and angles of your main entity (keyword).

This is wonderful for building out topical authority on your blog, and it’s an excellent replacement for the SEMrush keyword research tool that comes with a paid SEMrush subscription.

Note: SEMRush offers a 14-day free trial you can take advantage of if you already haven’t. 14 days is plenty of time to discover a mountain of relevant keywords to target.

Free SEMrush Persona Tool

SEMrush free persona tool

Building a buyer persona is very important in any marketing campaign. SEMrush free persona tool will help you create unlimited buyer persona profiles.

Free Social Media Marketing Toolkit

SEMrush free social media toolkit

SEMrush free social media marketing toolkit allows you to edit, post, and schedule posts on major social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

All these free tools are aimed at getting visitors to interact with SEMrush tools with the goal of introducing them to other premium tools.

It’s an effective source of income generation for SEMrush.

#3- Affiliate Marketing

SEMrush has an affiliate program that is currently booming. Because of its high-paying commissions, thousands of affiliates have already joined, and many more join every single day.

This means thousands of marketers are promoting SEMrush, writing about SEMrush,, making videos about SEMrush, creating webinars about SEMrush…

That’s a ton of free exposure for SEMrush, and a major way how they make money.

But, the SEMrush affiliate program is a way for you to make money as well.

Learn more below.

How to Join SEMrush Affiliate Program?

SEMrush affiliate program hosted on Impact Radius

Joining the SEMrush affiliate program is simple. And because they pre-approve new affiliates, you can instantly become one.

With over 50 different tools and commissions of up to $200 per sale, affiliates swarm to promote SEMrush because there is a ton of marketing content you can create around each tool.

To join, all you need are these three requirements;

  • A social media account with a minimum of 1000 followers or a website with 1000 visitors;
  • An active blog with 1- 3 weekly posts published;
  • Content around digital marketing topics;

Also, there are things that make the SEMrush affiliate program worth joining;

  • SEMrush is not overpriced. Most people feel like they’re getting a bargain with a paid SEMrush plan. This means it’s easy to sell it.
  • High-paying commissions of up to $200 per sale. Additionally, you earn $10 for every free trial account that is activated and $0.01 per new sign-up.
  • Long cookie life of up to 120 days. This is awesome in case customers don’t end up subscribing on their first visit. Which they usually don’t
  • “Last-Click” attribution system. This system qualifies the last affiliate link a buyer interacts with for commissions. So this means that, even though the cookies of another affiliate marketer may be on the buyer’s computer, if your affiliate link is what the buyer clicks last to make the payment, you will earn the commission.
  • SEMrush offers a free trial of their service; a SEMrush lifetime deal is also a possibility; occasionally, SEMrush gives exclusive coupons to their affiliatesBottom line: you will have something to offer to potential buyers, and all can be gotten through your affiliate link:)

Click here to learn how to join the SEMrush affiliate program.

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How Does SEMrush Make Money (Conclusion)?

Now that you know all about how SEMrush makes money, it is your turn to join the party.

In the SEO niche, SEMrush’s affiliate program is one of the best, and if you offer digital marketing services or you create content around digital marketing topics, you will want to join and earn commissions.

If you have any questions or comments about joining the SEMrush affiliate program, drop them below.

Happy to help!

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