How Do You Get a Discount on HostGator? One Legit Method!

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Wanna learn how to get a legit HostGator discount?


Then keep reading as I spill the beans in this article.

How to get a HostGator discount?

So, How Do You Get a HostGator Discount?

To get a discount on HostGator, you will need to first get a HostGator free trial using the coupon code “1CENT” without the quotes.

To activate your 1c free trial, just enter 1CENT in the coupon code section on the signup page.

HostGator 1cent discount code

While the 1CENT free trial offer gives you 30 days, it is important that you test the HostGator platform only for 30 days.


First, keep in mind that HostGator only offer a free trial on They have several country-level domains around the globe that won’t give you the free trial option. –So, if you don’t see the free trial option, make sure to check the domain name.

Second, after 30 days, you will be billed the original plan pricing and that can cost you upwards of $10 per month which can be pretty expensive. (Keep reading because I’m going to show you a way around this limitation so that you can save big with HostGator discounts)

Here is What You Do to Avoid the Expensive Costs

HostGator offer between 60% – 71% discounts on their Shared Hosting plans.

That is what I want you to get. And if you’re reading this article around Black Friday, make sure to check out my HostGator Black Friday deals page. –They always have awesome discounts around Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Let’s get back to business.

So, once you have tested the HostGator platform and want to continue using their services, make sure to cancel your current subscription before the 30 days.

After cancelation, buy the original plan using their coupon codes.

Here are the HostGator Coupon codes to get their long term discounts.

The trick here to getting the maximum discount amount is to order for longer periods.

So if you ordered hosting for 3 years instead of just 1, you would get a higher discount compared to a 1 year with the same coupon code.

Take a look at the table below.

12 months$36$12560%
24 months$83$20965%
36 months$94$26871%


The best legit way to get a HostGator discount is to use their one cent coupon code (1CENT) to take HostGator for a free trial run.

And after that month has passed, you can make the decision fully informed.


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