Learn How to Pick The Best Products To Promote On Your WordPress Website- Don’t Choose The Wrong One’s!

Disclosure (full version here): Some of the links you’ll encounter are affiliate links. If you click and buy something, I may get a commission. Thank you! 

Here you will learn how to pick products to promote on your affiliate marketing website.

You will also learn what not to do and what questions you need to ask yourself BEFORE cutting that all important cord.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

How to pick products to promote on your affiliate website
Pick the right product to promote, and make money. It’s simple as that!

6 Tips For Choosing The Best Products To Promote And Sell On Your Website

#1- Relevance

The product you want to promote on your website needs to be relevant to your audience.

This is absolutely critical because niche audiences respond extremely well to niche products, while they scorn irrelevant products as time wasters.

If you don’t want to be scorned, pick only relevant offers to advertise.

For example, my blog is all about affiliate marketing and using SEO to succeed as an affiliate marketer.

So I promote Wealthy Affiliate University, who are the best affiliate training program for newbies.

They’re hyper relevant to my audience and the recommendation is fruitful.

#2- High Quality

The product you recommend must be of sufficiently high quality. It must be something you’d wholeheartedly recommend to your mother to buy.

If it’s not, then forget about it and don’t try to sell it on your blog. You will only alienate your audience because they’ll think you’re in it solely for the money, and don’t care about them one bit.

Remember, the products you recommend reflect on you as a site owner. So you will never catch me promoting a Warrior Forum product, which are all pretty low quality.

Warrior Forum special offers are low quality products

#3- Good Commission Structure

You’re in this biz to earn money, right?

Hey, I get it.

I get YOU, because I too am in it for the same reason. So the products we choose must have a good commission structure.

I will not promote a product that pays me nickels and dimes for my blood, sweat and tears, and neither should you.

Related- Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program offer 50% commissions to its affiliates, and Wealthy Affiliate is a premium, popular and evergreen product.

Check them out!

#4- Recurring Revenue

It is possible to sell one of products and make a comfortable living from those commissions.

But to really scale affiliate marketing and to live like a king/queen you need to promote offers where you get commissions month after month and for every referral.

That’s called recurring revenue and it’s the best way to build a stable passive income source.

Good example is the Unbounce Affiliate program, where I get 20% monthly commissions for every sale I make and for the lifetime of the my referral.

#5- Product You’ve Used And Like

It’s ethical to only promote products you’ve used and really know what they’re like.

It’s also highly advantageous for you.


Because most affiliate marketers are lazy and don’t want to invest their money into buying the products; and their time into really testing them out.

So actually using the product and giving an honest review can be your BIG competitive advantage.

For example, I recently reviewed Fusebox Smart Podcast Player, and to do a proper job, I invested and bought the plugin.

That allowed me to take screenshots from the back-end that someone who haven’t invested couldn’t do.

Fusebox license key
Fusebox license key- I paid so that I could write the best review in the world.

#6- Evergreen Product

The product you wish to sell on your site needs to be evergreen. This means that 5 years from now it’ll still exist and the review you create today will still bring in revenue 5 years from now.

For example, I promote Bluehost cheap shared hosting for beginners. I know they’ll be around even 10 years from now I also know that as long as there’s the internet, there will be a need for affordable hosting services.

Another example are Cloudways premium cloud hosting. I’m thinking of hosting my site there and then I’ll be able to promote them properly.

But here, my good friend Sayem has this Cloudways Black Friday page he’s promoting.

He uses Cloudways so of course, he can talk about them while adding in his affiliate link.

It’s only natural.


#7- Trusted Affiliate Partner

Don’t join an affiliate program, and don’t promote a product where their existing affiliates are complaining left and right.

Consider it a big clue that it’s probably an affiliate marketing scam of sorts.

Instead, promote products that fill these criteria:

  • The affiliate program is active and well managed;
  • It’s existing affiliates sing praise to the program;
  • There’s a whole section of the site dedicated to training new affiliates;
  • There are dedicated affiliate support (help desk/phone support, ticketing system, interactive voice response…) readily available.

Good example of this is the Fiverr affiliate program. Fiverr is a huge company and their affiliate program ticks all the boxes for me.

Look at how developed their affiliate dashboard is. And how many tools and resources they offer to their affiliates.

Fiverr dashboard

Now that you know how to choose a product to promote and sell on your WordPress site…

Wanna know what not to do?

How NOT To Choose A Product To Promote On Your Blog- 5 Helpful Tips!

Some people better learn when you tell them what not to do.

So this section is for them, though you’re welcome to read it too 🙂

#1- Don’t Choose Products Based Solely On The Superb Commission Structure

You’ll be shooting yourself in the foot if you promote something just because it’ll pay nicely when you make a sale.

Because the perfect product must lie at the intersection of:

  • being very relevant to your readers;
  • being high quality;
  • being evergreen and from a trusted brand;
  • AND offering a generous commissions for selling it.

If you have just the last point you might make a sale but you’ll lose the reader.

And online, words spread quicker than wildfire in a sun-burnt forest.

#2- Don’t Choose Products Based On Popularity

Try hard not to target popular products that other affiliates are targeting. Those niches are already saturated and to compete you’d need to pour a lot of time and money into it.

Instead, research your niche market thoroughly and find something that is still quality and somewhat popular, but much less competitive.

Ranking for affiliate terms and promoting those products will be a cinch, and with very few competitors you’ll start making money way sooner.

Another easy way to quickly stand out is to pick out new and emerging products in your space. For example I’m an affiliate for Link Whisper, and I love the tool.

I started promoting them at the time when Spencer Haws (the creator) was just starting the affiliate program..

And because there was very little competition, immediately after publishing my Link Whisper review, my page skyrocket to the third page of Google and then it continued to climb from there.

#3- Don’t Chase Irrelevant Offers

This is basic so I’ll keep it short.

If you want to NOT make a sale and to drive all the traffic away so they never return, then promote stuff that has nothing to do with your niche.

For example, if you’re in the coffee niche then you definitely should promote comfy sleepers and you will quickly run out of readers to alienate 😛

#4- Don’t (Blindly) Follow Your Competitors

If you see all your closest competitor are racing for a new offer that just came out yesterday, then it could be you too should promote it.

Or maybe you should nor.

Stop for a moment and think:

“is this new product really what I’d promote on my site if it wasn’t new and hot? Does it really align with my site’s theme and mission?

If the answer’s NO, then avoid it and save yourself a future headache.

#5- Don’t Settle With an OK Affiliate Programs

Don’t settle for the good, go for great.

Always pick affiliate programs that pay the most and have a large and professional affiliate program

Note: Of course, take other points from this guide in consideration.

3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Picking a Product To Promote as an Affiliate

The simplified version of this guide are the 3 question you’ll find below.

If you respond to all 3 with a yes, with a big YES, they you’ve found a right product to promote,

#1- Is This Product High Quality And Genuinely Helpful For My Audience?

if your answer is YES, then it is a good offer to promote.

Your audience must benefit from your recommendations, because if they don’t you will lose them, their trust and your business.

#2- Is This An Evergreen Product Sold By a Reputable Company?

If your chosen product has existed for years and is still going strong. If there’s a stable or increasing demand for it, then yes, it’s an evergreen product.

And If the company who sells the product is a big brand with extensive and lucrative affiliate program, then you have a winner on your two hands.

 #3- Will Promoting This Product Boost My Bottom Line?

Affiliate marketing is your business and you should never promote things that pay you peanuts for your hard work.

Instead choose products that will make both your traffic happy and you well-off.

Those exist, but sometimes you need to dig deeper to find them.

Concluding My Affiliate Product Selection Guide…


affiliate marketing is a lucrative business model with extremely low barrier to entry. It often seems like everyone’s doing it and everyone’s dabbling in it.

But not everyone is successful and most affiliates make less than $100 per year.

While few make millions and many more earn thousands of $$$ per month.

What’s the difference between the winners and losers?

The former picked the right products to promote, while the latter chose wrong and stuck with their wrong choices for far too long.

Don’t make the same mistake they did.

Be better!

And leave me a comment below, thank you!

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