How To Promote HostGator Affiliate Program- a 2021 Guide!

Disclosure (full version here): Some of the links you’ll encounter are affiliate links. If you click and buy something, I may get a commission. Thank you! 

In my guide here you’ll learn how to promote HostGator affiliate program so that you start making money faster;

and so that your affiliate revenue grows predictably month over month.

Let’s go!

How To Promote HostGator Affiliate Program

6 Ways To Promote HostGator Affiliate Program (Make Money Quicker)

#1- Write a HostGator Review

Now I know what you’re going to say.

Write a HostGator review! Are you insane? Don’t you know how competitive that term is? I couldn’t rank for it in 20 years!

I know it well. But you still need to write it. It’s because you need to have that article on your site.

Not because of getting organic Google traffic, but because of higher and better conversion rate.

Over time as your site grows and develops you’ll get people on your site who’re clueless about HostGator.

And it’ll be so easy to point them to your HostGator review that’ll tell them everything they need to know and that’ll be loaded with your affiliate links.

Remember, newbies will trust your expert advice and further below I show you how to attract those newbies to your site via intelligent keyword research.

#2- Build Supporting Pages

Supporting pages, or supporting content are articles that are topically related to the money page you’re trying to rank.

In this case that would be your HostGator review, or any article where your direct intention is to monetize traffic.

For example, I don’t have a HostGator review, but I do have a HostGator Black Friday Deals article and that post is my money page and this article here is my supporting content.

Here’s an illustration that shows the concept of money page+ supporting content.

Money page and supporting content

Here’s how it works:

  • Your money page links to your supporting articles;
  • Your supporting content links to money page using keyword rich anchor text;
  • Supporting articles link to each other;
  • They all link to their parent category; and category links back to them;
  • They are all tagged under one tag page, and tag page links to them. (here’s my HostGator guides tag as an example)

How To Find Keywords For Supporting Content

The best keywords for supporting content are questions people ask about the parent topic.

Here are 3 quick ways to find them.

#1- Use SEMrush

This is the best and most efficient way.

Go to SEMrush and into the “Keyword Magic” section.

Type in your target keyword (our example is “HostGator”).

HostGator keyword in Keyword Magic in Semrush

Then click on the “Questions” filter and SEMrush will serve up all questions web users ask about the topic.

Plus you get data that only premium tool can give you.

It pays in spades to know search volume for each keyword and keyword difficulty scores.

Questions people ask about HostGator

#2- Answer The Public

Answer the Public is a freemium tool that let’s you mine question keywords’v’ directly from Google. The tools scrapes the SERPS and delivers results in a very attractive format.

Take a look:

HostGator answer the public results

There are hundreds of results to sift through and more than enough keyword ideas to last you a long time.

The downside of course is that you don’t get search volumes with the free version. But with the premium version you do.

#3- People Also Ask

This is a new tool that scrapes the PAA boxes that you’ve probably seen in the SERPS before.

PAA boxes in the SERPS

Here’s what the results look like.

People also ask free tool

I recommend you use SEMrush (get a 1 month free trial here), simply because it’s faster, easier and you have access to keyword volumes and difficulty metrics.

But if you can’t afford it, or don’t want to use SEMrush then take advantage of the free tools I provided above.

#3- Promote Special Days Offers

HostGator like to go crazy with their discounts. It almost seems like they can hardly wait for any day of significance to throw in a hefty discount and promotion.

  • Black Friday sale;
  • Cyber Monday sale;
  • Labor Day’s sale;;
  • President’s day sale;
  • Flash sale.

And the list goes on and on. The point is that there’s plenty of opportunity for you to promote these special event sales and bang some quick money.

I recommend you create a separate page for each sale. I wish I listened to my advice because I created  one page for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and they’re actually different sales.

#4- Use Banner Adds

People have banner blindness and it’s a fact. The truth is that most of your traffic will never click on your banner ads. Does that mean they’re useless?

No it does not. Banner ads can get clicks when done elegantly. I find from my niche and test sites that sidebar ads work best.

#5- Offer Incentives

Offer people a tangible reward if they use your affiliate link. For example my good friend Mudassir Ahmed nudges people to buy hosting though Namecheap using his affiliate link.

And then he offers to set up an account for them, not for free, but  for a symbolic price that’s a trifle for most people.

Excellent tactic and I’m thinking of borrowing it for my services page.

Promote HostGator by offering incentives

#6- Use Deep Linking

Deep linking is when you link to any page on a target website and that link carries your affiliate code with it. It’s a conversion rocket booster because it makes it 10X easier for the user to convert and buy something.

To create a deep link in HostGator simply go Create a Link>Enter a Landing Page.

Deep linking HostGator

3 Quick Tips On Promoting HostGator Effectively

#1- Publish Quickly and Don’t Worry About Rankings As Much

It takes time to rank in Google and it makes perfect sense to publish as much so-so content as quickly as you can quickly so that the pages have time to age a bit and pick up steam.

And once several months have passed and you’ve targeted several dozen queries go back and see how you perform. The pages that rank the highest are the perfect candidates for updating.

#2- Target Low Volume Keywords That Fly Under The Radar

I talked earlier about money pages and supporting content. But I neglected to tell you that supporting content is actually going to make you more money.

It’s because those pages are going to rank much quicker and will bring in relevant traffic that can convert right then and there. Or they’ll proceed to read your money page and buy from there.

Don’t underestimate these keywords as that’d be a big mistake.

#3- Take Advantage Of Other Website’s Traffic

I’m talking about Quora marketing.

No matter your niche, there are probably people asking questions abut it on Quora.

What you need to do is go and find those questions and answer them in full while also drooping links to your property.

I wrote a guide on Quora marketing you should definitely check out.


It’s time to conclude my guide to promoting HostGator and it’s affiliate program.

You’ve learned everything you needed to know and with the tactics in this post you will go far and have success as a HostGator affiliate.

Now tell me?

Are you going to take action on what you learned?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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