How To Start A WordPress Blog On HostGator? Follow This 2022 Step-By-Step Tutorial!

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Contrary to common thought, it is very easy to start a WordPress blog. It’s super easy in fact. You can do it in 10m or less and you don’t need to know a sliver of code.

Don’t believe me?

See for yourself below, and our test subject will be one of HostGator’s shared hosting plans.

Let’s go!

How To start a WordPress blog with HostGator
Build a website with HostGator today!

What is HostGator Exactly?

HostGator is your new one-stop solution for all your hosting needs. They started in 2002 and have been going strong since then.

Over 2 million webmasters host with HostGator and over 2 million people can’t be deceived in the quality of service they’re getting for their precious websites.

HostGator is a robust and quality host. And what’ more they’re also super affordable.

Note: they can afford low prices because they have unlimited budget backing them up (HostGator is part of Endurance International Group, a huge company that dominates the hosting industry).

Services HostGator offer are:

  • Shared hosting;
  • Managed WordPress hosting;
  • VPs hosting;
  • Dedicated hosting;
  • Reseller hosting;
  • Domain name management;
  • etc.

HostGator hosting services

In this guide to starting a WordPress blog on HostGator, I will show you how to do it with one of their shared hosting plans.

It’s because shared hosting is both newbie and pocket-friendly. And it’s so easy to upgrade later if you need to.

HostGator Shared Hosting Plans (+Features)

HostGator shared hosting plans
Click on the image to see features (link opens in new tab)!

HostGator have 3 shared hosting plans.

They are:

#1- Hatchling Plan

With the Hatchling plan you get to host one website and you get a free domain name and free website migration. Installing WordPress is a one click job and you also get free SSL certificate for your website.

Hatchling plan is perfect for absolute beginners who’re just learning the ropes of WordPress and publishing online.

It will not fail you.

#2- Baby Plan

Baby Plan is similar to the Hatchling. The only difference (besides a slightly higher price tag) is that you can host unlimited websites with this plan.

Baby plan is perfect for those who want to host several websites comfortably and affordably.

#3- Business Plan

Business plan is an upgrade to Baby. You get upgraded SSL and access to HostGator-exclusive SEO tools. You also get a dedicated ip which is something other hosts charge you for.

Here’s the pricing for these 3 plans:

Hatchling$2.75/moBuy Now!
Baby$3.95/moBuy Now!
Business$5.95/moBuy Now!

HostGator Shared Hosting Features- A Quick Recap

Here’s what you get with HostGator shared hosting plans.

#1- Free Website Transfer

If you’re already hosted with some other host and you want to transfer to HostGator, you can do it for free.

In fact, you don’t have to do anything except let their support know and they’ll move your site for you, free of charge.

#2- Free Domain Name

When you pick a HostGator hosting plan, they throw in a free domain name for you.

This is super because most hosts charge extra for domain names, and they usually cost $10+ per year.

Pro tip- when picking a domain name for your website, go for something catchy and memorable. Don’t try to shoehorn in a target keyword because you’ll just be shooting yourself in a foot.

You can also use your name and make your name a brand. Mine is

#3- Unlimited Data Storage

HostGator offer unlimited data storage even on their basic shared hosting plans. That’s impressive because most hosts limit the storage you get and also prevent you from going overboard.

So you either have to upgrade, move elsewhere or declutter your disk space which is a ton of work and pure time waste.

So HostGator hosting is perfect for image-heavy websites where each image weighs dozens of mb’s.

#4- Unmetered Bandwidth

You also get unmetered bandwidth. This means you will not get charged extra if you suddenly start getting a lot of traffic and consuming a lot of CPU.

It also means your site can grow without artificial restrictions placed on it.

#5- Unlimited Email Accounts

With HostGator shared hosting plans, you can create unlimited branded email accounts.

This is perfect if you plan to do cold email outreach because those brand new accounts will have a spotless reputations with major email services and their stringent spam algorithms.

#6- 99.9%+ Uptime Guarantee

Having a website that experiences a lot of downtimes is like not having a website at all.

What’s the use of it if no one can access it?

With HostGator, downtime is a non-existent problem.

HostGator uptime guarantee and averages


#7- Free SSL Certificates

SSL stand for Secure Socket Layer. It’s basically a way to encrypt all data your site’s visitors leave so that hackers can’t get to it.

You also need SSL in order to rank in Google and with HostGator you don’t need to do SSL monitoring as your hosting company does that for you.

Pro tip: the easiest way to spot if a site is secure or not is by a little padlock before a domain name.

Here’s mine- green= secure

SSL certificate installed

And here’s someone else’s- red= unsecure.

no SSL certificate installed

Finally, just because the site doesn’t have an SSL certificate installed doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with it. It’s not like it’s hacked or something like that.

#8- One-Click Installs

With HostGator you can install WordPress with a single click (more on that below). But you can also install scripts like Jumla, Droopal, Magento…

All through cPanel’s helpful interface.

#9- Free HostGator Site Builder

With all HostGator plans you get access to their awesome drag-and-drop site builder. So you’ll be able to easily make a site of your dreams, even if you’ve never done it before.

Remember, it’s all drag and drop, so you don’t need to know how to code to do it successfully.

#10- Excellent Customer Support

HostGator have an excellent customer support that can help you solve any problem you will encounter.

Support is what makes or breaks a host and it definitely “makes” HostGator 🙂

You also can consult with their extensive knowledge base and helpful blog.

#11- 45-Day Money Back Policy

The industry’s standard is 30 days and HostGator gives you 45 days to change your mind and get your money back.

That tells you they’re confident in their hosting services.

How To Start a WordPress Blog With HostGator (Tutorial)?

It’s easy and you will be able to do it in 10m or less.

Just make sure you follow the steps outlined here and if you have questions, leave them in the comment section below.

Let’s go!

First, choose the plan you want. I will go for the Hatchling plan, which is perfect for beginners and also very cheap.

Click on “Buy Now”.

pick HostGator plan

Second, choose a domain name.

Remember, you get it for free with your hosting.

HostGator choose domain name

Third, choose a hosing plan and duration you want it for. I suggest you go for a 3 year plan because then you pay only $2.75/mo vs a yearly plan where you pay $3.95/mo.

Choose HostGator plan

Fourth, create your HostGator account.

Or log in if you by chance already have one.

Create HostGator account

Fifth, enter your personal info (name, surname, address, city, state…) Then enter in your payment info.

You can pay for your hosting plan with credit card or PayPal.

HostGator enter in billing info

Sixth, add additional services. I recommend you uncheck everything here, except maybe CodeGuard backups.

CodeGuard Basic is a backup service that can give you peace of mind knowing your site is backed-up against all calamities that might happen.

However, you don’t have to get it right away.

You can always enable it later.

HostGator additional services

Seventh, enter a coupon code.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to enter anything because their standard 60% off-price coupon will already be applied automatically.

HostGator coupon enter it here

Eight (final step), review order details.

When you’re done click on the BIG checkout button at the bottom of the page.

HostGator review order and buy

Final Step- Install WordPress

The final step is for you to actually install WordPress so you can begin blogging right away.

First, go to HostGator Customer Login Portal.

HostGator login portal

Second, log in to cPanel by providing your password and email address you got from HostGator (check the confirmation email in your inbox).

Once you’ve logged in, search for the “Hosting” tab.

Click it and then click on “Get Started With WordPress Today”.

HostGator cPanel

When you click on “Get Started with WordPress Today”, you will be transported to the Quickinstall page.

It looks like this:

HostGator WordPress installation

Select your domain name in the application URL section. Leave the box black after the slash.

Also turn on the enable auto upgrades box. Then enter your admin email, your future blog’s title, and admin user.

Finally, input your name and surname and click on the “Install Now” button.

That’s it. All of this will start the installation process. Once it’s completed, you’ll see something like this.

HostGator WordPress installation success


With WordPress installed all that’s left to do is to start writing.

Go to to sign into your WordPress and to get your blogging journey started.

How to Start a WordPress Blog on HostGator Mini FAQ

#1- Which Plan Should I Pick?

It depends on what you need. Generally speaking, you want to start slow and move your way up. HostGator Hatchling plan is the perfect way to start slow.

#2- Will I Get a Free Domain Name?

Yes you will. All HostGator shared hosting plans come with free domain name given to you.

#3- What’s The Support Like?

Excellent. I say that from my own personal experience and from the reviews I’ve read online.

This doesn’t mean it’s perfect with 5s average response time. But you can expect to get someone to talk with you in 3m or less.

#4- Is There A Coupon Code I Can Use?

Yes there is. Not one, but several. Read my HostGator coupon article to learn more about it.

#5- Will This Year HostGator Have a Black Friday Sale?

Yes it will. Every year HostGator co crazy with their discounts.

I suggest you read my HostGator Black Friday Deals page for more info.

#6- Is There a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes there is. You have 45 days to change your mind and get your money back. 45 days is plenty, especially when you consider 30 days is the industry’s norm.

#7- Is There An Affiliate Program I Can Join?

Yes there is. Read my HostGator affiliate program review to get the skinny.

Concluding My “Starting a WordPress Blog With HostGator” Guide…

Ok, now you know it.

“Know what”

What do you mean what? Now you know how to start a WordPress blog with WordPress.

There no denying it.

The only question is- what you gonna do about it?

Are you going to take action on what you learned?

Or are going to let this opportunity slip past you?

I’m curious to find out, so do let me know in  the comment section below.

Try HostGator Today!

It’s risk-free because you get a 45-day money back guarantee.


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