How to access Grammarly on a new computer?

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Once you start using Grammarly, is it a painful experience to write text with all the guesswork. To learn how to access Grammarly on a new computer, continue reading this article.

How to access Grammarly on a new computer?

Want to Learn How to Access Grammarly on a New Computer?

Your premium Grammarly subscription lets you use this app on up to five different devices that you own. In case you’ve used up all your slots, you will have to create a new account for the new devices.

To access your Grammarly account from a new device, simply go to and log in.

Just ensure that you use the same email address you used with your Grammarly account.

If you’re having trouble installing Grammarly on your new computer, please see how to install Grammarly Instructions.

Accessing Grammarly on a new Computer FAQ

#1- What if I have more than five different devices and I don’t want to create a new account?

If you have an individual subscription and you have more than five different devices, you will have to create another account for the extra devices. But, you can choose to go for the Grammarly Business plans. You will be billed by the number of users but all will be managed from the same account.

#2- Can I uninstall Grammarly from one device so that I can install it on another?

Yes, sure. If you have reached your device limits, you can log out of your Grammarly account from a device so that you can use that slot for another device.


I hope this post helped you learn how to restart your Grammarly usage on a  new computer. If you encounter any problem in following along this guide, don’t hesitate to leave me a message below.


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