How to Cancel Jasper AI Account- Quick Tutorial

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Are you looking to learn how to cancel your Jasper AI account?

My guide here will show you how to cancel Jasper AI, and also how to get a refund.

Let’s get started!

Jasper cancelation policy and tutorial
Jasper cancelation policy and guide for 2023

How Can I Cancel My Premium Jasper AI Subscription?

How to cancel a Jasper AI Premium Account in 2023 (step-by-step tutorial)?

  • Step #1– log into your Jasper AI account;
  • Step #2– go to the “Billing” tab in your account’s Settings tab;
  • Step #3- click on the “Cancel” button.
  • Step #4- follow all the given prompts;
  • Step #5- wait for your account to be canceled;
  • Step #6- Request a refund (optional).

More details are below.

First, log into your Jasper AI account.

Second, Go to the “Billings” tab and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Third, click the “cancel subscription” button.

Fourth, follow all the prompts given.

Fifth, wait to hear from the Jasper AI team about canceling your account.

Sixth, request a refund if you’re eligible. Send a refund request email to using the same email you opened your Jasper AI account with.

That’s it!

Does Canceling Jasper AI Make You Eligible for a Refund Guarantee?

Just canceling your Jasper AI account doesn’t mean that you’ll immediately get a refund or even that you’ll be eligible to get your money back.

According to Jasper AI’s refund policy, new customers can only get a refund if they cancel during the first 5 days of their Jasper AI subscription.

This is applicable to Jasper AI Starter, Bos Mode, and Business plans (learn everything about Jasper AI pricing here).

Jasper AI refund policy

Canceling Jasper AI FAQ

Jasper AI cancelation policy FAQ
Jasper AI cancelation policy FAQ

#1- Can I Cancel My Current Jasper AI Account Any Any Time?

Yes, you can cancel your current Jasper AI account at any time you wish. There’s no obligation to continue your subscription.

#2- Will I Still be Able to use My Account for the Amount I Already Paid?

You will still be able to use your Jasper AI account after you’ve canceled further subscription payments. This means Jasper AI will be yours to use till the end of the month, or until your credits run out.

#3- What Will Happen With My Remaining Jasper AI Credits?

Your remaining credits will be deleted after your Jasper AI account is canceled.

#4- What Will Happen If I Cancel During My 5-Day Free Trial?

If you cancel during your Jasper AI free trial your account will immediately be terminated and all word credits will be made void.

#5- Can I Change My Mind After Already Canceling?

You can change your mind after already having canceled your Jasper AI account. However, you will need to manually contact Jasper AI support to tell them you changed your mind.

You can email them at

#6- Can I Pause My Current Jasper AI Plan?

You can pause your Jasper AI account at any time right within your Jasper dashboard.

#7- How Can I Cancel Jasper Art?

You are free to cancel your Jasper Art subscription at any time inside the Jasper AI dashboard.

To cancel Jasper Art, go to “Billing” in your settings within the dashboard and scroll down to the Jasper Art subscription section. There you need to press the “cancel” button.

Just like with canceling Jasper AI writing assistant, you will still be able to use Jasper Art for the time you already paid for.

Note: by canceling Jasper Art you’re not canceling your current Jasper AI subscription.

How to Cancel Jasper AI (Conclusion)

Now that you know how to cancel Jasper AI, go ahead and cancel it if you really made up your mind about it.

But don’t give up on AI writing tools as a whole.

If Jasper AI didn’t work for you as you had hoped, it doesn’t mean other AI writing and grammar-checking software won’t.

Check out my best AI writing software post for inspiration.

Or if you need an AI paraphrasing tool, check out my Quillbot review and Quillbot discount code guide.

Finally, if you ever decide to try Jasper AI again, don’t forget to visit my Jasper AI promo code page to see how to get a large discount.

Finally, my guides to the best AI content detectors and best plagiarism checker apps are also worth the read.

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