How to Customize Link Suggestions with “Ignore” Words and Numbers in Link Whisper?

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If you want to learn how to customize the link suggestions with “Ignore” words and numbers, this post is for you.

How to customize Link Whisper suggestions

Here is How to Customize Link Suggestions with “Ignore” Words and Numbers

Within your Settings, you have two different options. One is to ‘Ignore numbers’, or two add additional words for Link Whisper to ignore.

The underlying premise of Link Whisper is that it looks at the content of your page and the words that are mentioned in the titles as well.

And so if you use certain words and phrases over and over again, you may find that Link Whisper is recommending those to be linked to or from more frequently than you might like.

And so for that reason, you have complete control if you are finding that you are always getting numbers as recommendations you can ignore those numbers.

Or if for example, you have a lot of articles that have the same phrase in the title, for example, you might have the phrase ‘buying guide’ and you start finding that Link Whisper is recommending lots of links with ‘buying guide’ even though that’s really not the subject of the article that you have.

You might want to consider inputting that phrase here to be ignored by Link Whisper.

Or, there could be a number of other words, it just depends on how your website is. For me, maybe I wanted to ignore the word ‘Spencer’ because I don’t want, that’s my name and I don’t want that recommended over and over again and maybe that showing up in a lot of content.

So you can customize this, we find that from most websites you don’t need to do a lot of customization. Hopefully none of that though, but if you do, you can input words and phrases that maybe Link Whisper is recommending too much for you that you find aren’t relevant. You can come in here, tweak the Settings, and then you should get more relevant, more powerful recommendations for your particular Links.

FAQ on How to Customize Link Suggestions with “Ignore” Words and Numbers

#1- How Many Words Can I ignore?

You can set to ignore as many words as you wish.

#2- If I Update my Version of Link Whisper, Will my Settings remain?

Updating your Link Whisper version will not alter your settings in any way.


That is all you need to know about customizing link suggestions with “Ignore” words and numbers.

If you are still finding questions, leave them in the comments section below.

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