How to get Link Suggestions from a Single WordPress Category in Link Whisper?

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In this post, I’m going to show you how to take better control over your categories when it comes to Link Whisper suggestions.

You can decide if you want to interlink between certain categories, ignore categories, or only link within one category.

fine tune WordPress categories for better Link Whisper suggestions

Here is How to get Link Suggestions from a Single WordPress Category

So, first on your Settings page, you have the ability to ignore a category. So, let’s say that on my website I don’t want to have any links suggested to any post in my podcast category.

So, Link Whisper once I update this will never suggest any podcast post which is what I want.

So I’m going to go ahead and hit ‘update’ on this, so you can input one category, two categories, or you can always change that in the future if you don’t like what you are seeing.

Now, you can also control the categories that you are linking to when you do inbound internal links.

So if I come to the reports, click on Link Reports and if I’m going to add an inbound internal link to this article here, as usual, I’ll just click “Add”, that’s going to go and find suggested links for me.

As you can see Link Whisper has come back with lots of suggestions.

But if I want to just interlink within the same category, I can just check the box that says “Only Show Link Suggestions within the Same Category”.

And then that’s going to limit the suggestions to share the same category as this post. And as you can see I have a lot fewer severally suggested posts.

So this is a great way to build a silo structure within a single category. Now, you can also do this when you are editing a post.

So, if I come in here and I’m looking at my posts. As you can see in this article I’ve got lots of internal links suggestions from Link Whisper but if I want to limit those to the same category as this post again, I just check the box, and then that’s going to limit my suggestions to those that share a category with this post.

And I have much fewer suggestions, giving me a tighter silo structure, a better category structure overall.

FAQ on How to get Link Suggestions from a Single WordPress Category in Link Whisper

#1- Can I Avoid Getting Link Suggestions With Specific Words?

Yes, you can. You can tweak the settings and add the words that you want Link Whisper to ignore.

#2- If I Change or Rename my Categories, Will Link Whisper Automatically Update the Settings With my New Category name?

If you rename your category, it should automatically change the settings.

But if you add a new category after deleting a category with the same name, you will need to go to settings and add it afresh.


So very powerful tools, just wanted to point these out to make sure that you were aware, you could do this to get better at Link suggestions.

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