How To Join Wealthy Affiliate From The Philippines- Don’t Miss Out On WA Because Joining Them Could Transform Your Life!

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Good folks from the Philippines are banned from joining Wealthy Affiliate University.

If you’re from the Philippines then you have to accept your fate.

Or you can fight this unjust rule and still join WA as a free member.

Below I show you 3 easy ways to do it.

Let’s go!

How To Join Wealthy Affiliate from the Philippines?
Joining Wealthy Affiliate from the Philippines? Yes, it’s POSSIBLE!

How To Join Wealthy Affiliate From The Philippines (Tutorial)

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Note: The Philippines are one of the banned countries because of a ton of false accounts and spam that came the that country.

So, Kyle and Carson, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate banned the Philippines from joining because they wanted to protect the platform from an avalanche of spam.

So, spamming is useless and you’d get kicked out if you tried it. But if you’re intentions are legit, then you shouldn’t suffer because someone from your country was a spammer long time ago.

I’ll give you 3 simple ways to join Wealthy Affiliate today.

One of them is free, 2 are paid options.

#1- Go Premium Immediately

You see, only Starter membership is forbidden to people from the Philippines. But they can still open premium accounts and take full advantage of the tools and education WA offers.

So, if you’re serious about it and you have a budget, then go Premium right now and start building your online business today.

#2- Use Epic Browser

Maybe you don’t have that kind of money right now? Or maybe you want to open a Starter account first to test Wealthy Affiliate before you join?

Hey, I get it. It’s smart to think like that.

So, to open a free WA account you need to install and use Epic Browser.

Epic browser hides your ip so that Wealthy Affiliate control systems can’t detect you come from the Philippines.

Here are the steps:

Step #1go here and install Epic Browser (it’s free).

Step #2– Open Epic browser and click on the proxy icon (the red icon right after the bookmark icon).

Epic browser offer a free VPN

Step #3- Click this link and go to Wealthy Affiliate homepage. There just open a free account as you normally would.

Note: you only need to use Epic browser once.

Once you’re inside you won’t need to use it ever again.

Unless you want to keep using for their free VPN.

#3- Use a Cheap VPN Service

VPN (Virtual Private Networks) are special services that hide your ip so that you can browse the web anonymously.

By using a VPN you will hide that your traffic comes from the Philippines and you will be able to join Wealthy Affiliate normally, as if you’re from any other country that’s not banned.

Which VPN Service Should I Use?

Good question!

I recommend SurfShark.

They’re a very cheap VPN that I use and that gets the job done.

It’s premium quality stuff.

Try SurfShark today!



The folks from the Philippines are banned from joining Wealthy Affiliate. But don’t let it stop you.

Instead, use one of the 3 methods I covered above and join Wealthy Affiliate today!

And when you do, I’ll contact you within the first hour to help you around the platform.

Try out Wealthy Affiliate today!

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