Infinity Blog Awards- Are You Going This Year?

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Are you coming to this year’s Infinity Blog Awards?





Here’s exactly why…

Infinity Blog Awards- Everything You Must Know (Review)

Note: I’ve structured this mini review as a FAQ/ QNA page.

I did it so because the article will be much more digestible in that format; and because I suspect you have a tonne of the questions, and I know I have a tonne of excellent answers for you.

Let’s go!

#1- What is Infinity Blog Awards (IBA)? And When and Where is The Award Ceremony?

Infinity Blog Awards founders

Infinity Blog Awards is a website and a platform that seeks to award exceptional blogs and exceptional people behind the blogs. It doesn’t matter if your a pro blogger or a newbie, you could and can be awarded for your hard work within your space/niche.

IBA was founded by Tanyi Melvis Bechemneyo and the gang (learn about them here);

and the awards themselves will be held on November 16 at Thanksgiving point, 3003 North Thanksgiving way, Lehi, UT 84043, United States.


#2- What’s the Deal With These Awards Exactly?

Here’s how it works:

Note: I’m writing this post way late so you can’t really apply your blog now, but keep this in mind for 2020 because I know they have great things planned for the future.

So there are 31 categories and 10 subcategories to choose from. You select one or several categories that best apply to your blog and apply under each.

Then you use your social media following, email list, good old SEO and any other marketing tactic you can think of to try and get the most votes for your site.

Because more votes you get- higher your chances of wining.


But that’s one half of the winning equation. The other part is that there are official judges who will visit each blog and score it and that score, combined with the votes you got will determine your results.

The judges for this year are world-renowned bloggers:

  • Ryan Biddulph
  • Mary Fernandez
  • Michael Pozdnev
  • Stephanie Fiteni

Learn about them here

Judging criteria

How to apply (requirements and guidelines)

You can learn more on this page, but here’s the basic breakdown:

  • You can apply your blog for several categories, but each submission is treated as separate entity 
  • You pay a small fee for entering (early bird- $29.99; regular submission $50; late entries $100)
  • End date for applying is (was) 20.6. 2019.
  • Must be self hosted blog. No Blogger, Weebly, Tumblr or any other free site allowed.
  • Content must be unique and of high value.
  • Content must be in English

And that is it. Again click on the link above to read the full guidelines and application requirements.

“Utah is far away, How does it benefit me to go there”?

I’m glad you asked, oh so eloquently:)

4 Reasons Why You SHOULD Attend Infinity Blog Awards 2019

There are more than 4 but I’m trying to keep this article concise, precise, to the point, and above all – helpful.

#1- Connect With Awesome People

And by people- I mean bloggers.

On 16-th of Novemebr, the spot where the ceremony will be held will be chock full with two types of fellow bloggers:

  • those who’re on the similar level as you,
  • those who’re already successful, the folks you admire and wish to emulate.

What a wonderful occasion to connect with those people and maybe agree on helping each other out in the future.

I mean, you probably realize that personal connection is an evergreen marketing tactic, and the one Google can’t ever touch with any kind of algorithm update. I mean, your buddy will always rather promote you than some stranger.


And do you know what is the best way to meet new bloggers, not one by one, but on scale?

You guessed it- by going out o marketing conferences and mixing and mingling with friendly folks.

And Infinity Blog Awards is a great place to start.

#2- Hear of New Tools First

Hands down the number one skill to learn to scale your business is automation. There’s so much that you do on a daily basis that some tool can do better, faster and more efficiently than you.

If you want to be a pro blogger you need to master certain well know tools and that’s a fact.

But here’s something you might not know- some tools are well known, while others are a bit obscure and there-in lies their biggest value.

If you can master a tool rarely a blogger uses you will gain an “unfair” advantage over those folks who use the same old software everyone else does.

IBA is a great place to find such tool(s) because many vendors are going to send their representatives to be there.

#3- Connect With the Founders, Judges and Keynote Speakers

I’m putting this tip  separate from the first one because this is taking the connection play to another level.

You see:

be rubbing shoulders with people who’ve made it in the blogosphere, you could and will learn so much, and just being there and being seen will open new doors for you.

Let me tell you a little secret, those successful marketers like Neil Patel (who’s a keynote speaker at IBA), are just regular folks, like you and me.

So you can get in touch with them, but the key is to do it in person and that means being where they are.

And IBA will be full with influencers, including the aforementioned internet marketing mega star Neil Patel.

#4- Have Fun

This is a bonus reason to attend IBA. You work hard all year, so you deserve to relax and have some fun. And fun you shall have if you go to Infinity Blog Awards this year.

That’s a guarantee!


To conclude this article, I want to quickly ask you two simple questions:

First, are you going to Infinity Blog Awards 2019?

It’s a one-time-per-year event and worth going to. If you go, you’ll meet a tonne of new cool faces, and you’ll forge new blogger bonds that will serve you and your blog in the years ahead.

I call that taking marketing at another level because today, in the crowded space of online world and online marketing, everyone and their mom is doing the same old stick.

  • Sharing on Twitter,
  • liking stuff,
  • commenting,
  • cold email outreach,
  • warm email outreach.

And while those things work, for now, nothing beat the raw ROI of meeting in person end becoming friends with your fellow bloggers.

It’s an investment in your future success;

You agree?

Second, do you plan to nominate yourself next year? You should because there’s no good reason not to, and you just might win.

Won’t know till you try…

And you deserve to be rewarded for your hard work.

Enough said.

Click here to purchase your tickets NOW!

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