Interact Quiz Maker Affiliate Program Review 2021- Worth Promoting Them, or Not?

Disclosure (full version here): Some of the links you’ll encounter are affiliate links. If you click and buy something, I may get a commission. Thank you! 

This is my Interact affiliate program review and here you will learn everything you need to known before you join.

When you’re done reading, you’ll know whether Interact affiliate program is you cup of tea, or whether you should pass on this opportunity.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Interact affiliate program review
Interact affiliate program review+ How to join guide!

What is Interact? And Why Should You Promote Them On Your Website?

Interact is a premium quiz maker that can help you get new leads and build your list through the power of engaging quizzes.

Interact is all the rage among bloggers and many seen huge success with it.

Interact case studies

Here are 6 excellent reasons why you need to promote Interact quiz maker, starting today.

#1- Quizzes Are Growing in Popularity- FAST!

Quizzes are growing in popularity, and Interact is at forefront of the quiz renaissance.

Interact serve some of the biggest websites in the world, including Forbes, New York Times, Buzzfeed…

For example, just one of their quizzes published over at Forbs racked up over 144 000 completions in a span of few weeks.

Interact quiz on Forbes

Quizzes are a staple now and the innovation Interact brings to the table is the ability to use them for lead generation. So they’re attractive to both marketers and regular folks.

#2- Interact is a High-Quality Product (That’s Getting Better With Age)

Folks over at Interact HQ never sleep, but work hard on making their product even better and more useful to marketers.

The time to join their affiliate ranks is now because you definitely want to be promoting a superior product in the evergreen industry.

Think of the potential!

#3- Excellent Commission Rates and Cooke Duration

As an affiliate for Interact you’ll get 30% recurring commissions for every referral that signs up through your affiliate link.

And cookie duration is a wholesome 90 days, which is plenty.

Interact commisison rates and cookie duration

Also, Interact has 3 paid plans, and pricing for those is both affordable for the buyer, and lucrative for the affiliate marketer who referred them 🙂

Interact pricing plans

#4- Excellent Support From Their Affiliate Manager

Interact’s affiliate manager is very responsive and helpful. I know because a while ago I asked them to give me a discount code I can then offer to my readers.

Note: my Interact coupon code gives you 15% off price on any plan. Coupon is NROZA.

And they obliged, even thanking me for working so hard on promoting them.

Interact helpful support for their affiliates

#5- There Isn’t a Tonne Of Competition From Other Marketers

There are surprisingly low number of affiliates competing for money terms related to Interact. In fact, when I researched in Google, it barely had any result to show me for terms like:

  • Interact quiz maker review;
  • Interact coupon codes;
  • Interact FAQ;
  • How to create a quiz with Interact…

All wonderful keywords just waiting to be captured.

I’ve already made my move, but you can be right behind me.

#6- Intuitive Affiliate Dashboard

Interact affiliate dashboard via PartnerStack
Click to expand!

Interact have partnered with PartnerStack to offer the best tools and resource to their affiliate.

From detailed reporting, to link management (including deep linking) to payout monitoring, you can do everything.

How To Join Interact Affiliate Program (Tutorial)

First, go and visit this page to join.

Enter your best email.

It must be the address you use regularly because you will be asked to confirm your address.

+ When you get commissions you’ll be notified on that email address.


Second, fill in the fields give and open up a new account with PartnerStack.

Join Interact affiliate program

That’s it. Easy as pie 🙂

Interact Affiliate Program FAQ- Everything You Need To Know Before You Join!

This is not my Interact Quiz Maker FAQ. If that’s what you want, click the link you just saw. And here I will answer a couple of questions pertaining to their referral program.

#1- What Is Interact Affiliate Program? And How Does it Work? 

Interact affiliate program is a way for Interact to reach as many people as possible. To do it, they ally themselves with other strong site in the industry (that’s you).

Their affiliate program works pretty much like any other.

Someone clicks on your affiliate link, whether on your site, Instagram  YouTube, Facebook, no matter.

Cookie with your affiliate id gets stored in their browser and if the person end up going for one of 3 Interact premium plan,  you get a commission.

Note: Interact affiliate program is hosted by PartnerStack platform.

#2- Who Can Join?

Anyone in the world can join. You don’t even need to have a website.

However, it’s preferable to have a blog where you can promote Interact.

#3- What Are The Payment Methods Available?

PayPal And Stripe.

According to PartnerStack stripe is better for payments above $130 because there are no processing fees and the money is transferred directly to your account.

Interact payment methods- Paypal and Stripe

#4- What About Limits and Thresholds

There are no payment limits. So you can earn as much as you can. The more: the better 🙂

Payment threshold is $25 which is nothing.

Note- Unbounce affiliate program also has $25 threshold, while Fiverr’s partner program demand you accumulate $100 before cashing out.

#5- What’s The Support Like?

Timely, helpful and efficient.

When I requested a coupon code to offer to my readers, they responded immediately.

And what’s more they responded positively, even though my site back then was still unproven to them and they told me they prefer to give discounts to their vetted partners.

#6- Is Deep Linking Available?

Yes it is. Just navigate to “Links” section of the PartnerStack dashboard and create a deep link.

Process- name your link, paste the target URL and click “Create” This will append your affiliate id to that link you pasted.

Interact create a custom referral link

Concluding My Interact Affiliate Program Review…

Interact is an excellent quiz maker that’s widely used across the web.

Their product is high quality, but so is their affiliate program.

There aren’t a whole lot of affiliates competing and it’s an opportunity just waiting to be seized.

Join their affiliate program now and try them out.

It’s free to become a part of their partner program and you really have nothing to lose.