Interact Quiz Review- Are Interact Quizzes Worth it in 2024? (+Updated Coupon Code Info)

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Interact Quiz Review 2024

  • Review of- Interact Quiz Maker;
  • Best Used for- making awesome converting quizzes;
  • Best Suited for- anyone wishing to spruce up their content, have more user engagement and build their email list;
  • Pricing- $39/mo;
  • Free Trial- 14-day;
  • My Rating- 4.7/5.

Description- Interact Quiz Maker is the best solution for creating quizzes for your website. These quizzes are easy to make, beautiful, and fully customizable, and most importantly, they convert like hotcakes.

Using Interact Quizzes is a unique way to build your email list much faster and you can get started with just $39/mo. 14-day free trial is available.

Try Interact Quiz Builder today!

This is my comprehensive Interact quiz review.

Here you will learn everything you must know about Interact Quiz before you whip out your credit card.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

What Is Interact Quiz Exactly?

Why ask when you have it in the sub-headline? 🙂

Interac Quiz Maker is a premium quiz software (with a free tier) that can help you grow your list, get new leads for your online business, and increase the overall traffic engagement with your brand.

I bought this app just to make a few quizzes and to write this review with some experience under my belt.

But I never intended for the tool to become a staple in my marketing arsenal.

Yes, it’s that good and below are the features that make it stand out from the crowd.

Interact Quiz Review and coupon code
Learn everything you need to know about Interact Quiz builder here!

Interact Quiz – Features Explained

Interact Quiz Builder is a feature-loaded app.

Most of them you’ll find very useful, but some you won’t be able to live without (once you get a taste it’ll be too late to go back 🙂 ).

#1- Customizable Design 

When making a quiz, you need to be able to tinker with the design and make it your own.

This means changing at will things like:

  • buttons;
  • colors;
  • images;
  • color scheme;
  • etc.

Not only is this good for branding, but with Interact you can do simple A/B tests to see which button, color, or image performs the best from a conversion standpoint.

Some quiz builders (I won’t name and shame) fail miserably here with their hyper-templated quizzes, while Interact Quiz builder shines.

With it, each quiz you make will be distinctly YOU.

Interact quizzes are fully customizable

#2- Personalized Branding

You can use this quiz maker as a white-label tool for making awesome Interact quizzes for your clients.

Or you can inject your branding into every quiz you make so that all visitors who take your quiz get exposed to your subtle branding and remember your name.

That’ll make them more likely to return to your site down the line, as we humans crave the familiar.

#3- 3 Quiz Types

Not every business needs to make the same type of quizzes, and what works for one biz might not work for you.

There are 3 types of Interact quizzes you can build:

They are:

  • Assessment quiz- test your visitor’s knowledge on a certain topic. Give them points based on how well they did.
  • Personality quiz- let your visitors discover more about themselves when they take your personality test. Warning: results may be surprising and shocking 🙂
  • Scored quiz- let them answer a bunch of questions and then give them a score based on their choices. Each question carries a different weight based on how you built your quiz.

All 3 Interact quiz types can work for your business, but you will need to experiment a bit.

Pro tip: As a shortcut to experimenting, here’re a bunch of case studies, examples, and success stories you can learn from. Look for experiences from your niche, or from a shoulder (related) niche.

#4- Fast to Load And Mobile Responsive

A while ago, when I switched from Divi theme to Schema Free Lite, something broke on my site and suddenly my site became non-mobile responsive across the board.

Words fail me to accurately describe to your that total feeling of despair. But if you ever had a desktop-friendly-only website in a mobile-first Google ranking world, then you probably know it.

A feeling of dread, when you don’t know where to turn and what to fix first; and all the while hoping your site doesn’t get tanked in Google SERPS  because now theirs is a mobile-first index…

The good news is that Interact quizzes look great on mobile. Totally responsive and fast to load.

In fact, in my opinion, they look even better on mobile devices.

Because they take up the whole screen and you can really immerse yourself into the quiz, and there’s nothing else in your field of vision to distract you.

#5- Opt-In Form Builder

Interact quizzes are fun for your visitors.

But for webmasters, they have a serious, but exciting side to them.

I’m talking about using an opt-in form builders and email service providers like ActiveCampaign for email list building and segmenting through your quizzes.

The best way to entice people to part with their email addresses is to compel them to give them to you as fast as possible.

And the easiest way to achieve it is by gating the results of a quiz someone just took.

It works because, if they spent X minutes answering your questions, then they were engaged and will be dying to see the results.

And the results are just one crummy email away… 🙂

Pro tip- Interact quizzes are made to be GDPR compliant. This means you cannot just force someone to input their email address to access the result.

Instead, you need to offer them an option to get the results without subscribing.

Interact skim email address submission to view quiz results

Don’t worry, Interact Quiz analytics clearly show that most people chose to enter their email address AND get the results.

#6- Detailed Analytics

Interact Quiz builder offers an awesome Analytics feature that can help you maximize the number of leads you get from each quiz you put out.

First, you can see which step or question in your quiz makes people drop off.

So there’s obviously something wrong with that part of the funnel and you better remove it, or fix it to be more engaging.

Interact quiz analytics

Second, you can see which type of quizzes your audience loves best, so you can make more of those.

Interact Quiz maker Analytics lets you track:

  • Starts– how many people started taking your quiz;
  • Views- How many visitors see your quiz;
  • Completions- how many people finished your quiz;
  • Leads- how many people opted-in to your email list;
  • Conversion rate- % of people who opted-in after taking your quiz.

Pay attention to Interact analytics as this actionable data can help you create more effective quizzes in the future.

#7- Tracking Pixel Integration

Interact Quiz software lets you use both Google Analytics and Facebook tracking pixels with it. This is an awesome feature that can make your retargeting campaigns 10x easier and more profitable.


For example, let’s say you make a quiz with whose topic is “what type of affiliate marketer are you?”

When enough people take your quiz you will gain a lot of insights about your tribe, and you’ll have a formed audience on your hands.

So you can create an actual Facebook audience and then use cheap Facebook ads to promote your premium affiliate marketing course

Conversion rates tend to skyrocket with such hyper-targeting advertising and Interact Quiz maker is indispensable here.

Note: think of Interact quizzes as a unique type of feedback and a timesaver. By making a quiz and having people participate, they give you their answers. But to you, that is valuable feedback you can use to inform your content strategy going forward.

Otherwise, you’d have to use a whole other service (Frill is a good free example) to gather feedback which takes longer, is more work for you, and is unwieldy compared to having your quizzes work hard for you on multiple fronts.

#8- Abundant Integrations Available

For more streamlined  and effective marketing you can connect Interact with the likes of:

  • Hubspot;
  • Pardot;
  • ConvertKit;
  • MailerLite;
  • ActiveCampaign;
  • MailChimp;
  • Webhooks;
  • etc.

Interact Quiz Builder integrations

#9- Excellent Knowledge Center

Last but not least, Interact Quiz maker have an excellent blog where you can learn the ins and outs of this tool.

I especially like their case studies section where I can learn what worked for other people in my niche, so I can do the same on my blog.

It’s the same situation for you, regardless of your niche, as quizzes are universally appealing.

#10- Excellent Reviews on Review Aggregator Sites

Interact Quiz G2 reviews

Interact Quiz Builder has a near-perfect score on G2. Users love it and are willing to say it.

Take a look at some of the testimonials below (click on the image to read. Opens in new tab).
Interact Quiz Builder testimonial

Interact Quiz Maker positive customer reviews

Interact Quiz Builder- Let’s Review the Pricing (How Much Does It Cost?)


Interact pricing plans

Interact Quiz maker has four tiers to choose from.

One of them is free, while the other three are paid plans.

They are:

  • Free;
  • Lite ($39/mo or $27/mo in a yearly plan);
  • Growth ($89/mo or $53/mo in a yearly plan);
  • Pro ($209/mo or $125/mo in a yearly plan);

When you choose a yearly plan you get an awesome 40% discount off the regular price.

Lite$29/mo$17/mo (paid yearly)
Growth$89/mo$53/mo (paid yearly)
Pro$209/mo$125/mo (paid yearly)

Note: all plans come with a 14-day free trial. During the trial, you will not be charged and you’ll get full access to Interact and all of its cool features.

Interact Quiz Software Pros and Cons

I know you’re getting itchy to try Interact Quiz for yourself, so here is a quick list of what I like about Interact, and where I think they could do better.

After all, my Interact Quiz review wouldn’t be complete without a pros and cons section.



  • There’s a fully-featured free version;
  • There is a 14-day free trial
  • Pretty easy to use with only a slight learning curve;
  • Lot’s of tutorials to help you get started quickly
  • Very customizable;
  • Built for conversions;
  • Multiple quiz types;
  • Detailed Analytics;
  • Tracking pixel integration (Google and Facebook);
  • Excellent customer support.

Interact Quiz CONS

  • Not white label until Growth and Pro plans; It’d be nice to be able to do branded work for clients even with a free Interact plan.
  • Can’t collect emails on a free plan. Would’ve proffered being able to collect some symbolic number,  like 200 emails/mo. Just to show off how it all works.
  • Could be cheaper. I don’t think Interact Quiz is overpriced at all, but any price reduction would be a point in its favor. For example, if you’re a Lite subscriber and wanted to upgrade to Pro that’d be $636 (yearly) and for Pro that’d be $1400. $636 is for many solopreneurs whole marketing budget. Not to mention $1400.

How To Get Started With Interact- Opening a Free Account

Perhaps you’re not ready to buy yet? Or maybe you just want to make a few quizzes and don’t really care about list building and lead generation?

Hey, that’s perfectly fine. In that case, Interact Quiz free plan is best for you.

Here’s how to get it.

First, click here to go to their “Pricing” page.

Interact homepage and pricing
Second, sign up for a free plan.

Sign up for a free Interact plan

Third, create your free account.

Create free Interact account

And that’s it. Now you can log into your dashboard and start creating.

If you’ve never built a quiz before I suggest you start with one of their awesome templates.

start creating quizzes with Interact

Interact Quiz Maker Review FAQ

Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about Interact quizzes, in a question-answer format.

#1- Is there a Coupon Code I Can Use To Get Interact Quiz Builder For Cheaper?

There is no Interact Quiz Builder coupon code you can use to get this quiz maker with a discount. Interact Quiz used to offer a promo code to their potential customers, but that offer is no longer valid.

#2- Is Interact Quiz Maker Free? And is There A Free Trial?

Interact Quiz Maker has a free plan where you can sign up immediately and get cracking.

You can also get a 14-day free trial with any Interact paid plan you pick.

#3- What Do I Get With a Free Version Of Interact Quiz?

You get the ability to create as many quizzes as you like. You can also store and save them on your free account forever.

So if you just want to make Interact quizzes and embed them on your site, then there’s no need to buy the pro version of the tool. Use the free version instead.

However, paid Interact Quiz tiers let you collect emails and build your list through quizzes. As such the most valuable feature is unlocked only after you pay.

You also get to remove branding with paid accounts, while with Interact Free you can’t do that.

But that’s ok. Even big brands use free Interact.

For example, Forbes made one of their most popular quizzes ever with a free version of the Interact quiz builder.

See their logo in the lower right corner? The logo appears because the quiz was made with the free Interact quiz builder.

Interact branding comes with free quizzes- Forbes example

#4- Can I Change Quiz Templates to Match My Site’s Style?

Of course.

All quiz templates are fully customizable and you can also change imagery for free as images are sourced from Pixabay.

#5- Do Other Websites Have Success With Interact Quizzes?

Yes, they do. Thousand of small-time bloggers and the biggest media outlets use Interact in their campaigns.

And the best success stories and examples are gathered here.

#6- I’m an Affiliate Marketer. Does Interact Quiz Builder Have An Affiliate Program?

Interact affiliate program details

Yes, they do.

Here are important details you need to know.

  • Interact Quiz builder affiliate program is served over PartnerStack.
  • The commission rate is 30% for every sale generated through your special link.
  • The cookie duration is 90 days, which is a significant time period for you to make a sale.
  • Payment is via Stripe or PayPal.

If you’re an affiliate marketer looking to make more money from your blog then you might as well join Interact quiz affiliate program, as they’re legit.

It’s free!

#7- Which Interact Plan Is Right For Me?

That depends on your site’s traffic. Since the main power feature of Interact Quiz is to collect emails, the plan you’ll want to get should match your current traffic levels.

For example. If you get only 1000-2000 visitors per day, then go for the Interact Quiz Lite plan because it’ll let you collect 5000 emails per month (60 000/yr).

But if you get, for example, 10 000 visitors per day, it makes more sense to go for the Interact Pro plan which lets you collect unlimited emails every month.

Interact Quiz plan limits on how many emails you can get per month

#8- Does Having Quizzes on My Pages Boos SEO In Any Way?

Not directly. Just because you host a quiz on your page doesn’t mean you’re going to rank higher in Google. But there is an indirect and large SEO benefit for you.

When you embed a quiz onto your page and web users take the quiz and spend more time on your page, that sends a very strong positive signal to Google that your page is high quality and that users like it.

So, Google will see that users enjoy your post and will want to up-rank you so more people find you in Google SERPS organically.

Interact Quiz Review for 2024- Are Interact Quizzes Worth it?

My Interact Quiz review is done.

Thank you for reading this far, but there’s still one more thing left to do…

You can either leave this page without doing anything with the knowledge you’ve gathered here.

Or you can take action and sign up for Interact Free version, or one of their paid plans (with 14-days free trial).

The choice is yours, but do let me know what you decided in the comment section below.

Also, I welcome questions about Interact quizzes that I haven’t covered in my review, so if you have one, send it my way and I’ll retort with a reply 🙂

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  1. Hi Nikola,

    It was a very informational and helpful resource! I have some friends who own education websites, and quizzes are a normal part of their website and blog. They recently asked me about the best app for building quizzes, and I have been looking ever since. This review really helped me understand this Builder and decide whether or not it was worth it. So, thanks a lot for reviewing it, and adding all the relevant information about this builder. It has been a great help.

  2. On point as always Nikola. Quizzing is huge these days because bloggers need to be in the minds of their readers, solving their specific problems, meeting their clear needs. Quizzing readers gives you feedback-gold for serving your audience. From there, success eventually follows. The Quiz Builder pricing model looks reasonable too.


  3. Hi Nikola,
    I haven’t used this email software. But since an email list is your most valuable digital marketing asset, I make sense to give it a try. I like the idea of building an opt-in form with the option of “skip this” button, showing users that your primary goal is not their addresses, but to give them value even without giving their emails. But in actuality, you need their contact to add them to your mailing list.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Moss,
      yeah, Interact Quiz Builder is set up in such a way to facilitate email list growth. That’s why it’s so effective.

  4. Hi Nikola,
    Finding this Interact Quiz Builder review was such great timing for me! I’ve been thinking deeply about adding quizzes to my marketing strategy. I know I always take them and they’re fun, so I can bet my audience will love it too.
    Thank you for this thorough review.

    • Hi Claudia,
      thank you for your kind words. Glad my review helped you and yeah, quizzes almost universally work.
      Don’t know the psychology behind it, but they do work and we as marketers need to use them to our full advantage.

  5. The quiz is really good for digital marketing/business to see the impact of your product on your customers, but for personal blogs, I think quizzes are not really needed.

    • Vera,
      right you are Vera. Hobby blogger need not bother with Interact quiz maker, unless they really like quizzes. Interact is more for online business owners who want to get more leads for their business.

  6. Love that Interact Quiz is mobile response. I know from my experience, and also from my friends’s, we all use our mobile phones to browse the web.

  7. With an every-growing online business, it’s important to consider little things like these. They can really help boost your traffic and interaction with potential clients/customers!
    Than you for writing this thorough review.

    • Hi Emily,
      no problem. Glad you enjoyed reading my Interact Quiz Creator review. I did put a lot of effort into it and am glad to see people find value in it.
      And yeah, quizzes are great for amplified engagement for your blog.

  8. Interact sounds like a great resource for sure. I’ve always wondered about how these bloggers make beautiful quizzes.
    I always thought it has to be a pretty involved process.
    But now I don’t think so. It’s actually easy!

    • Hi Kileen,
      yeah, by using one of the templates Interact provides for free you can create your first quiz in about 15m. And your second one in <10m:)

  9. Quizzes are a great way to get people interested in your site or your service. Thanks for sharing this one. It sounds like this is an excellent app.

    • Hi Bill,
      yes they are. Quizzes are an evergreen form of marketing and Interact is the best quiz builder on the market (my opinion only)

  10. Being fast and mobile responsive are two biggies. Most people surf the web on their phones. If it’s slow or not optimized for mobile, people aren’t going to stick around.

    • Hi Ben,
      you’re right. The world’s gone mobile and if something is not mobile friendly it’s as good as invisible. Quizzes made with Interact are fully mobile responsive and a pleasure to behold, and take:)
      Thanks for your comment.


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