Interact Quiz Pricing: What Does it Cost? And Can You Get It With a Discount in 2021?

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Quick Summary- In this mini guide you will learn about the pricing tiers of Interact quiz maker;

what features are available in the free version of Interact;

and finally, I will show you 2 ways to get Interact with a discount.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Interact Quiz Pricing- What Does it Cost?
Learn how to save money and buy Interact at the same time- YES, It’s possible!

What is Interact Quiz Builder? And What Can You Do With it Exactly?

Interact is a quiz builder tool built for online businesses of all sizes.

With it you can create enticing and fun quizzes that’ll capture email addresses and turn cold traffic into warm subscribers, and potential leads for you biz.

With Interact you can make 3 types of quizzes:

  • Assessment quizzes;
  • Scored quizzes;
  • and Personality quizzes.
Note: learn about these quiz types here, or take a look at some live examples here.

Also, don’t be worried about not being able to create a quiz because you’ve never done it before.

Neither have I, yet it took me less that 10m to whip up my first, (albeit simple) quiz.

I did it with a quiz template (Interact offer more than 800) and so could you.

Check out those free templates here.

Interact free templates


Finally, I mentioned that you can capture email addresses with Interact.

First, the tool is GDPR compliant which is very important if you get visitors from EU.

And second, Interact syncs and integrates with:

  • MailChimp;
  • Drip;
  • Aweber;
  • ConvertKit;
  • GetResponse.

And pretty much all major email and marketing automation systems.

Interact integrations

Note: this was just a brief overview of Interact features.

If you want the full scope, make sure you pay my Interact Quiz Builder Review a visit.

It’s worth the visit, even if I, the author say it 🙂

Interact Pricing- What Does it Really Cost (2 Ways To Get it Discounted Today)?

Interact pricing plans and tiers
Interact Quiz regular pricing explained- monthly vs yearly plans

Interact offer 4 plans, and they are:

  • Free;
  • Lite ($29/mo or $17/mo in a yearly plan);
  • Growth ($89/mo or $53/mo in a yearly plan);
  • Pro ($209/mo or $125/mo in a yearly plan);

That’s it for Interact pricing, now here are 2 ways to get Interact quiz maker cheaper.

#1- Pick a Yearly Plan

If you’re serious about using quizzes to engage your audience and to grow your email list, then you should definitely go for a yearly plan.

That way you’ll get a 40% flat discount.

Interact save 40% with a yearly plan

That’s awesome, but what if I told you that you can add another 15% to that 40%?

Would you believe me?


And you’d be wrong!

You can get an additional 15% discount.

Learn how below.

#2- Use My Exclusive Coupon Code

A while back I negotiated with an affiliate manager over at Interact and they agreed to furnish me with an exclusive coupon code to offer to my readers.

My Interact coupon code is NROZA and it gives you 15% additional price reduction on ANY plan you pick.

Here’s an overview on how much you can save if you use my coupon.

(15% discount)
(15% discount)
Paid yearly it's $173.4
(15% discount)
(15% discount)
Paid yearly it's $540.6
(15% discount)
(15% discount)
Paid yearly it's $1275
Get Interact Now!

Note: don’t forget to add in the promo code (NROZA) before you checkout.

Add in promo code

What About Free Version of Interact? Can’t I Use That Instead?

Yes you can, and you can make unlimited quizzes and embed them on your site no problem.

However, free version doesn’t give you the option to collect emails, and that means you’d be missing out on best feature of Interact.

So, if you just want to make quizzes, for example trivia quizzes or for teacher, that go for Interact free plan and you’ll be more than satisfied as you’ll get everything you need.

Bu if you want to grow your list so you can market to your subscribers later.

If you want to target your ever growing list with targeted offers so you earn money, then you’ll have to buy Interact.

Hey, think of it as an investment into your business, and it’ll all be much easier and sensible 🙂

Also, you can get a 55% discount which makes buying Interact paid version a steal.

Concluding My Interact Quiz Pricing Guide… 

My Interact Quiz pricing guide is nearly done.

Now that you’ve read it you know you can buy a yearly plan and get a 40% discount. You also know you can use my coupon code (NROZA) to get  15% discount on all plans, and that those 15% can stack up those 40% to give you totla savings of 55%.

That’s the best solution by farto buy Interact Quiz Builder affordably.

Get Interact Now!

Whichever plan you pick, there’s always a 14-day free trial, so you have nothing to worry about.

Have a great day and let me know what you think in the comment section below!

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