Quick Summary- Interserver is a highly affordable host year round. Their hosting is a perfect choice for newbies, but also for people with established websites who’re looking for a good host that won’t break the bank.

Interserver is that kind of host, and this 2020 Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale is an exclusive opportunity for you to get Interserver hosting plan extra cheap.

50% discount on all shared plans!, it’s a DEAL!

Get Interserver now! While the offer still lasts!

Interserver Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deal and Discount 2020

Interserver Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale and Discount 2020- Get it While The Offer’s Still Valid!

What is Interserver and What Services Do They Offer?

Interserver is a one of the oldest (started in 1999), most popular and highly trusted web hosting company in the world today.

They’re a strong favorite among bloggers and affiliate marketers for their superb hosting services, and their offerings expand and grow in quality YOY (year over year).

Besides shared hosting, which is the most popular option for bloggers, Interserver also provide:

  • WordPress hosting;
  • Dedicated Hosting;
  • VPS hosting;
  • Email hosting;
  • etc…

What is Interserver Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deal in 2020?

Note: Interserver Black Friday sale 2020 starts on 28-th of November and ends on Cyber Monday 1-st of December.

Only during those few days can you get Interserver hosting with a huge discount. So if you want to buy it for your website, act fast as these exclusive prices and discounts won’t show up till next year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Shared HostingTBAHB1CENT
(First month for 1 Cent in addition to Black Friday Discount)
TBAActivate Deal

Interserver Hosting Plans- A Quick Breakdown

Note: Even though Interserver offer many types of hosting (shared, WordPress, Cloud, dedicated, VPS…) I’m going to focus my analysis on their shared hosting packages.

It’s because those plans are best value for most bloggers and marketers. And that’s what 99% of people looking for deals this Black Friday and Cyber Monday want to learn about.

Interserver has a one-size-fit-all shared hosting solution that I’m confident you’ll fall in love with.

Here’s what you get with it.

 1. ) Free Website Migration- If you have a website hosted with some other host and you wish to transfer it to Interserver, all you need to do is open a support ticket and their staff will migrate your site for you, free of charge.

 2.) Price Lock Guarantee- This means that the price you pay when you sign up for Intereserver hosting is the price you will always pay for, as long as you’re a customer.

So if their prices suddenly and drastically increase, you have nothing to worry about as you’ll pay what you initially did when you first signed up.

3) Cheap Domain Names- Interserver sells their domain names for $1.99 per year. And you better buy it as this deal is better than getting a domain name for free.


Because you will lock that price for life and will always pay $1.99.

Remember, other hosting companies offer free domains for the first year only, and then you have to renew at $11 per year.

4) No Long Term Commitment– Most hosting companies require you to sign up for at least a year. Interserver is not like that and they offer monthly subscriptions to their hosting services.

So if you need hosting only for 6 months and no more, you can get it with Interserver.

5) Privately Owned Data Centers– Interserver own their own servers. This is good news as it means better security, tighter and faster performance, and excellent customer support.

6) No Server Overloading– most hosting companies, in a bid to boost profits as much as possible, overload their servers with too many accounts, causing your website to crash and go down whenever you get a traffic spike.

According to Interserver, they load their servers to only 50% of its full capacity. This ensures your website will be able to handle traffic spikes with ease.

7) Server Resources– speaking of servers,with Interserver Black Friday/Cyber Monday Shared Hosting plan you can host unlimited websites and use unlimited storage and bandwidth.

You can also have unlimited email accounts.

However, the storage is restricted by their fair usage policy which allows only up to 2,50,000 Inodes at any given time. You are also not allowed to exceed 20% server resources at any given time.

8) BreadBasket For Self Managing VPS-

Interserver also supplies VPS servers with the BreadBasket set-up (with the help of Softaculous one-click installer). With BreadBasket, you get Webuzo control panel pre-installed on your VPS.

Webuzo is a Control Panel very similar to cPanel. With it, you can easily configure your VPS and get the 1-click installation of all major apps.

Interserver cloud app for VPS hosting

How to Get Interserver Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals in 2020?

Note: I’ll show you how to get a Black Friday deal for Interserver shared hosting, but do know that the process is similar for any type of hosting you pick.

It’s easy and here are the steps:

First, go and visit Interserver official website and click on Web Hosting>Standard Web Hosting:

Interserver homepage

Second, click on the “Buy Now” button.

Buy interserver hosting

Third, Buy a new domain name for $1.99. This is an exclusive Interserver price that you get to lock for as long as you’re a customer. So on renewals you’ll pay the same price, and not $11+ as with other hosting providers.

Interserver buy domain name

Fourth, fill in your personal details and once you’re done click “Continue

Interserver fill in personal details

Fifth, choose payment option, agree to the terms of service and buy.

Interserver choose payment option and buy

Enjoy your new hosting; you made the right decision 😛

Interserver Hosting Black Friday Sale 2020 FAQ

I’m very active in the blogging community, and over and over I find this set of questions asked about Interserver and it’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and promotions.

They’re common questions, so why not answer them here?

It’ll make my article better and more complete 😎

What is Interserver?

Interserver is a one of the oldest (founded in 1999), most popular and highly trusted web hosting company in the world today. Though not as popular as Hostgator or Bluehost, they’re a strong favorite among bloggers and affiliate marketers, and their services expand and grow in quality YOY (year over year).

Why Should I Host With My Site With Interserver?

Because they're a superb host that's also very affordable. Especially when you consider the special discounts you can get this Black Friday and Cyber Monday only.

Do I Get a Free Domain Name With Interserver Hosting Plans?

No, but you do get to buy one for just $1.99. That's the lowest price ever. Also, that price will be locked so on renewals you'll pay the same.

Is There a Free CDN With Interserver Hosting?

Yes, you get a free Cloudflare CDN that you can enable with a push of the button.

Do I Get Free SSL With Interserver?

You get free SSL license with any hosting package you buy.

Will Interserver Protect my Site From Hackers and Web Malware?

Your website will be super protected against both hackers and malware lurking from the web. DreamHost have to protect your site superbly, because that way they’re also protecting their precious servers that host your site.

Is There a Free Backup System With Interserver?

Yes there is. With Interserver hosting plans you get free weekly backups for your site.

Which Interserver Plan Should I Pick?

That depends on your budget and your needs. I suggest you start slow and go with Interserver basic shared hosting plan. Especially true if you 're starting with a brand new site, or you have a website with not a lot of organic traffic, And if you need to upgrade down the line, it's easy to do so.

Is There a Refund Guarantee With Interserver?

Yes. You get a 30-day money-back guarantee with Interserver hosting.



Interserver hosting deals this Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a steal. If you need a reliable, fast and secure host that won’t break the bank when you buy it, you can’t go wrong with Interserver.

And 2020 Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale is the time to buy.

So I invite you to take advantage of this limited time offer and massive discount and get Interserver at a significantly reduced price.

Remember, there’s a 30day money back guarantee, so if you really don’t like what how Interserver performs, you can cancel anytime and get your money refunded.

It’s a no risk deal for you!

Get Interserver hosting deal, before Black Friday’s over!

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